He spent 640000 yuan to go back to the countryside and build villas to provide remote monitoring for his parents

 He spent 640000 yuan to go back to the countryside and build villas to provide remote monitoring for his parents

After excavation, a layer of plain concrete is poured in the bottom layer as the cushion, and then the reinforcement and formwork are bound on it. The advantage of pouring cushion is that it is convenient to bind and erect formwork, and prevent the front of reinforcement from contacting with soil, so as to make it better poured in the concrete.

The main body was soon completed. With the material cost, the main body was completed without doors and windows, which cost 280000 yuan. The remaining doors and windows, indoor and outdoor decoration and furniture cost a total of 360000 yuan. The whole house is about 640000, which is very luxurious.

In terms of external wall, cultural stone is used for the first floor, with material cost of 58 yuan per flat; real stone paint is used for painting for the second floor, with contractors materials of 60 yuan per flat. On the second floor above the door, a sunlight room was built, with an area of 15 u33a1 and a cost of 18000. The room is 180 degrees glass wall, very eye-catching.

The door costs 13000 yuan in freight and installation, and smart fingerprint lock is also installed on the door, mainly to prevent the elderly from forgetting to go out without a key, which is very convenient. Such advanced technology is absolutely unique in the village.

Enter the door to come in, corridor and sitting room connect together, appear very capacious. The core area of the living room is surrounded by two black leather sofas, which look very textured. The big TV is hung on the wall, and the background wall even has a hidden light source. Is this really a rural house with such a fashionable design.

The toilet is also equipped with toilet and standing pan, which is very suitable for modern life. The toilet stand is well received. It is absolutely convenient for men to go to the toilet.

Whats more, Mr. Zhu has installed surveillance in every corner outside. The security system is very good, so even if Mr. Zhu is not at home, he can check the situation at home anytime and anywhere, and his parents safety is fully understood, so Mr. Zhu can rest assured.

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