The French president expressed serious concern about the situation in Idlib, Syria

 The French president expressed serious concern about the situation in Idlib, Syria

In a statement issued by the Elysee Palace of the French presidential palace, markron said in the call that he was seriously concerned about the regional humanitarian crisis caused by the attack of Syrian government forces and their allies in the region, which resulted in more scattered terrorist organizations and increased regional security risks.

Makron called on Russia and Turkey to immediately cease hostilities, abide by the agreement reached at the 2018 Quartet summit of Russia, Turkey, France and Germany, and achieve a lasting and verifiable ceasefire in Syria. He stressed that France will work with its European allies to ease tensions in the region, provide humanitarian assistance and restart political peace talks.

According to a news release on the Kremlins website on February 29, Putin was invited to phone with makron on the same day, and the two sides continued to exchange views on the Syrian issue. Putin briefed makron on the measures taken to combat terrorists in Northwest Syria. The two sides also discussed the humanitarian situation in the region.

Putin stressed that Russia and Turkey plan to hold a high-level meeting in Moscow in the near future to discuss the Syrian crisis solution.

Syrias Idlib province borders Turkey and is the last major territory controlled by Syrian opposition forces and extremist organizations in Syria. Recently, the Syrian government army and the Turkish army have had a head-on conflict in Idlib, and both sides have suffered casualties in the exchange of fire. Russian troops have also been involved in fighting militants in the degraded zone of the conflict in Idlib.

In October 2018, Russian, Turkish, French and German leaders held a quartet Summit on the situation in Syria in Istanbul, Turkey. The summits joint statement said the leaders of the four countries called for a comprehensive ceasefire in Syria to reduce the bloodshed. (participating journalists: Tang Ji, Zhang Xiao)

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