80 Chinese citizens in isolation and abuse in Moscow? By the parties

 80 Chinese citizens in isolation and abuse in Moscow? By the parties

Located in the southeast of Moscow, it is called one of the most beautiful manors in Russia. In 1776, Russian empress yekaterina II ordered the construction of the Royal complex. Over the years, a large number of Chinese tourists have visited here and taken beautiful photos.

Today, dozens of Chinese have been isolated by Russia in the rehabilitation center for the disabled in zarizino because of the epidemic. Their experiences in the center have aroused great concern from the outside world.

Gate of the rehabilitation center for the disabled in zarizino

Because of these Chinese, the Chinese Embassy in Russia sent a note to Moscow, saying, in the words of a Russian expert, this seems to be the most severe and strongest speech, the letter written down..

Whose fault is this? Brother Dao interviewed representatives of the Chinese who might be deported and gave a detailed account.

But whats more worrying is that this matter is being used by Russias Pro Western forces to make a bomb in China Russia relations.

Expulsion event

Lets first look at the timeline of the occurrence and evolution of the expulsion event.

On February 19, through the vehicle scheduling system and internal mail, the Moscow city transportation company issued an order to the driver, report or call the police immediately if a Chinese is found in the car..

On February 21, Russian news reported that 23 Chinese fled from Moscow Medical institutions. Some foreigners were stopped at Moscows new slobozkaya subway station Tuesday. Members of the tour group have materials to show that they are in hotel quarantine. But they broke the quarantine rules and continued to visit central Moscow. Police and an ambulance arrived at the scene and then sent the 23 people to the quarantine site, where the tourists entered on February 19.

In the next few days, a similar message spread in the Chinese circle of Russia: for the use of face recognition system for epidemic prevention and control, pressure and orders from the Moscow municipal government and high-level were imposed on the grass-roots police force to step up the pressure to apportion indicators.

Then, there are descriptions of Chinese in Moscow on the Internet: a large number of police forces in Moscow area conduct large-scale targeted screening of Chinese in subway stations, public transportation hubs and important public places; police repeatedly check in university dormitories, register information of Chinese students, take photos of faces and enter systems, and even check several times a day in the same dormitories; a considerable number have passed the isolation period, or comply with Students and migrant workers in Russia who abide by the isolation regulations are forced to be isolated.

On February 24, Russian newspaper reported that another group of Chinese Hong Kong tourists left the quarantine area without permission of doctors and went to the Moscow Circus to watch a play. As a result, the police, like the enemy, escorted the Hong Kong people back to the quarantine site.

Also on February 24, the Chinese Embassy sent a diplomatic note to the Moscow municipal government, calling for the cessation of discriminatory measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens.

On February 26, Kremlin spokesman Peskov and the head of Moscows transport department denied the information stated in the note, claiming that there is no discrimination and the measure is aimed at all inbound tourists.

On February 27, mayor sobianin of Moscow replied to a diplomatic note from the Chinese Embassy, denying that the action was aimed at Chinese citizens and that the measures did not constitute discrimination.

At this time, the mood of the local Chinese in Moscow has been highly tense, and their voices are full of fear. Some Chinese who live and work normally in Russia are also worried about being inspected and deported.

On February 28, the deputy mayor of Moscow, allakova, publicly said: in major hotels, dormitories, private houses, as well as the subway and buses, police officers carried out raids. No new coronavirus infection was found in Moscow. In addition, she revealed that 80 Chinese who violated the mandatory separation rules were detained and deported.

Knife elder brother knows China novel coronavirus pneumonia to Russias local people: because of the influence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, more than 11 thousand Chinese citizens are currently receiving medical observation in Russia. Nearly 10000 Chinese students returned to Russia on February 20. Some of them had fever symptoms, but they were not infected with the new coronavirus.

Although novel coronavirus pneumonia cases are not yet confirmed in Russia, a large number of investigation and testing work has made the local authorities feel the pressure. Coupled with the current high incidence of influenza in Russia, the local medical institutions are overwhelmed.

In order to prevent and control the epidemic, the Moscow municipal government has taken a series of measures: when arriving from China (including Russian citizens and third country citizens) enter Moscow, they need to take their body temperature and fill in the health and residence information form; when arriving from China (including Russian citizens and third country citizens), they need to be self isolated in their residence for 14 days; the Moscow epidemic prevention department is more sensitive to Chinese citizens Centralized schools, hotels, markets and other places carry out door-to-door temperature detection.

