The media who report the voluntary delivery of drugs: its corrupting the basic social ethics

 The media who report the voluntary delivery of drugs: its corrupting the basic social ethics

These two days, a person named Wu you is paid attention to by the whole network. He is a 25-year-old intern teacher in a school in Wuhan. During the epidemic, in order to resist the negative emotions and get timely treatment for his mother-in-law suffering from hypertension, he went through the streets to deliver medicine to Wuhan residents. According to Wu Yous own statistics, up to now, he and his friends have sent medicines and protective materials to more than 600 families for help. Among them, Lianhua Qingwen, masks, alcohol and other protective materials are sent free of charge, abidol, moxifloxacin and other drugs are sold at a lower price than the market price, and the money received is returned to the donors to continue to purchase drugs. There is only one purpose: to promote an early end to the epidemic.

Wu Yous medicine delivery diary published on Weibo

Under the cloud of the epidemic, these small people have erupted with great courage and become the retrograde people leading to victory.

But he was reported. Yes, you are right. Wu you was reported by those who accepted his favor. The name is illegal drug sale and profit-making. Is there anyone who, like me, is angry at such reporting behavior beyond the bottom line.

Why such kindness and justice cant shine those malicious hearts?

Fortunately, after the public security organ intervened in the investigation, it confirmed Wu Yous innocence. Wu you, who is also innocent, yells at the whistleblower across the microblog: you hide in the dark and watch. We are retrograde in the light.

Wu you called the whistleblower on Weibo, we are retrograde in the light

Cant help but think of another story. Not long ago, a netizen said such a thing on his microblog. His friend was sealed in a different place. He went out for a stroll under all kinds of boredom. He found that a restaurant was still open, so he went in and begged the boss for something delicious. The boss refused at first because the restaurant was closed and was only allowed to provide takeout for a nearby hospital without closing. But he could not resist all kinds of entreaties, so he received him. But the man was so kind that he ate a lot of food and took photos secretly. When he was full, he reported the boss. Because he thinks that the bosss behavior is not conducive to epidemic prevention and control, which will bring danger to everyone.

On the other hand, the behavior of the boss reveals the private morality under the name of public.

Such a story is not a case in point. For example, there were similar cases last year.

A cerebral infarction patients condition is serious, but the local hospital cannot operate because of the limited conditions, so it is suggested to invite experts from other places to fly knife operation. Patients and their families accept the suggestions and attach 10000 yuan of expert service fee. Later, the operation was successful, but the patients family recorded a video of the payment and reported it to the hospital and experts.

Another cancer patient turned to the local hospital after being refused treatment by several hospitals. The doctor recommended a tumor targeting drug that has not been listed in China, and introduced another patients family member who can buy the drug. The patient delayed survival after taking the drug, but eventually died. Then, the patients family members took the doctor and another patients family member who helped them buy the medicine to court.

Compared with physical diseases, such behavior is also a kind of disease.

In the above cases, the behavior of the informant is indeed flawed. For example, Wu you, without a doctors qualification certificate or a drug distribution license, should not engage in retail activities of drugs, especially prescription drugs. But no matter from motive or result, whether ancient or modern, Wu Yous behavior is not only reasonable, but also has a positive social effect.

To some extent, its behavior itself is a good medicine against the epidemic.

If Wu Yourens actions do violate the laws and regulations, then the nature of these whistleblowers actions is more like a kind of induced violation or conspiracy violation. First, they voluntarily accept the slightly flawed benefits compared with the current laws and regulations, and then turn around and use the laws and regulations they abandoned earlier to give them relief again.

Such a rebellious act can be understood as depending on what is good for you and completely ignoring the basic spirit of contract.

Wu Yous behavior is easily corrected by law, and all these reporting behaviors without bottom line, which corrupt the basic social ethics, have a strong potential infectivity to the society.

It is the duty of every citizen to report illegal acts. However, we cannot ignore this kind of reporting without bottom line.

In this regard, there should also be a legal norm. We should not let go of any link of evil.

Wuhan mens compulsory delivery of drugs is reported to be earning difference police intervene in the investigation

A month ago, Wuhan was in a state of anxiety and depression. At that time, thinking of delivering medicine to people in need, especially the elderly, may ease everyones mood a lot. on February 28, Wu you, 25, told reporters about his initial state and ideas when he delivered the medicine. Just three days ago, Wu you was reported as making a difference because of delivering the medicine, and then was investigated by the police.