Wuhan returning to the United States man coughs and drinks the same bottle of water with his daughter

 Wuhan returning to the United States man coughs and drinks the same bottle of water with his daughter

Throughout the interview, however, the man coughed and was in close contact with his three-year-old daughter, drinking the same bottle of mineral water. After the video was uploaded to social media twitter, netizens instantly fried pot

The mans name is frank wucinski, from Pennsylvania. He has lived in China for 15 years, two-thirds of which were spent in Wuhan by his father-in-law and mother-in-law.

On the morning of February 28, ushinsky and her three-year-old daughter, Annabelle, appeared on Fox Newss US newsroom program to talk about their experiences in isolation.

With the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan aggravated, Shinseki and his wife were still in Wuhan from Wuhan in February 4th.

Reported that novel coronavirus pneumonia Shinsekis father-in-law died. They were separated for three to four days at mirama marine air base in San Diego after coming back from contact with their father-in-law.

A few days later, Annabel coughed in front of some of the staff. They suggested that we go to the medical tent. The medical tent contacted the CDC. They said that we should go to the childrens Hospital for isolation. So we stayed there for about three days.

Fortunately, the tests were negative. So on February 14, they were transferred to the military base to complete the rest of the isolation period. Isolation was lifted on 20 February.

From my experience in Wuhan, I knew that it was terrible at the beginning, said usinsky. You have no idea what happened. Over time, I hope doctors and scientists can better deal with the epidemic..

Then, coughing, he said, fortunately, as far as I know about the new coronavirus, its contagious, but its mortality rate is very low..

When usinsky wanted to go on, he coughed twice more and covered his mouth with his fist. Later, usinsky touched the mineral water his daughter was drinking with this hand.

At this time, the host asked, it can be seen that you still have some cough symptoms, so how does the doctor explain your situation?

Uzinski coughed twice when he wanted to answer. This time, he took the bottle of mineral water from his daughters hand and took a drink.

Then he explained, they (doctors) say Im fine, and theyve been tested negative twice for the virus. If you cough, maybe youre nervous..

After the video was posted on twitter, netizens instantly frying pan.

My God! He coughs and drinks the same bottle of water as his daughter!

He clenched his fist and coughed, and immediately touched his childs hand. The virus will inevitably enter the childs mouth. Seriously, adults dont even know how to cover their coughs with their elbows. .

He coughed a few times to his daughter, drank a mouthful of water, and returned the water to her. She also drank it.

Kids look like they have a fever, too! Its really like Saturday night live..

After lifting the quarantine, uzynski faced high medical costs.

We were going to the hospital or the doctor for follow-up examination, but the insurance I paid for working in China cannot be used in the United States, he said. So we are thinking about buying some insurance.

The Daily Mail reported that ushinsky also raised money on the crowdfunding platform gofundme for this purpose, saying it was used to pay for his daughter and his own medical expenses.

I thought the government would pay for all our medical expenses during the isolation, but in fact, Annabel and I had to pay for the six days of isolation in the hospital..