Zhong Nanshans 40 days: Tears three times, which is the second most powerful sentence

 Zhong Nanshans 40 days: Tears three times, which is the second most powerful sentence

Star night 40 days

From the night of January 18 to the press conference in Guangzhou on February 27, academician Zhong Nanshan firmly said that he was confident to basically control the epidemic by the end of April. In the past 40 days, academician Zhong Nanshan has been rushing to the front line of fighting against the epidemic, doing research, discussing the disease and remote consultation with the virus, participating in the press conference of Guangdong Province for many times, receiving media interviews and responding to public concerns.

In many peoples eyes, academician Zhong Nanshan is a representative of integrity, science, courage and authority. Self mocking people suffering from Zhong Nanshan dependence, on the one hand, they want to hear him, on the other hand, they love him. Some netizens said, I hope we dont do any unnecessary interviews. Let Zhong Lao have a good rest and refresh his energy. Now people are haggard, which is too painful.

Which is the most vocal?

In the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia, almost every time academician Zhong Nanshan makes a sound, it will cause a greater social echo. With Zhongnanshan as the title keyword, Nandu big data research institute collected more than 2600 news from 0:00 on January 18 to 16:2600 on February 28 for data analysis to restore the popularity of academician Zhong Nanshans views.

From more than 2600 news articles, we have screened 27 sentences with high popularity of academician Zhong. Among them, we are confident to basically control the epidemic situation by the end of April is the most popular. The number of news with this title accounts for 6%. This sentence was made by academician Zhong Nanshan at the press conference of Guangzhou special epidemic prevention and control on February 27.

In addition, academician Zhong received an interview with CCTV Bai Yansong on the evening of January 20 after investigating the epidemic situation in Wuhan. During the interview, there must be human to human transmission was the second most popular, with the number of news headlines accounting for more than 4.5%

Zhong Nanshans statement that the incubation period of new coronavirus should not be over interpreted for 24 days ranked third, with the number of news accounts for 3.3%

Your eyebrows are open, so I smile

In addition to the social attention caused by every voice, Zhong Laos every smile, every move affects the hearts of netizens. We found that the most popular non sounding news related to Zhongnanshan was Zhongnanshan demonstrated how to remove the mask, followed by why did Zhongnanshan cry.

According to incomplete statistics, academician Zhong Nanshan cried three times in public. In an interview with Xinhua News Agency on January 28, Zhong Nanshan talked about Wuhans anti epidemic efforts with tears in his eyes. With the help of the whole country, Wuhan can pass the customs. Wuhan is a very heroic city, he said

The second time academician Zhong shed tears was on the evening of January 30, on the way to the airport after the meeting in Beijing. He choked and said that in Wuhan, the medical staff worked very hard. As for why he cried, he explained that when the epidemic was serious in Wuhan, some students told him that the big sister in the neighborhood outside sang the national anthem. Zhong Nanshan believes that the morale of everyone has risen.

Later, on February 11, academician Zhong Nanshan cried when he spoke about Dr. Li Wenliang, who had died of illness. He said, I think most people think that he is a hero of China, so do I. Im proud of him. He told people the truth as early as December.

In addition to happiness, anger, sorrow and joy, the news about academician Zhong Nanshans trip, his fitness photos and other related news also attracted wide attention.

What do netizens want to say to academician Zhong Nanshan?

In addition to the news, Nandu big data research institute also collected 26311 comments on Sina Weibo with the keyword of Zhong Nanshan for analysis to see what netizens would talk about when they talked about Zhong Nanshan. These comments come from 22172 netizens, the most frequent of which is Zhong Nanshan talks and moves. In everyones eyes, academician Zhong Nanshan is unparalleled scholar, followed by looking tired, dare to tell the truth, scientific and rigorous, etc.

Netizens said:

I hope that the epidemic situation can be eased soon, so that Zhong Lao, who is fighting on the front line, can have a rest as soon as possible.

Today, Zhong Lao brushed the screen. Zhong Laosheng is much more confident.

I cry when he cries, and he laughs when he laughs. But seeing that Zhong has lost a lot of weight in the past month, he laughs and cries for him.

Zhong Nanshan suggested to improve the status of CDC. Thank you for your words on prevention.

Zhong Lao honestly said treatment is a little helpless, which really needs a lot of courage!

Huoshen mountain, Leishen mountain, Zhongnan mountain, three mountains to control poison.

I am not qualified to evaluate the old man. All I can do is to pay him the highest respect

Who is following academician Zhong?

According to Baidu Indexs search index from January 29 to February 27, Guangdong netizens are most concerned about Zhongnanshan, followed by Shandong and Jiangsu. In terms of cities, Internet users in Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu search Zhongnanshan more frequently.

From the perspective of the age group of Internet users who pay attention to Zhong Nanshan, the proportion of Internet users aged 20-29 is the highest, close to 52%; from the perspective of gender, male Internet users are nearly 10 percentage points higher than female Internet users.