Table battle of Wuhan citizens under the epidemic situation: setting alarm clock to buy vegetables every day

 Table battle of Wuhan citizens under the epidemic situation: setting alarm clock to buy vegetables every day

Registration form made by Lin Nan

On February 11, Wuhan began to implement the closed management of the community. Wuhan residents who lived in their homes to fight the epidemic had to face another difficulty: how to buy the vegetables needed at the table every day.

The city is almost closed, but life is not. The problem of eating is on the table. In this special period, every resident has tried his best to maintain the balance between package and self selection and seek the best solution for himself and his neighbors.

In order to buy more kinds of food, some people add at least 20 shopping groups and set alarm clocks at different time points every day to try to scramble for food on the second light platform; some community volunteers are in high spirits for the 20 10 yuan vegetable bags just bought for the communitys needy households by financial subsidies; some community staff are helpless due to lack of manpower The group purchase and distribution of meat and fruit will be temporarily abandoned, and the regular supply of basic vegetables will be tightened first.

At the press conference on February 29, Xu Honglan, vice mayor of Wuhan City, said that at present, Wuhans grain, oil, salt and other reserves are more than one month. In view of the rising prices, we are taking measures to guide supermarkets to reduce prices for the benefit of the people, to lower prices for frozen pork reserves, and to promote special price vegetable bags to ensure the basic living needs of the people.

Food package that Xiaomeng can choose

No more group purchase and package for individuals

Lin Nan cant sit down. She decides to sign up for the community to buy volunteers. This is the 10th day of closed management in her community. She feels she has to do something.

Lin Nans home is on the cooperative road of Tianjin Community in Jiangan District. This is an old community close to the central city. Not far away from home is the bustling Jianghan Road. There are four six story old buildings, four families on one floor, many old people, and close and familiar neighbors in the community. Her life began on January 22, and suddenly it was hard.

Lin Nan planned to travel with her parents this new year. She was scheduled to start on the first day of the new year, so she didnt stock up much food for the new year. The sudden epidemic disrupted their plans. The day before the announcement of Wuhans closure, they returned their tickets and temporarily decided to go to the supermarket to buy things. But I didnt expect that they would be banned at that time. They only bought enough food for four or five days.

Before the outbreak, Lin Nans local supporting facilities were complete, and the nearby food market, drugstores and shopping malls were all available. At ordinary times, the residents mostly bought food in the nearby food market, but the food market was closed before the Spring Festival, catching up with the outbreak, and everyone moved to wal mart, which walked for about 15 minutes. At that time, Lin Nan went to Wal Mart every four or five days. At that time, she was still a volunteer, relatively free.

Lin Nan recalled that when he went to the supermarket, he had to wait in line, but as long as he could go to the supermarket at noon, he could basically buy the dishes he wanted. She often starts before the supermarket opens. Around 9:30, customers are scattered in the square in front of Wal Mart. When the door opens, the staff take the temperature one by one. Fifty people line up and go in one by one. Within ten days after the ban of Wuhan, the prices are quite normal, that is, the normal price of Chinese New Year dishes. Lin Nan said.

Into February, buying vegetables began to become difficult. Only when the door is opened in the morning, when you rush in at the first dial, can you get what you want. Late dishes and meat will be gone. Lin Nan said. At that time, the price of food was normal, instant noodles and frozen food were sufficient, and there were not many dishes and meat. There was no choice, but it was barely enough to buy. Instead of the usual strips, pieces, cuts, scarlet and white meat, they are packed in boxes, and can only be bought quickly. I bought several things, she recalled, Chinese cabbage costs a Jin, tomatoes seven yuan a Jin, Flammulina velutipes seven yuan a Jin, which is normal. That day, she also grabbed a frozen chicken. There was really no other meat at that time. At that time, I went to get the chicken. There were only three chickens on the whole freezer. At that moment, two chickens were quickly taken away by others.

A few days later, frozen dumplings, frozen steak, pizza began to disappear, only a few dumplings were still lying in the freezer.

In the long epidemic, most of Wuhan residents have paid close attention to all business supermarkets, express delivery, take out app and public account in the city. Lin Nan told reporters that before the implementation of the closed management of the community, many business supermarkets made an announcement on the front page of the app, no longer selling to individuals, and had to purchase a certain number of shares in a group, which were distributed by the supermarket.

Lin Nan and her neighbors went to the neighborhood committee to ask about the situation. At that time, some other communities had organized group buying. We made suggestions with the neighborhood committee. The community grid members had contact information of each family. They pulled a wechat group and told everyone to organize group buying in the group. If there were enough three, they would place an order.

