40 million mansions built in the hillside outdoor shower room full of wild

 40 million mansions built in the hillside outdoor shower room full of wild

American rock mansion sells for 40 million with infinity pool and transparent bathroom

The mansion, which is located on the hump mountain in Arizona, currently sells for $5995000, or about 42 million yuan.

There are five bedrooms and five bathrooms in the two-story house. There is also a large living room space and a standard infinity swimming pool.

However, the water in the pool can be heated automatically, so it can be used for spa. Besides, a small house with a stove and a TV set has been built nearby. That is to say, you can watch the football match while swimming. Its really great.

In order to have a good view of the city landscape and rock scenery, the house adopts a large number of glass design, so that most of the corners of the interior can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

In addition, a special covered bridge is designed at the back of the house, through which people can walk to the mountain, climb the mountain or practice yoga. There is also a barbecue area at the back of the house, and there are waterfalls pouring down the mountain, which is very emotional.

Of course, there must be many new designs in such a mansion. For example, in a bedroom, the bed can be folded so that it can be switched to a gym at any time.

The bathroom in the master bedroom is even more amazing. The design of full transparent glass can make people enjoy their eyes when bathing, and the bath water in the bathtub flows directly from the ceiling, which also shocked the real family!

Because of the mountain behind the house, there is also an open-air shower room behind the house. Considering the shower scene, its really wild.

It has to be said that every time you see a case of luxury house, the definition of luxury house will change. If you want to see more interior views of this mansion, click the atlas link below to refresh your cognition of the mansion!