Fans maliciously report that the platform is banned and the spokesperson is boycotted by a large number of netizens

 Fans maliciously report that the platform is banned and the spokesperson is boycotted by a large number of netizens

Later, this article was discovered by Xiao zhanweifen, who thought it was a pure insult to Xiao Zhan. Xiao Zhan, a fan of Xiao Zhan, said in the topic of Bo Jun and Xiao, that someone had deliberately spread rumors and insulted Xiao Zhan, accused the article of being filthy, and @ many CP writers, meaning that they slandered Xiao Zhan and led other fans to attack the writers. Many fans of Xiao war immediately tear off Bo Jun and Xiao CP powder to write with you.

On the evening of February 26, a writer with ID failure was reported on the hot search. At the beginning, the writers article went out of the circle, and many passers-by began to ask for article resources, which also led Xiao zhanweifen to hate the article more, and began to report various related platforms and contents. Ao3, a well-known peer content platform, was affected by the battle among netizens on Tuesday. At first, the post bar of the platform was directly banned, so the fight expanded from Xiao Zhanwei and CP fans to Xiao Zhan fans and many platform users. As Xiao Zhans fans continue to report, some contents of Lofter and B station are also suspected to be removed from the shelves. After the ao3 official website was banned, many writers retreated because of this matter, which caused public anger.

The ao3 platform responded to the incident, saying that the authors responsibility is to label and grade their works appropriately, and the readers responsibility is to read these labels and grades to decide whether they want to read the product or not. Anyone who is not willing to be responsible for what they want to do should not use this service.

Many users of these platforms are very angry. They think that the reason why the platform is implicated is that the fans of Xiao Zhan have nothing to do at the beginning. So many platform users, CP fans, writers fans, as well as netizens who hate Xiao Zhan fans because of the incident, began to boycott Xiao Zhan spontaneously. They believe that since the writers article has been reported to affect the platform, the behavior of Xiao Zhan fans should also rise to idols.

So passers-by began to popularize the cooperative brands of Xiaozhan and boycott these products.