Group buying does not require the grid member to go to the supermarket in person, but the trucks organized by the major supermarkets are directly transported to the designated place. After the grid member checks with the supermarket and hand over, the residents are informed to go downstairs to pick up the vegetables in the group. In order to ensure safety, the grid member will also make the time for everyone to pick up the dishes stagger as much as possible.

From the beginning of group buying, only package can be purchased. Lin Nan told reporters that there was no choice at that time. There was a set meal for a class of items, including vegetable set meal, meat set meal, rice, flour, grain and oil set meal and so on. Anyway, those things will be used in the future even if they are not needed now. Everyone will buy them as needed. Lin Nan said.

A vegetable set meal is about enough for a family to stutter for three or four days. Lin Nans family first bought a vegetable set meal of 50 yuan from a hundred supermarkets, including a small cabbage, four tomatoes, a handful of garlic sprouts, a handful of green onions, four carrots and a cauliflower. It seems that the price is cheap, but Lin Nan found that the supermarket price tag was still left on these dishes. The bundle of garlic sprouts was wrapped in a bag, and a price tag was pasted on it. We added all the price tags, and found that the total price was only 40 yuan. Lin Nan said. But what annoyed her was not that they made ten yuan more, but that there were two tomatoes that could not be put away. They could only eat them on the same day, and other vegetables also had many rotten leaves.

Before the closed management of the community, there were also small supermarkets and convenience stores with doors open, but because there was no way to replenish, there were few things to sell. Lin Nans mother needed to buy medicine, and the nearby drugstores were out of stock. Lin Nan could only find a takeout to buy medicine and essential goods from other places.

Various online groups added by residents to buy vegetables

Set the alarm clock every day, buy vegetables and mix hands quickly

On February 11, in order to completely control and block the source of infection, Wuhan began to ban the whole city.

Group buying doesnt happen every day. It takes four or five days to do it. Every time you buy enough vegetables and meat reserves for four or five days, it costs two or three hundred. My mother only allows me to eat two pieces of meat at a meal. Lin Nan said.

What broke her even more was the lack of daily necessities. There are not enough people in the community to meet the needs of daily food purchase. The group purchase of daily necessities was not put on the agenda for a while. Soon, Lin Nan found that the toilet paper at home was in a hurry. The set meal is only for eating. Im looking everywhere for a place to buy paper. I cant really buy it. The neighbors are even with each other. In addition, the logistics in Wuhan is OK, or what channel can I get some from friends, and then send them to me.

Its also a way to place an order online, but speed is a character job and its really second light Lin Nan said that the time for each supermarket to release group buying information is not the same. She sets an alarm clock at 6:00, 8:00, 9:00 and 12:00 every day. Different supermarkets take turns to try until which one can buy it.

Xiaomeng, a doctor working in Wuhan childrens Hospital, doesnt have such free time to stare at his mobile phone. Although Xiaomeng was not arranged to work in the isolation ward during the epidemic, her daily work was so heavy that she couldnt always stare at her mobile phone to grab food.

Colleagues in the isolation ward can eat three meals a day in the canteen, but doctors in the general ward have to solve the problem of buying vegetables by themselves after work.

Xiaomeng told reporters that her home is located in the Yuanbo community in the East and West Lake District. Outside the Third Ring Road, there are both high-rise and six storey buildings in the community. The grid staff organized the residents, but told them that the community couldnt help with the group purchase, because there was no car, so they couldnt organize people to transport things back. So far, its still for businesses to send them to the door, or for volunteers and good Samaritans to drive their cars to the supermarket to bring things back. According to her knowledge, the three or four neighborhoods around her community are also purchased by residents spontaneous organizations.

There is a small supermarket at the gate of xiaomengjia community, which is only the size of two 711 convenience stores. On the day when the community was closed, the boss received more than 100 orders and began to deliver goods from 9 a.m. until 12 a.m. Before, the set meal was really expensive. Some people in our community bought it, but not too much. The price of the small supermarket at the gate is cheap, and the time difference between the two is not too long, said Xiao Meng, but the small supermarket doesnt sell fresh vegetables and fruits, only rice, flour, grain, oil, seasoning and basic household goods.

All of a sudden, Xiaomeng usually went shopping on the way to and from work. Although other areas in Hubei have the precedent of closing the community, she didnt make the psychological preparation. Before she could stock up, Xiaomeng was banned.

In order to buy vegetables, she added several groups, we just dont have anyone here to coordinate. Buy fish to add a group, buy fruit to add a group, anyway, buy a thing to add a group. All day long, you cant stop placing orders, running upstairs and downstairs to get things. In fact, people go out more often, because you cant buy all the things in a group. Little dream said.

