Warm medicine Jiang Xueqing died for his job: the first batch of infected medical treatment in the Department for more than one month

 Warm medicine Jiang Xueqing died for his job: the first batch of infected medical treatment in the Department for more than one month

Director Jiang Xueqing, after a months hard treatment, did not save his life, but went. A medical staff member of Wuhan Central Hospital told the health times.

The patient said that he is more like a doctor as a friend and a patients reassurance; his colleagues said that he is a very good person and never puts on airs. In academia, he was the winner of the first Chinese doctor Award. Once again, we remembered the doctors name Jiang Xueqing in the most reluctant way.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported to be unfortunate. Jiang Xueqings official information released at the Wuhan central hospital confirmed that Comrade Jiang Xueqing had been unlucky in fighting against the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia and was killed at the rescue of the city in March 1, 2020 at 5:32 a.m. at the 5:32 hour.

Director Jiang Xueqing

Director Jiang Xueqing is the first group of infected medical staff

Why did the doctor die again? Director Jiang Xueqing is the first group of infected medical staff, according to a medical staff member in Wuhan Central Hospital.

In the article signed by the doctor of super dimension reverser in Wuhan Central Hospital, it is pointed out that Wuhan Central Hospital is the first hospital to contact with the epidemic patients, and the hospital is the closest comprehensive hospital to the South China seafood market, so the fever patients basically go to the hospital for treatment. Many patients with fever, cough or even no symptoms think they are common cold, so they should still see ophthalmology and Ophthalmology; cancer patients should be treated in oncology department regularly. Therefore, in the early stage, a large number of outpatient and ward doctors and nurses have been highly exposed. Later, there were also those who continued to fight and suffered from infection due to decreased resistance.

Secondly, the virus enters the human body from the intermediate host, and begins to spread among the people. The first and second generation viruses are the most virulent and toxic. The first infected patients are like strikers in the war. They pay the most.

By choosing to be a medical worker, we know that we may face professional exposure at some point in our career. We will continue to fight. Wuhan Central Hospital, a medical staff said.

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Jiang Xueqing, 60 decibels of warm medicine, died: the first group of infected medical staff treated for more than a month (source: video synthesis)

An interview with 40 years of reform and opening up in medical circles - Jiang Xueqing

Known as 60 dB warm medicine, it is not only a doctor but also a friend in the eyes of patients

Patients peace of mind pill, 60dB warm medicine, Bethune good doctor Among the articles on the official website of Wuhan Central Hospital, 13 are comments on director Jiang Xueqing.

Once there was a video that made 60 dB warm medicine popular on the Internet and touched netizens. Her family name is Zhang, and she lives in Hankou. She is a breast cancer patient. The doctor in the video is Jiang Xueqing, director of thyroid and breast surgery of Wuhan Central Hospital.

The article on the official website of Wuhan Central Hospital pointed out that after the bad thing is removed, we will wait for other parathyroid glands to gradually recover their functions. Im very happy to shake hands with your family. one day, three days of great changes. Dont look at your family now falling asleep and running around in three days... During the whole communication, Jiang Xueqing, the doctor, was smiling all the time.

Patiently explain the principles of disease treatment and operation in Wuhan dialect, instruct the diet and nursing points of postoperative rehabilitation, gently comfort the patients and encourage their families, and bend down to demonstrate how to massage the legs of the patients to promote blood circulation. After listening, two family members of the patients nodded their heads. One of the female family members said gratefully: my sister is blessed to meet such a good doctor as you Life. More than 20 minutes before and after, I dont speak impatiently, and my voice is soft and warm. I sincerely hope there are more such good doctors...

Ms. Zhang said that she had known director Jiang for many years, and had hardly seen him lose his temper and talk heavily. This time I saw the scene of his rounds, and I thought he was really a good doctor. Like many patients, he is a fan of director Jiang. Because director Jiang is rigorous and attentive, has a kind speaking attitude, is not impatient and impatient, and feels warm and comfortable when he enters the ear. Many patients call him warm man or warm doctor in private. Its said that someone else has done experiments and specially measured it with sound software. Director Jiang can always control his volume to about 60 decibels when communicating with patients, which is very rare.

Ms. Chen, 65, who had undergone left mastectomy, said director Jiangs voice was soft and warm; Ms. Fang, 53, who had undergone thyroidectomy, said that after a short talk with director Jiang, the grumpy person could also be said to be soft around the fingers from baisteelmaking.

Every time he meets an expert clinic, Jiang Xueqing advances the ward round time, often arriving at the ward just after 7 oclock, because he knows that the patients are very warm, like to talk about his illness, even about family life. Even if he arrives at the ward half an hour earlier than usual, he still feels that the time is not enough. Often fast to the outpatient service time, he is all the way to the outpatient service.

We will never forget that there is such a doctor in Wuhan Central Hospital. In the eyes of patients, he is not only a doctor, an idol, but also a friend. His name is Jiang Xueqing.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia died at the Wuhan Central Hospital, Jiang Xueqing, aged 55.

Chinas novel coronavirus pneumonia, Jiang Xueqing, Secretary of the Party branch of the thyroid surgery department, director of the CPC Central Committee and chief physician of the Wuhan Central Hospital, was unlucky in the fight against the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. He died at 5:32 in the morning of March 1, 2020 at the lung hospital in Wuhan, Wuhan, aged 55.

Jiang Xueqing, a doctor in Wuhan, died. His daughter: he gave most of his time to the patients

I dont think its true. I cant accept that my father has left now. On the morning of March 1, a reporter from Chutian Metropolis Daily called Professor Jiang Xueqing and answered her daughter Jiang Ziyan, who was crying bitterly on the phone.