I was caught

As for the 80 Chinese who are likely to be expelled, they have been expelled because of their violation of the quarantine regulations. It is very likely that they will not be able to enter Russia again within five years. What should they do with their studies, their work and their original life?

In order to find out the real situation, brother Dao contacted a Chinese university student a who was currently pulled to the charizino Rehabilitation Center for the disabled and forced to be isolated in Moscow. He described his specific experience:

I took a Southern Airlines flight from Guangzhou on February 15 and arrived in Moscow on the afternoon of February 15. After getting off the plane, the airport arranged medical staff to collect oral and nasal mucus from each person, test their body temperature and sign a contract (i.e. letter of commitment). The contract is in Russian. The medical staff told me not to go out for 14 days.

However, as a normal person living in a foreign country, it is hard to survive without going out for 14 days! So I asked the paramedic if I could go shopping in the supermarket during the isolation period? He told me that you cant go to a large shopping mall with many people, but you can go to a small supermarket or restaurant near your residence to buy and eat.

After the inspection, personal information is also required, including the address in Moscow and the way of transportation from the airport to the address. Since then, I have been quarantined in the apartment I rented.

On the evening of the 22nd, a police officer came to my house to take me to the hospital for isolation. On that day, it was the first anniversary of my love with my girlfriend (entering China on February 17). We were cooking at home with two other friends. After dinner, we were watching TV together. Then the police knocked on the door and asked about us.

In fact, we have been used to this during the epidemic, thinking that it is to register. We cooperated with each other very much to show our certificates and answer the questions. Then two doctors came to collect our body fluids and measure our body temperature. Later, the doctor left. The police who stayed said they would take us to the hospital for a physical examination.

We are afraid of being quarantined, so we ask them that they will definitely send us back, right? The police promised to send us back after the inspection. So we took a police car to the hospital, and on the way we picked up two other Chinese people who lived nearby (entered on February 10). They came to Moscow for business and were brought out of their apartments.

When we got to the hospital, the doctor began to record our information, asked when we arrived in Moscow, and took our passports. At this time, we thought we were going to have a physical examination. Until a doctor came in to take our temperature, we asked if we would be isolated, and the doctor said we should be isolated.

However, my two friends entered the country on February 8 and have passed the quarantine period. Fortunately, we can speak Russian and explain the situation to each other, so the doctor took their temperature and asked the police to send them home. But my girlfriend and I, as well as the two big Chinese brothers on business, were isolated.

Whats more, what we didnt expect is that there was no physical examination at all! When the doctor recorded the information, he gave us rooms according to the arrival date.

The two big brothers who came on business communicated with the medical staff that night (they dont know Russian, they can only use English and rely on me and another sister of the international student to translate for them). They said that they have been isolated in their residence since they arrived in Moscow and have no right to isolate them. However, the doctor just said that they should wait for tomorrow to go to work, check them up and let them go home when they are sure there is no problem.

However, the next day, just like everyone here, they took mucus from the mouth and nose to measure their temperature. By the third day, the two brothers were told they could go out, but it was the video trial of the court that was waiting for them. They didnt know Russian, and the court just arranged for a Russian student who had studied in China and whose Chinese was not good.

Finally, they were convicted of violating the law, deported and fined 10000 rubles, and were not allowed to enter Russia for five years. They can appeal within 10 days. After the judgment, ask them to sign a document (the specific content of the document is unknown, because they dont know Russian, which may be the judgment or the document of immigration). Then they were sent to the repatriation station.

The two brothers sent information back to me and the other people detained in the rehabilitation center for the disabled in zarizino. They were afraid of the result, even after the judgment, they did not dare to sign the document. But then someone was forced to press the fingerprint after the verdict.

Among them, a little girl wanted to call the embassy for help and was robbed of her cell phone by them. Another man said he was treated roughly by them, but he didnt leave a picture at that time. Later, I was also called to a video remote trial, and the result was the same as everyone else. However, at this time, there is no compulsory way to print and sign documents by hand. Instead, it means that the judgment will be delivered to us, with Chinese contrast content on it, which can be appealed within 10 days after receiving the judgment.