The hospital will also organize medical staff to buy in groups, so that the supermarket will send all materials to the hospital for medical staff to take away when they leave work. But Xiaomeng said that she couldnt participate in the group purchase of the hospital. My home is far away, 89 kilometers away from the hospital, and its very difficult to take things after work by bike. And group buying must buy a certain amount, such as buying hundreds of dollars, or buying 10 jin, 20 jin, it is very difficult to bring. Little dream said.

Community workers give out love dishes to the elderly

After Wuhans major supermarkets were interviewed

A few days ago, after an online video about Wuhan sister-in-law scolds the supermarket package became popular, all the major supermarkets in Wuhan were interviewed. Many supermarkets have cancelled the set meal. What do residents need? They should directly report it to the purchasing staff for purchasing one by one.

But this has greatly increased the burden on buyers. People are more and more resentful about this package, but if grid members are allowed to buy the whole community by themselves, they are not enough. Lin Nan said that in order to free up her staff, her Yiyuan street community had to recruit volunteers.

In fact, the government may not take into account the situation of all the communities, and no more meals are allowed. Its very difficult for us. Now we are still doing the single product splitting of goods. Its more difficult for the old communities, because the rhythm of the staff and service personnel cant keep up, and they cant worry about food every day, right? Lu, a resident volunteer on the new community line of street ball, said.

Mr. Lv is a material purchaser in his community. Previously, he only knew that his community was large, but he didnt know how many people there were. Until he became a purchaser this time, he didnt know that there were 2700 households and more than 5000 people in the whole community, but there were only seven formal staff in the community.

Mr. Lu told reporters that in their old neighborhood, the majority of the elderly make it very difficult for them to use their mobile phones to buy vegetables. In addition, Wuhan supermarket is easy to explode the single, and the transportation time after placing the order is a little longer, so residents complain a lot. Therefore, often before the first batch arrives, he has to grab the second batch of materials as soon as possible.

In fact, there are still some supermarkets that maintain the form of set meal, but the type of set meal is more and more detailed, and the price has also dropped. In fact, as long as its not a package that residents dislike, I think its very good. Its just a couple of unreasonable packages to get rid of. Mr. Lu said. Before that, it was reported that the elderly in Wuhan suffered from the bundling sale of toilet paper and sanitary napkins.

Mr. Lus community still adopts the form of package purchase, but can only buy packages that meet basic needs. At the beginning, I led you to buy fruits in groups, but now Im responsible for the whole community. Im sure to give up this piece. He said.

Wei Xiang, 78, an old man in Tuanjie new village community, told reporters that the elderly cant buy things online. In the past, they paid cash for everything they bought. Now, there is no place to buy things, let alone receive cash. So the way the community takes is that the elderly living alone dont receive money and dont directly contact with each other. The food delivery is placed at the door. The old people see things and take them home by themselves. After the epidemic, they will settle the bill in a unified way.

The vegetables are usually delivered once every three or four days. If the old people dont have rice, flour, grain and oil, they can call the community and the community will help them to buy them. There is no meat, but the vegetables can guarantee that there are bad ones and rotten ones. Now we dont talk about any good quality, as long as there is something to eat.

In some communities contacted by Shenzhen journalists, the procurement is mainly organized by grid members, and then led by volunteers. Lin Nan said that her community has only six or seven formal staff, and she can understand the hard work of community grid members. They (grid workers) are very tired every day, and they are also responsible for checking the temperature at the intersection, delivering medicine to the seriously ill elderly, and even disinfecting the streets in the community. if they are only in the group every day, they cant do anything.

In Lin Nans community, there are more than 100 people in a grid group. When buying food, every family has different problems. If I dont want to change this set meal, do I have a brand, how can I get it from Zhongbai warehouse... Grid members cant answer everyones questions in the group every day. Lin Nan said.

On February 24, Wuhan launched the 10 yuan vegetable bag with financial subsidies. Lin Nan told reporters that the news was still told to community workers by residents. They said that they didnt know, so we said that we called Zhongbai warehouse and asked about it. There are only limited ones in supermarkets. In addition to the limited ones, there are ordinary prices. Thats how they know it has changed.

Love meat from Wang Xis community

10 yuan vegetable bag with financial subsidy

Deep once reporters learned that in order to meet the basic living needs of the citys residents during the epidemic prevention and control period, large supermarkets such as Wushang supermarket, Zhongbai warehouse, Zhongshang supermarket, Carrefour, Wal Mart and other large-scale super businesses have started to implement more intensive sales for the benefit of the people.

The first is to launch the special vegetable package for low-income groups, the so-called 10 yuan vegetable package subsidized by the government. Each package includes three to four varieties of cabbage, potatoes, white radish and carrots. Each set only costs 10 yuan and weighs 10 jin. The community can organize group purchase and agency purchase, and focus on ensuring the purchase of low-income groups in the jurisdiction. The price difference between merchants and sellers shall be subsidized by the government according to the relevant policy of one yuan dish. In addition, the sale price of frozen pork reserve by the government is 15% lower than the market price, and residents can buy it in the form of group purchase and package purchase.

