Shuhau smashes Trainer Josh because of a banana

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Lin Shuhaos angry smash Trainer (source: Netease sports)

In the video, Josh, the trainer, uses a banana as a prop. Shuhao tries to reach the banana after finishing the training. In the high jump, although Shuhao tries to move up, Josh raises the pole when Shuhao is about to encounter the banana. The teased Shuhao directly smashes it to Josh with a small basketball beside him, knocks it down and gets the banana as he wishes.

As a coach, I gave him a little extra motivation, but as a result, he didnt appreciate it, and he was rewarded with kindness. Josh joked. Interestingly, Shuhao broke the banana in half after he got it and gave it to his brother Josh, who was lying on the ground.

This has been Joshs 10th year as assistant professor of Lin Shuhao. From the low valley to Lin crazy, Josh has been with Lin Shuhao. Before signing with Beijing Shougang, Shuhao put forward a very important condition is to let Josh join the coaching team and finally achieve what he wants.

Source: editor in charge of sports of Netease: Wang Hongyu, nb12517