60 decibels warm doctor died is one of the first infected doctors in the hospital

 60 decibels warm doctor died is one of the first infected doctors in the hospital

On the afternoon of March 1, red star journalists came to Nanjing Road Hospital District, Wuhan Central Hospital where Jiang Xueqing worked before his death. The novel coronavirus pneumonia hospital was designated novel coronavirus pneumonia hospital in February 20th, and is widely used for the treatment of new crown pneumonia patients. Outside the outpatient Hall of the hospital, Red Star News reporters saw flowers placed in memory of Dr. Jiang Xueqing. One of the flowers said, Dr. Jiang will walk well all the way, and I will follow your instructions..

Colleague: he has good medical skills and is the first group of infected workers in the hospital

Chinas novel coronavirus pneumonia reported on February 17th novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan, the number of workers who had reached the new central pneumonia hospital in the past 1 weeks reached more than 230, 130 of whom were hospitalized and more than 100 were living in isolation.

A staff member of Wuhan Central Hospital told red star that Jiang Xueqing was the first group of infected medical staff in the hospital.

Director Jiang has a large number of surgeries on weekdays. He often participates in multi-disciplinary cooperation and has good medical skills. He is an outstanding doctor in our hospital. He was infected earlier. In the first ten days of January, he was infected with the new coronavirus. At that time, the hospital had not raised the level of defense. After director Jiang was infected, he also infected several other medical staff. I learned that director Jiang was seriously ill early and was transferred to Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital for treatment, but he was in a bad condition. After several days of treatment, he died this morning. Another staff member of Wuhan Central Hospital told red star.

According to Chutian Metropolis Daily, Jiang Xueqings daughter said that her father was admitted to Wuhan Central Hospital on January 17, transferred to Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital for rescue a few days later, and went to ECMO on January 27. In the early morning of March 1, her fathers colleagues arrived home and took them to Wuhan lung hospital. She watched from afar that her fathers body had been sent to the car and cried for the last ride. My mother had a heart attack, and she had been in poor health since her father was hospitalized. After learning the news of his fathers death, she could not get up sadly.

Classmate: after a few days of infection, white lung will be used


Over 30 days

My classmate, Jiang Xueqing, director of thyroid and breast surgery of Wuhan Central Hospital, has just died of coronavirus infection. He fought with the virus very tenaciously, and the experts went all out to rescue him for more than 40 days, but he was still powerless. After Jiang Xueqings death, his classmate Mr. Wu wrote in mourning.

On the morning of March 1, an article entitled director Jiang Xueqing, my roommate of Tongji, died of coronavirus was widely spread on the Internet. The author claimed to be a classmate of the university with Dr. Jiang Xueqing, who had interned together in Wuhan No.2 Hospital (Wuhan Central Hospital). The Red Star reporter then contacted the author of the article, Mr. Wu. He told the Red Star reporter that the content of the article was true. He was indeed a classmate of Dr. Jiang Xueqing, but because he was abroad, it was not convenient for him to accept the media interview.

Mr. Wu mentioned in the article that Jiang Xueqing, whose ancestral home is Honghu, Hubei Province, grew up in No.1 metallurgical Co., Ltd. of Wuhan City, lives in eight big families of Honggang City, and studies in class 81, Tongji, class 2. After graduation, he entered the surgery department of No.2 Hospital of Wuhan City, and studied at Baylor Medical College from 2005 to 2008. Jiang Xueqing was infected with coronavirus at work. The disease developed rapidly in the initial stage. He was commonly known as white lung in a few days. Through the rescue of experts, ECMO has been used for more than 30 days (editors note: ECMO is external membrane oxygenation, commonly known as Yeke membrane and artificial lung. It is a kind of medical first-aid technical equipment, mainly used to provide continuous external respiration and circulation for patients with severe cardiopulmonary failure, so as to maintain patients life). There is still no pulmonary inflammatory absorption. On February 29, jiangxueqings blood pressure suddenly dropped, which may be due to the secondary infection that is difficult to control, blood in the machine and pipeline for too long, resulting in septic shock.

In the last days of jiangxueqing, with the advice of other old classmates, we invited jiangxueqings daughter to join Tongji large class group and discuss her fathers condition with the experts from other classmates. Therefore, we know the development of jiangxueqings condition and are prepared for it. On the morning of March 1st, Jiang Xueqings daughter released the news of his fathers death in the group: thank you for giving my father and me so much care and help for such a long time. My father just failed to survive, and the infection was too serious. Only one epinephrine every ten minutes could barely maintain blood pressure. He was relieved when he left. Thank you again.

Technical and medical ethics are very good, which is called 60 dB warm medicine by netizens

During the interview, the Red Star News reporter also contacted Ms. Tu, a former patient of Jiang Xueqing. She told the Red Star News reporter that she was shocked and regretted to see the news of Jiang Xueqings death in the morning. In November 2019, Ms. TU was diagnosed with thyroid tumor, which was operated on by Jiang Xueqing. At that time, the hospital said it was going to operate on me. I had been struggling for a long time and worried about the risks of the operation. Finally, I told the hospital that the operation was ok, but it must be Dr. Jiang. Later, Dr. Jiang understood my situation and operated on me personally.

The operation lasted for more than five hours that day. Ms. Tu recalled that after the operation, Jiang Xueqing went to the ward to have a ward round, and specially tried to make her happy and persuade her to relax. I got the news on my mobile this morning (Jiang Xueqing died) very sad. He is the trump card in thyroid disease. He has good technical and medical ethics. Unfortunately, such a good talent makes him very happy at ordinary times. Tu said.

In 2017, a few videos of Jiang Xueqing speaking softly to patients about their illness were uploaded to the Internet, and many netizens praised them. Jiang Xueqing, who became popular, was called 60 dB warm medicine by netizens. According to the report of Chutian Metropolis Daily, Jiang Xueqing not only keeps improving in clinical diagnosis and treatment, but also pays close attention to the life of patients. In the ward, Jiang Xueqings patients almost unanimously praised him for his soft voice, good attitude, meticulous wit and patience.

Warm medicine Jiang Xueqing died for his job: the first batch of infected medical treatment in the Department for more than one month

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported to be unfortunate. Jiang Xueqings official information released at the Wuhan central hospital confirmed that Comrade Jiang Xueqing had been unlucky in fighting against the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia and was killed at the rescue of the city in March 1, 2020 at 5:32 a.m. at the 5:32 hour.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the death of at least 20 doctors and nurses in the epidemic. 9 of them are suffering from new crown pneumonia.