Experts in Sun Yang case held an online forum

 Experts in Sun Yang case held an online forum

On February 28, CAS announced the arbitration results of the appeal case of Sun Yang and fina by the World Anti Doping Agency, which immediately attracted the general attention and hot discussion from all walks of life, especially from the sports and legal circles.

In order to give full play to the expertise of sports law organizations, objectively, rationally, comprehensively and accurately understand the relevant legal issues and specimen significance of the decision of Sun Yang case, and promote the research of sports law in China to be more close to the needs of Chinas sports governance ability and modernization of governance system and participation in global sports governance, the sports law organizations of Beijing and Tianjin Law Societies jointly held an online forum to obtain the Chinese law Positive support from the Institute of sports law.

About 30 experts from China Law Society Sports Law Research Association, Supreme Peoples court, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Tianjin Lawyers Association, Tianjin Arbitration Commission, 10 provinces, 13 universities and 7 law firms attended the meeting, and 4 arbitrators from China International Sports Arbitration Court were invited to attend the meeting.

The symposium focused on four topics: the overall evaluation of CAS adjudication, the legal review of CAS adjudication, the strategic thinking of CAS adjudication, and the Enlightenment of CAS adjudication. Participants expressed valuable and diverse views on the need to respect, understand and apply international sports rules, improve the legal literacy of athletes, improve the growth and protection mechanism of elite athletes, cultivate talents familiar with international sports rules, and the modernization path of Chinas sports rule of law.

Source: Xinhua news agency, editor in charge: Lu Ting, ns5242