Reward the anchor 50000 platform for 12-year-old boys online class: refund and ban the author

 Reward the anchor 50000 platform for 12-year-old boys online class: refund and ban the author

If it is confirmed that it is the operation of a child, we will give a 100% refund, the companys PR staff said in response to the surging news Monday On the same day, the public relations staff said that they had returned all 51018 yuan to Ms. Lius account and banned a video author.

Boys recharge more than 50000 yuan for short video platform during online classes

According to Ms. Liu, on February 25, she wanted to use wechat to transfer money to her brother, but the wechat balance was insufficient. When the payment method was converted to bank card, she found that the money on the bank card had also disappeared. I checked the details of consumption, and many of them were short video recharge . At first, I thought it was still a virus in the mobile phone. I asked the child before I knew that the money was used to reward the anchor of the short video platform, recharge and play games.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, the 12 year old son of Liu, is currently in grade one. Due to the influence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the school has adopted a network teaching method, which starts from 6:20 every morning and reads all day long. For convenience, Hao Hao has been using Ms. Lius mobile phone for class.

I dont know when he knew what the payment code was, he said. He went out shopping with me before, secretly took the password, and went home to try it several times with his mobile phone. My WeChat, Alipay and bank card were all a password, and he knew all at once. According to the recharge record of the live broadcast room of the involved platform provided by Ms. Liu, during the period from February 21 to 24, Haohao awarded 5 anchors several times with a single amount ranging from 298 yuan to 1598 yuan, totaling 51018 yuan.

In addition, Haohao also added about 15000 yuan to the three games of peace elite, King glory and trump War: restart of civilization.

From February 25 to 27, Ms. Liu repeatedly reported the situation to the customer service of the involved short video platform, on the 27th, one customer service told me on the phone that the money could not be returned, and later continued to call, another customer service asked me to submit the identity certificate, payment screenshot and other materials, and the other party asked me to wait for review. She said she also contacted a host who received the most rewards from Haohao to explain the situation and hoped that the other side would return the money, but no response was received.

Ms. Liu believes that the anchor of the platform involved in the event has induced reward behavior in the live room, I asked my son why he gave the anchor so much money, and he said that the anchor has been shouting hold back in the live room! A few seconds! Come on, come on, brush! Ms. Liu said that mobile phones are often used to pay at home now, and children dont have too much concept of money. He felt that if he entered a few passwords, the money would pass, and he didnt know how much he spent.

According to the platform account provided by Ms. Liu, surging news opened the hosts platform interface. It was found that the short video content on the home page was mostly drinking barrel edible oil, detergent, teeth biting and exploding lighter, cigarette butts burning tongue and other behaviors with certain risks. The account signature said: at 9:00 every night, the live broadcast room will not disappear!

Seeing the content that children pay attention to, Ms. Liu is also very excited, these videos will cause harm to the hearts of teenagers! What if the children blow themselves up with the biting lighter?

Short video platform: refunded and banned video authors

On February 28, surging journalists contacted the company of the platform concerned about the above situation. A public relations personnel said that at present, they have received the materials provided by Ms. Liu, if it is confirmed that it is the operation of children, we will refund 100%.

In the afternoon of the same day, the public relations personnel told surging news that the audit had passed, and the 51018 yuan awarded by Haohao to five anchors on the platform had been returned to Ms. Lius account. In the evening of the same day, Ms. Liu received all refunds.

As for Ms. Lius reflection that the anchor has the problem of inducing reward, the person in charge of platform one said that whether the anchor violates the rules needs to be judged according to the specific situation, such as whether he knows that the reward giver is a minor, etc. We will investigate and verify the actual situation. If there is any act of inducing minors to give rewards, we will give them a name and other penalties.

Miss Liu mentioned that the host with poor video content, because the relevant video content has violated the platform community convention, has now banned the video author. Thanks for the feedback and supervision, we will continue to optimize the content on the platform. The person in charge said that the platform adopts the way of machine audit and manual audit for the content, and if there is any problem with the content, it will be removed and interrupted in time. At 19:00 on the 29th, surging news noticed that the anchors page display had been reset.

The person in charge also said that if the minors generate recharge and reward behaviors on the platform without the permission of the guardian, the parents can submit relevant questions in my feedback, customer service will communicate the facts with the parents, and provide the identity certificate, relationship certificate, recharge record, juvenile consumption proof and other materials. After the platform is verified to be correct, the refund process will be initiated, and the refund will be on July 7 Within working days.

In addition to the short video platform, Haohao has recharged and consumed 15000 yuan in the three games of peace elite, King glory and trump War: restart of civilization, and has not yet received a refund.

According to public information, peace elite and King glory are Tencent games. In response, Ms. Liu contacted Tencents customer service on February 26, uploaded supporting materials and applied for refund, but the current processing status is still processing, and the expected response time is March 1. The surging news reporter called Tencent game customer service number many times, but failed to get through.

On February 29, surging journalists saw on the official website of trump Wars: restart of civilization that the copyright owner of the game is Beijing preeminent Morningstar Technology Co., Ltd. and there is no response to the refund.