A also told brother Dao that he would send several batches of Chinese people here every day since he was sent to the rehabilitation center for the disabled in zarizino. He has been living full in two days since the 22nd. The rehabilitation center also arranged people with different entry dates in the same ward, so that all people in the ward should be quarantined for another 14 days according to the latest entry date!

A said that the living environment of the rehabilitation center is three people in one room, and the food is distributed by the nurses. Although the nurses also wear protective clothing, they distribute the food to them by hand. And they are isolated here. There is no protective measures for masks. Several people in a room are more likely to infect each other. The most dramatic thing is that after the rehab center is full, Russian police still catch people and send them back. But when they see that they cant live here, they send them back.

Chinese student B, who studies at Moscow University, has been concerned because two of his younger brothers are detained at the charizino Rehabilitation Center for the disabled.

B said to Dao Ge: from February 26 to February 28, all Chinese citizens sentenced to be repatriated were tried online by online courts, and Russia did not provide relevant legal aid. The Russian translation provided in the trial was poor in Chinese and irresponsible, and the translator did not show the relevant qualification certificate.

In most cases, the Chinese defendants are unable to participate in the lawsuit effectively due to language barriers, and the defendants are also difficult to understand the relevant evidence submitted by the police in violation of the law. In addition to repeatedly stating their own understanding, they are unable to effectively refute the accusation; in the court trial, the presiding judge also does not listen to the parties explanations, and the judgment is very fast.

In all cases, Chinese citizens were sentenced to repatriation, without exception. Among them, one of Bs younger students was unable to defend himself during the trial due to language barrier, and was asked to sign the letter when he could not read the Russian repatriation letter, and the police did not allow him to take photos or record videos.

In the second trial on February 27, some Chinese citizens refused to sign any Russian documents because of the experience of the previous day, but the Russian police took coercive measures, said B. What we know is that there is a girl and a big man. Because they refused to sign after the trial, they were forced to press their fingerprints by the police, and the big man was slapped by the police for his resistance .

In the court hearing on February 28, one of the parties was also Bs student brother. According to the news of him and other Chinese citizens who were tried, the court hearing was also pure. But after the court hearing, Russian police didnt ask them to sign any documents. They were only told that the judgment will be given next Monday, with Chinese translation attached..

Xu wenteng, the head of Russias China Volunteer Union, has been trying to help the 80 Chinese who are about to be deported. He told Dao Ge that the 80 people were basically sent to zarizino after being photographed on the street by face surveillance cameras in violation of the government order of 14 days of independent isolation for entry issued by the Moscow municipal government.

Now, each of them will be subject to a remote video trial and eventually deported.

In the rehabilitation center for the disabled in zarizino, they can guarantee food, but the Chinese are not used to Russian food, and the rice provided is sometimes raw. They can communicate with the outside world through mobile phones. They can send things in, but they are not allowed to visit. Those who pass the first trial and have been isolated for 14 days will be sent to the detention and repatriation Center for foreigners.

Xu wenteng said that the conditions there are similar to those in detention centers or prisons, so many people are afraid.

Fault and discrimination

Lets take a closer look at the official statements of China and Russia on this incident.

On February 24, the Chinese Embassy sent a note to the Moscow municipal government, saying that it takes note of the supplementary measures recently taken by the Moscow municipal government to prevent the spread of the epidemic, including the general monitoring of all personnel from China, but the relevant departments seem to only check and register Chinese citizens in actual operation.

The note also stressed that China understands the necessity for Russia to take epidemic prevention measures, but hopes that relevant measures will be moderate and non discriminatory. In order to pacify the social mood and not damage the friendly feelings of the people of China and Russia, it is hoped that the Moscow municipal government will not take excessive measures to make the relevant measures conform to the spirit of China Russia friendship and the due level of bilateral relations. .

On February 26, Peskov, Russian Presidents press secretary, told reporters on the matter that Russias measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus are aimed at all people, not just Chinese citizens. Even at the entrance to the Kremlin, these precautions are being taken against those who take part in large public events, he said. Believe me, its not just the Chinese who enter the Kremlin. .

Peskov said that Russia values its bilateral partnership with China, so there is no discrimination.

In a letter to Zhang Hanhui, the Chinese ambassador to Russia, on February 27, the mayor of Moscow, sobianin, denied any discrimination against the Chinese. Sobianin said that the isolation measures are aimed at all people from the country where the epidemic occurred to Moscow, which are not discriminatory and involve all people, including the Chinese.

