This is not a war epidemic of national competitions

 This is not a war epidemic of national competitions

The logic behind the tactics of mainland China is in the same line with the development logic formed in the reform and opening-up over the past 40 years, that is, the spirit of challenge to cross the river by feeling the stone, and the pragmatic attitude of catching the mouse is a good cat. Who experts say that novel coronavirus pneumonia has been adopted in the mainland without the use of specific drugs. The mobilization strategy of the whole government and the whole society has changed the transmission process of new crown pneumonia, and suggests other countries to seriously consider similar practices.

Although the experience of mainland China is recognized by who as the only known and proven method, there are still doubts about whether it can be replicated. Whats more, orange and Huaihe are trifoliate orange. Chinas national system and effective means of government can not be imitated by other countries.

Under the threat of serious epidemic, the mobilization of the peoples war in mainland China has not been politicized or formalized. The sense of responsibility of the officials and the cooperation degree of the people have been significantly improved, which has not caused unnecessary disturbance and burden. It should be noted that all good prevention and control practices must be supported by collective will if they are to work. The one size fits all epidemic prevention in mainland China only appears initially to prevent disorder. With the development of the epidemic situation, the scientific mode of adjusting measures to local conditions, zoning and layering, breaking up into parts, and precise prevention and control has become increasingly prominent and perfect. The diagnosis and treatment guidelines were updated to the 6th Edition within 7 weeks. The frequency of rapid adjustment showed that the prevention and control mechanism was flexible and orderly, not rigid. Whats more, during the outbreak, Zhong Nanshan and other heavyweight experts came to the front of the stage one after another, which is the embodiment of the respect for science, official platform building and professional leadership of the mainland.

For the international community, the difficulty in dealing with the epidemic lies in the complex interweaving and weighing of a series of factors, such as public interest, individual freedom, social prejudice, economic efficiency, political objectives and international cooperation. However, epidemic prevention should adhere to the most realistic, local conditions, scientific and orderly attitude. Each country has different system, government resource endowment, history, social and cultural background, and its advantages and disadvantages reflected in epidemic prevention and control are also different. Who highly affirmed the mainlands experience, but also praised Singapores prevention and control practices. But copying any one program in other countries may cause unbearable weight.

Epidemic prevention and control is not a race between countries, but between humans and viruses. All countries should have and only have one goal, which is to guarantee the life, health and safety of people. In this sense, the outside world should take an objective and rational attitude. It is not necessary to blindly copy the whole situation, nor to deliberately question the hostility. Instead, it is necessary to face up to the valuable prevention and control experience of mainland China as the first place of the epidemic and pay great sacrifice. (source: Huaxia Jingwei network)