Premier League - de GEAs super low level fault B fee world Poman United 1-1 Everton

 Premier League - de GEAs super low level fault B fee world Poman United 1-1 Everton

The third minute, de GEA in the restricted area dawdled to open the foot, the ball hit in the legs of the forced Lewin shot into the net, de GEA just opened the gift, Manchester United 0-1 behind. The fifth minute, Michael Keane long pass, Lewin with speed beyond lindloff to form a single knife, Lewin left rib 10 yards shot by de GEA saved the baseline. The sixth minute, Fred left in the cross hit the defender deflection, the undefended Mattic penalty area front left foot shot, the ball hit on the crossbeam.

The first 10 minutes, Luke Shaw left cross, machal penalty area after stopping 14 yards of the shot missed. In the 12th minute, Martini was saved by Pickford. The 17th minute, Fred left cross, Greenwood 10 yards from the header high. In the 20th minute, Luke Shaws long shot was blocked. In the 29th minute, b-fernandes passed the ball and machal shot from the front of the penalty area was blocked out of the baseline. The first 31 minutes, Manchester United midfield steals, Martini passes, b-fernandez left 28 yards right foot shot the lower left corner, the ball rebounded in front of picford, picford failed to save, Manchester United 1-1 Everton.

The 41st minute, Luke Shaw was shoveled down after intense action to get a yellow card, shoveling his Lewin also received a yellow card. The 43rd minute, Davis scoops down Mattic to receive the yellow card. In the 45th minute, Maguire received a yellow card for a tactical foul in the middle and front. In the second minute of stoppage time, when Baines passed on the left, Richardson headed to the top. At the end of the first half, the two teams drew 1-1.

In the 62nd minute, b-fernandes missed the long shot. The 69th minute, Everton counterattacks, Lewin penetrates the forbidden area left rib 6 yards place small angle shoots, de Heya saves the baseline. The 70th minute, Fred free throw in front of the arc handball and emotional received a yellow card. Sigurdsons free kick was blocked by the wall. In the 80th minute, ihalo passed the ball, and b-fernandez shot a long distance and was attacked by Pickford. After that, Sidibe was not allowed to enter the court to receive a yellow card because of his treatment.

In the 84th minute, Daviss forward shot was blocked, and Sidibes long-range shot was blocked out of the baseline. In the 89th minute, West Goodson was shot by de gea. In the 90th minute, Mata made a wonderful pass. The 6 yard shot from b-fernandezs left rib was saved by Pickford, and the short-range make-up shot by ihalo was saved by Pickford.

In the 92nd minute, Bernard made a long pass. Richardson stopped the ball in the forbidden area and then passed the ball. The unguarded West Goodson shot 10 yards and was saved by de gea. Lewin shot 12 yards from his right rib with his left foot low. The ball was refracted by Maguire and rolled past the offside West Goodson and flew into the gate. The VaR referee thought that the offside goal was invalid. In the end, the two teams drew 1-1.

Everton (442): 1-pickford / 23 Coleman (2819-sidibe), 5-michael Keane, 2-holgate, 3-baines / 11 Walcott (6320-bernard), 21 Gomez (8227-m-keane), 26 Andre Davis, 10 West Goodson / 9-lewin, 7-richardson

Manchester United (4312): 1-DE GEA / 290000 pizzaka, 2-lindlov, 5-maguire, 23 Luke Shaw / 39 mctominay (728-mata), 31 Mattic, 17 Fred / 18-b-fernandez / 26 Greenwood (7225-ihalo), 9 Marshall (8953-williams)

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