The first imported case in Guangdong worked in the UK and identified 93 contacts

 The first imported case in Guangdong worked in the UK and identified 93 contacts

The patient, male, 35, works in Bristol, UK. Take flight cx250 from London to Hong Kong on February 27. At 13:27 on February 28, he arrived at Hong Kong airport. At 15:30, he took a ferry (boat No. 3a109) to Shekou Wharf at Haitian wharf of Hong Kong airport. At 16:32 when he arrived at the wharf, his temperature was normal. At 16:45, he took a taxi from Shekou wharf to his home in Futian District. Patients wear masks all the way.

At 7 a.m. on February 29, the patient developed cough and fever. At 10:00, the family drove to the fever clinic of the eighth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat sen University. At 21 oclock, the throat swab was positive for nucleic acid of new coronavirus. At 23:00, the patients were transferred from the eighth Affiliated Hospital of CUHK to the third peoples Hospital of Shenzhen for isolation treatment. At 0:40 on March 1, the recheck result of Shenzhen CDC showed that the new coronavirus nucleic acid was positive. At present, the patients condition is stable.

After receiving the report from the eighth hospital of CUHK, Shenzhen Futian District CDC immediately carried out epidemiological investigation, sampling of close contacts, terminal elimination and other work. At present, 93 close contacts have been identified. It is preliminarily understood that the patient has no travel history in Hubei, and two colleagues in the UK have cough and fever symptoms.

The provincial health and Health Commission informed the Hong Kong Health Department of the situation in the early morning of March 1.