This is a measure taken to protect the health of Muscovites and capital guests, sobianin said in the letter. When citizens of any country, including China, enter Russia from the country or region where the epidemic broke out, they will receive a non discriminatory order from the chief public health officer of Moscow to strictly isolate them at home for 14 days and not to move freely in the city (including taking public transport), so as to prevent large-scale personnel intensive contact.

In his letter to the Chinese ambassador, sobianin wrote, please understand the current helpless measures aimed at preventing the spread of the new coronavirus in Russia, one of the largest European countries. Please call on Chinese citizens who come to Moscow to strictly abide by the isolation system. .

Obviously, there are two key questions in this expulsion incident: first, who is the fault and whether it can be avoided? Second, is there any discriminatory phenomenon?

As for the first question, the Russian side believes that these Chinese people have violated the isolation regulations, and all have videos as evidence. In fact, brother Dao learned that the Chinese who were detained in the rehabilitation center for the disabled in zarizino have no objection to this. They all knew in their hearts that they had violated the quarantine rules.

But they think they dont know the detailed rules of the isolation rules in advance. If they know the information when entering the country, and know that if they violate these rules, they will be deported and cant enter Russia again within five years, they will certainly not violate them. After all, they still have their studies or work unfinished.

In this regard, a Russian woman who just returned from China to Moscow made a similar comment on social networks. After arriving in Moscow, she said, everyone was asked to sign a voluntary quarantine order (in Russian). She went home to have a rest and read the articles carefully the next day, which was absurd. It didnt mention how to deal with it if she needed to go out to buy food or medicine during the isolation period.

In particular, I would like to praise the Chinese Embassy in Russia, because the spokesperson of the embassy said that he has asked the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation and the Moscow municipal government through notes and talks: when taking epidemic prevention measures, the Russian side must fully perform the obligation of informing, do not take excessive measures, enforce the law scientifically, reasonably and humanely, and avoid simple and crude, and also for Chinese citizens living in China Provide necessary conditions and living guarantee during 14 days isolation of residence or isolation place.

A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Russia also requested that the Russian side analyze the specific situation and fully reflect the humanistic care in the enforcement of the law for individual cases of violations in this process.

It can be seen that the embassy has been actively negotiating with Russia on this matter, in order to better protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens. In addition, a timely warning was given to Chinese in Russia and Chinese citizens who intend to visit Russia in the near future.

So, can this kind of muddleheaded situation be avoided?

Xu wenteng said to brother Dao: if the voluntary quarantine certificate that is required to be signed at the time of entry has an explanation in English or Chinese, or even if the Chinese recording of on-site translation or warning notes, especially the punishment consequences, will greatly reduce this violation.

There are many cases in isolation, occasionally go downstairs to dump garbage, or go downstairs to pick up takeout, which are monitored and photographed. Another is because the box is too heavy. I went down to help my mother carry the box and was photographed. There are even people who just got off the plane and were caught on their way home (the reason is that there was no independent isolation). In this case, can we give warnings and dissuasions for the first time, and then expel those who do not listen to them?

In addition, since it is for the purpose of epidemic prevention, the Russian side can declare compulsory isolation, considering that these immigrants may be at risk of infection. For example, if it is a student, it can be centralized isolation in the school; if it is a staff, it can rent a hotel for isolation. In terms of cost, if Russian conditions do not allow, our Chinese community can contribute.

Xu wenteng said that the Chinese who are now facing deportation misunderstand or do not know the Russian regulations. Some came to Moscow on business to attend the exhibition. When they entered the country, they signed the voluntary quarantine certificate, which they thought was a routine procedure. They didnt know that they wanted to be isolated for 14 days, but later they were taken away outside the meeting hall. The two Chinese people, wearing pajamas, went downstairs to take out the garbage. They were taken away and sent to the detention center. The embassy didnt contact them until two days later.

On the second question, is there discrimination in law enforcement? All levels of the Russian side stressed that the requirement of 14 days of isolation is the same for all inbound people, whether Russian or Chinese. On the whole, it is true that this provision is applicable to all people.

However, at the specific implementation level, these Chinese who are now facing deportation also provide some details:

The first is a screenshot of the internal mail of Moscow city transportation company on February 19. Notice content: if a Chinese is found on a bus or tram, the driver shall contact the dispatcher and report to the police. Later, other netizens uploaded pictures of electronic instruments on buses showing the same instruction.