In addition, the love vegetables donated to Wuhan by other provinces and cities will also be distributed to the residents through the streets, but they need to be transported and distributed by the community itself, which tests the vehicle, material and human resources of each community.

At first, it was difficult for Lin Nans community to spare no effort to bring back the love food. The difficulty in the community is that it cant get a car. Two spare cars, one of which will be transferred by two staff members of the neighborhood committee and one volunteer every day to pharmacies in three towns of Wuhan to help patients with stroke, serious disease and chronic disease buy medicine in the community, while the other car will be on standby to deal with emergencies, for example, there was a homeless person in an ATM cubicle two days ago, and they will be transported to the police station for placement.

Around February 20, Lin Nans community pulled a batch of love dishes, there are white radishes and cabbage, my mother took two white radishes. But Ive heard from people in other communities before that, take whatever you like, no matter how much you take, you have to sign it anyway.

In order to solve the shortage of transportation capacity in the community, Lin Nan won a motor vehicle pass from the community. As long as the community can find a way to open a certificate, so many people have a car, and its not over to build two cars. Finally, the community agreed. She said that as soon as she got the certificate, she immediately contacted the residents of the community to borrow a car to transport vegetables, and finally brought back a batch of love vegetables for the community. There are eggplant, green pepper, pumpkin and papaya, which can be found in every household.

The community area is not small. After the vegetables are transported back, the next batch of goods will be delivered at each intersection, and a staff will be sent to pick them up at the intersection, and the residents will be informed to come down to pick them up.

Some residential areas with good property management can avoid these troubles. Wang Xis new town jingyuecheng community is located in the Third Ring Road of Hanyang District. She told reporters that after the closure of the community, the property is responsible for buying one or two sets of green vegetables a week. The Property Council will issue an announcement in advance to let you choose. You can buy 25 Jin to 30 jin each time. It only costs more than 100 yuan, and the price is affordable. The owner also does not need to go downstairs to receive vegetables. After checking the vegetables, the property will send them to each door.

Love dishes are also brought back by the property. In one case, even for the elderly over 65 years old, the households with pregnant women or puerperas, each household was given a jin of meat, and the owners only need to provide identity certificates.

Ten yuan vegetable bag subsidized by the government

Buying business taken over by volunteers

On February 25, Lin Nan put on a red sleeve badge and became a community buying volunteer with two other residents in the community. I said to recruit me to work quickly. I can solve all the purchase needs of my family and neighbors. It really drives me to death.

The ability of overall planning developed in the past as a volunteer came into use. Community workers have a lot to do, but they are slow in mastering modern overall planning methods, so their work efficiency is particularly low. Lin Nan said.

Although major supermarkets were interviewed for the package, after the rectification, Lin Nans community connected supermarkets still chose to continue to use the package, but the package type is much more refined than before, and the price has also decreased. There are 18 sets of vegetables, fruits, rice, flour, grain and oil, etc. After accepting the task, Lin Nan and two other volunteers linked their community. She sent a purchase link to the group. On the other end of the mobile phone, group members reported their own packages in the group. On the other end of the mobile phone, Lin Nan made a form. According to the number in the group, she ticked each package column one by one, and finally counted the total price of each buyer. After the form is completed, send it to the group to tell you how to view the screenshot, calculate your purchase amount, and transfer the money directly after confirming it is correct.

Every time she arrives at the account, Lin Nan marks it, and finally calculates the total amount of money. She directly places an order with the warehouse manager of the supermarket and waits for delivery. I got the material package list of the next day at 1:30 p.m. the previous day - because the supermarket will now make different packages according to the storage in the warehouse every day - send it to the group and tell you that the purchase of Jielong will be up to 8 p.m. Give you six hours to start the statistics at 8 p.m. and collect the money. It will be finished at 10 p.m.

Her Tianjin Road community is divided into six grids. The next day, when she went to the community office, other grid members gathered around and asked her how to deal with it. So three volunteers, including Lin Nan, simply set up a small group with the grid members, if I send any message in our grid group, I will ask other grid members to copy and paste these words into the grid group they manage. Finally, even the purchase statistics of several other grid groups are all in the hands of Lin Nan and the three of them.

We dont have a lot of things to solve at the moment, including toilet paper. Lin Nan said.

Every time the new harvest makes Lin Nan feel high. On February 28, in the Zhongbai warehouse of Linnans community, there were only 200 10 yuan vegetable bags. She got 20. On the way back, she distributed them all the way. She left all these 10 yuan vegetable bags to the poor households in the community.