No stop! AFC set up a crisis team, or temporarily changed to match system

 No stop! AFC set up a crisis team, or temporarily changed to match system

It has to be said that the impact and impact of the epidemic on the whole Asian football match is huge, especially many countries and regions have made many restrictions on entry according to the development of the epidemic, which makes it difficult for the team to arrange travel normally. So, deferral became the only option. Because of this, AFC has to hold a second emergency meeting to discuss the best response. Most importantly, if the epidemic cannot be controlled in a short period of time, and the governments of all countries and regions do not make changes in the entry and exit restrictions, it is difficult for the Asian Champions League to complete according to the original schedule.

On February 4 this year, when the epidemic broke out in China, AFC held its first emergency meeting to postpone the overall number of matches attended by the Chinese Super teams, which was scheduled to be completed in April and may. However, if the situation does not improve then, how can the whole Champions League be completed as planned? This is obviously a concern for all the fans.

2. AFC establishes Crisis Committee

It is understood that although the East Asia region and the West Asia region are held respectively, the themes of this meeting are completely the same. In view of the current actual situation, only four matches in the third round of the Asian Championship group match can be carried out according to the original plan, and according to the development of the situation, nearly half of the scheduled fourth round matches (April 6-8) in early April have been postponed. Therefore, the meeting is likely to discuss the motion to postpone the fourth round match in early April as a whole, And discuss the new schedule and the previous postponed matches.

3. Game system or emergency response

According to the author, in order to cope with the current emergency situation, if the epidemic can not be effectively controlled in a short period of time, and the restrictions on entry-exit management and flights in various countries and regions remain unchanged, that is to say, they will still not recover normally by April, then AFC has put forward a set of ways to temporarily replace the host guest system with match system Case to ensure that this years Champions League can be carried out smoothly.

FIFA Secretary General Wendell has made it clear that the Champions League cannot be suspended. But under the epidemic, how to ensure that this years event can go smoothly? In particular, this years Champions League is directly related to the qualification and seats of the 2021 FIFA World Cup. Therefore, after the outbreak, in a short period of time, the response plan designed by AFC includes the plan of using the match system to temporarily replace the host and guest system in the group stage. Because the host guest system involves many practical problems such as air flight, entry and exit, and even if the schedule is compressed and compact, only one event can be arranged at most in a week. As a result, it will take at least six weeks for each group of six games, among which no other events have been considered.

However, if the four teams in the same group will play in a single place, the time will be greatly saved. After the group ranking is scheduled, the home and away system will be restored in the knockout, which will ensure that the second half of this year can still be carried out according to the original schedule. Of course, it also involves some technical details, such as how to deal with the Games already played? Is the match system a cycle of competition or two cycles of competition? Wait. This is also the reason why AFC needs to convene all parties to discuss.

According to the current epidemic situation, if it is still developing, we may have to face the reality, said FIFA Secretary General vincol. We have a lot of ideas and suggestions now, including that East Asia and West Asia adopt the way of Championships respectively, and then restore the home and away venues. But this requires the consent of various member associations to find the most suitable set of programs. Thats why we have an emergency meeting. We need concerted action.