Moscow city transportation initially denied the authenticity of the internal email, and the signed sender denied that he had read the letter. However, Moscow city bus company later issued a statement on February 19, saying: this approach is based on the Russian governments suspension of most Chinese citizens entry into Russia from February 20.

The second is the punishment. Xu wenteng said that of the 88 people initially arrested, 80 were Chinese and only a few were Russians. Whats more, the penalty for Russians is a fine of 1000 rubles, which will be fine after 14 days of isolation. However, at this stage, all the Chinese who pass the first trial are fined 5000-10000 rubles, and then deported from Russia for five years. This has a great impact on some students who have not graduated and those who work in Russia.

Someone planted bombs on Sino Russian Relations

On March 2, Moscow time, for some Chinese who have been sent to the detention and repatriation center, they will face an appeal trial. The consular protection department of the Chinese embassy has been trying to help these compatriots appeal. This time, the consular protection personnel will participate in the trial together with lawyers.

According to the lawyer, there is a greater assurance of the success of the appeal.

For the 80 Chinese, it is undoubtedly great good news.

In this incident, the Chinese Embassy in Russia has always been attentive to the 80 Chinese people, actively negotiated with the Russian side and appeased their compatriots after receiving the news from the beginning. Then, it called on Russia to improve basic food and living conditions for its compatriots in forced isolation. And in a few days, I will send them some fruits, food, chargers and so on.

As an organization of Chinese communities in Russia, the Russian Chinese volunteer union is also actively trying to find ways for these detained compatriots to send plug, power bank, food and other materials.

All of these make the 80 compatriots feel warm.

Because the incident involved expulsion of Chinese, some people targeted the hype at Sino Russian relations and Sino Russian friendship. Some Russian Pro western media even want to escalate the incident into a contradiction between the Chinese and Russian people, and then make it a bomb in Sino Russian relations.

In this regard, we should be highly vigilant!

For example, the Chinese Embassy in Russia replied on its official website on March 1 that some self media claimed that Moscow police were violent in law enforcement, abusing quarantine personnel and taking Chinese citizens away without any reason. After verification, the rumor is not true. The people taken away by the police are suspected of violating the Russian epidemic prevention regulations, and the isolation place is not only Chinese citizens, but also Russian and other citizens.

Moscow mayor Sobyanin also said that the Moscow municipal government regards the development of relations with Chinese partners as one of its most important priorities in international and foreign economic activities. This has been repeatedly proved by history in terms of business, regional friendly relations, cultural contacts and solid friendship. I would like to express my deep sympathy to the citizens and families of China and other countries affected by the new crown epidemic.

At present, some Russian liberal media are speculating about this matter. The first Russian liberal media to report this news, the new newspaper, takes a rhythm in its reporting and highlights the contradictions between China and Russia. Even the editorial department of the newspaper wrote the news title: u0414u0440u043eu043eu043eu043cu0435u043du043du0430u043du0430u0442u043eu043fu0430u0441u043du043eu0441u0442u044c? which means how about joking and sacrificing safety for friendship?

This purpose has been naked, that is, to oppose the friendship between China and Russia and personal security, and to instigate relations between China and Russia in Russian society.

So will this incident affect Sino Russian relations?

Alexei Maslov, a professor at Russias higher economic University, believes that the current epidemic will not affect the development of Russia China relations. In general, the message from the Chinese Embassy to the Moscow government is very clear. I think this note is the most severe and strong letter of the Chinese ambassador, he said. People who know the current Chinese ambassador to Russia know that he has always been very friendly to Russia. .

Maslov said that now, China is beginning to pay attention to any form of discrimination against Chinese people related to the new coronavirus and actively respond to it. In my opinion, Russias own mistakes are not caused by the measures themselves, but by not warning China in advance of the actions we will take, and informing the Chinese who enter the country of the seriousness of the violation in detail.

Through the communication and running in between the embassy, the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Ministry of health, Maslov believes that this will not affect the future relations between Russia and China, this is by no means a time bomb of Russia China relations.. We should understand that we are not only dealing with China as an abstract country, but also with the psychology of each Chinese and this nation. We have to take this into account. .

Thank you Mr. Liu Yupeng for the Russian media information

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