Holding a trumpet to reprimand the chief netizens were sentenced to more than 9 million bribes

 Holding a trumpet to reprimand the chief netizens were sentenced to more than 9 million bribes

Wang Sihua was launched in November 2018 and was tried on August 22 last year. Wang Sihua used to be a net red cadre. He held a trumpet to denounce his subordinates for standing up and sitting down and the video saying that he would severely punish the style of cadres, which was once hot on the Internet.

Wang Sihua.

Nearly ten million bribes have been confiscated according to law

On February 21, Yingtan intermediate peoples Court issued a public verdict on the first instance of the bribery case of Wang Sihua, sentenced the defendant Wang Sihua to nine years imprisonment for the crime of bribery and imposed a fine of 500000 yuan; confiscated the property and fruits of the defendant Wang Sihuas bribery of 9619796 yuan and confiscated them according to law and turned them over to the state treasury.

According to the trial, from 2008 to 2018, Wang Sihua, the defendant, took advantage of his position as head of Wanan county and Secretary of Ningdu county Party committee to seek benefits for others in terms of personnel appointment and removal, enterprise operation, engineering projects, etc., illegally accepted 41 people including Chen, such as 6.415211 million yuan, 275000 yuan, 21000 yuan and 1.2704 million yuan worth of jadeite bracelets, gold bars, etc Heavy goods, a total of 9.619796 million yuan.

According to the trial of Yingtan middle court, Wang Sihuas behavior has constituted the crime of bribery. Wang Sihua truthfully confessed the crime, with the circumstances of confession, exposing other peoples criminal acts, verified to be true, with the performance of meritorious service, pleaded guilty to repentance in court, recovered the stolen money, goods and fruits involved in the case, with the circumstances of statutory leniency, mitigation and discretionary leniency, so he made the above judgment.

After the sentence of the first instance was pronounced, Wang Sihua, the defendant, pleaded not to appeal.

The speaker is king Sihua.

Holding a trumpet to reprimand several directors

According to the public resume, Wang Sihua, born in Lean, Jiangxi Province in April 1968, started his work in Colleges and universities. After graduating from the Department of politics and education of Jiangxi Normal University in 1990, he worked in Jiangxi University of Finance and economics.

At the end of 2000, Wang Sihua entered his official career. He was first served as deputy county magistrate in Taihe County in Jiangxi province for two years, then transferred to Jinggangshan city as vice mayor and Deputy Secretary of the municipal Party committee. From 2007 to 2011, Wang Sihua successively served as Deputy Secretary of Wanan county Party committee, acting county head, county head, etc.

In 2011, Wang Sihua served as secretary of Ningdu county Party committee, and since November 2016, he has also served as a member of the Party group and deputy director of the Standing Committee of Ganzhou Municipal Peoples Congress and entered the ranks of department level cadres. On November 7, 2018, he was defeated in office.

Wang Sihua used to be a net red cadre. He held a loudspeaker to denounce the video of his subordinates, which was once hot on the Internet.

On October 27, 2016, a video of the Secretary of Ningdu county Party committee in Jiangxi was furious in public and scolded several directors mercilessly was spread on the Internet. Tens of thousands of netizens praised Wang Sihua after watching the video.

Some people think that the county Party committee and the county government dont attach importance to me and you. Can you be the director general? You became the director. What did you do? Ask yourself.

We need to severely rectify the style of work of cadres. Meetings are not like meetings. You cant stand, sit or talk. You cant speak out. If you cant speak out, it means that your research is not profound and you dont understand the situation.

Ningdu has been working for so many years. Up to now, there have been changes. However, how to make profound changes depends on the cadres and our leaders.

In the video, Wang Sihua holds a loudspeaker and talks freely, severely criticizing the lazy style of some leading cadres.

With the popularity of the video, Wang Sihua got a lot of praise and became Internet red at one time.

However, this once upright and dignified leading cadre is one behind the other on the surface, one behind the others on the stage and one under the stage.

Corrupt and degenerate, keen on superficial articles and political show

Last April, Wang Sihua was expelled from Party membership and public office.

This low-ranking cadre became a hot topic of public opinion after the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China because he was accused of playing a big political show and didnt know how to awe, restrain or stop after the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Wang Sihua stormed in public and scolded several directors mercilessly, just like a positive image of hatred and courage. The same protagonist, different painting style, full of irony, as the footnotes of political show is no more appropriate.

He won the prize with his wife, and his brother went to court

Wang Sihua was pointed out in the notice of shuangkai that Wang Sihua corrupted the family style, lost control and education of his spouse, acquiesced in and connived his relatives to use his power or position to seek personal interests.

Family corruption is a key word in Wang Sihuas corruption case.

In the first instance of the prosecution, the prosecution mentioned the information about Wang Sihuas wife Hu Wenfengs involvement in the case, I or through his wife Hu Wenfeng (another case) illegally received property. According to the trial, Wang Sihuas wife, Hu Wenfeng, took part in the bribery and has been dealt with separately.

In the 1990s, Wang Sihua and Hu Wenfeng jointly published a report on the Journal of Jiangxi Academy of finance, students of the Academy of Finance rediscover life coordinates, and won the third prize of the second Jiangxi News Award.

In addition to his wife, Wang Sihuas younger brother has also been charged with using his influence to take bribes in a particularly large amount.

In March 2019, the case of Wangs bribery with influence, which was handled by the peoples Procuratorate of Ganzhou City and entrusted by the peoples Procuratorate of Anyuan County, was examined and ended, and the public prosecution was initiated according to law. According to the legal review, from 2013 to 2018, Wang made use of his brother Wang Sihuas power and position as secretary of Ningdu county Party committee, member of the Party group of Ganzhou Municipal Peoples Congress Standing Committee, and vice director to form convenient conditions. Through Wang Sihuas and other national staffs actions in Ningdu, he promoted the position of the client, inspected the new campus of Ningdu middle school, and constructed the pipe network of Yongning new city In the process of winning the bid and undertaking the construction of engineering projects, seeking illegitimate interests for the client and receiving the money sent by the client, the amount of which is especially huge, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility with the crime of taking bribes with influence. At present, the case is under further trial.

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