Premier League - two lead reversals! Tottenham 2-3 home wolves lose 3 in a row

 Premier League - two lead reversals! Tottenham 2-3 home wolves lose 3 in a row

Tottenhams starting line-up has changed a lot compared with the last round. In addition to Kane, sun Xingyun and Sissoko, Lori and ramera are also out due to injuries. Garzaniga starts, Sanchez and tanganga partner in the centre half, oriye and Davis on both sides. Wenks, Dale, Ali and rosselso are in midfield. The front line is still a combination of Lucas and belwin.

The 8th minute, spurs backcourt defensive player mistakes, Traore breaks the ball after the arc top hits the ground to shoot, deviates the left post. In the 13th minute, oriyes cross from the right side of the penalty area was blocked by Ariels volley in front of the goal. Belwins make-up shot behind him pushed the ball into the net with one shot, 1-0. In the 23rd minute, Traore forced his right cross to the bottom, and Ruota on the left side of the penalty area shot and kicked high from a small angle.

The 27th minute, vinagre left cross, tanganga in front of the clearance kick to Doherty. Defenceless Dohertys close range push leveled 1-1. The 37th minute, Traore and his teammates kicked the wall to match the left side of the penalty area, if the tower head ball to the top is not right. The 43rd minute, wolves left corner pass, before the point Seth head ferry, Doherty after the point head relay is not the top.

The 45th minute, Tottenham in front of wolves scuffle, Davis shot was blocked, oriye cross, arc top wenkeshi shot was blocked again, Alis final shot is too much by Patricio. Then Tottenham attack again, Ali in the middle of the road, oriye in front, after entering the forbidden area, the right side of the forbidden area stops and shakes a defensive player, followed by a curl shot directly to hang the net, 2-1.

In the second half, Yi Bian fought again. In the 49th minute, Mourinhos free kick on the right side was passed, and Seths header was higher. The 55th minute, Davis left 45 degrees cross, Alis head swing attack slightly. In the 57th minute, Traore made a strong breakthrough into the forbidden area on the right side of zhisai. After the guard of Tottenham blocked the ball, the ball came to Doherty. Doherty knocked horizontally. Gazaniga touched the ball but didnt stop it. If towers door was wrapped up, he pushed it to level, 2-2. In the 66th minute, Traore volleyed his right foot out of the penalty area.

In the 73rd minute, Ruota made a continuous breakthrough with the ball on the left side. After two steps of cross cutting in the front field, he sent the ball to the right side of the penalty area. After himenez stopped the ball, he buckled a defender and then scored with his left foot. Wolves beat the score 3-2. The 86th minute, spurs right long pass into the restricted area, Lucas in Seth close under the pressure of the ball against the bottom line. In the 89th minute, neyto made a continuous breakthrough with the ball on the right side, knocking at himenez. After himenez stopped, he shot a little higher with his left foot.

In the end, Tottenham lost 2-3 at home, and the league and the Champions League lost three times in a row.

Starting Line-up

Tottenham (4321): 22 - gazanica / 24 - oriye (8230 - redsson), 6-d. Sanchez, 39 - tanganga (7728 - ndombelle), 33 - Ben Davis / 8 - wenks, 15 - Dell, 20 - ALI / 18 - rousselso, 23 - belwin / 27 - Lucas Mora

Wolf (343): 11 Patricio / 15 Boli, 16 Cody, 27 Seth / 2 Doherty, 8 Nevis, 28 mutinio, 29 vinagrel / 37-a. Traore (747-netto), 9 ximennis, 18 rota (7932-dundonkol)

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