Pay homage to the peoples soldiers who bravely shoulder heavy burdens and dare to fight hard battles

 Pay homage to the peoples soldiers who bravely shoulder heavy burdens and dare to fight hard battles

An epidemic is an order. Under the command of President Xi, the whole army moved quickly, and an emergency group of elite troops was drawn to the front line of epidemic prevention and control, becoming the vanguard commando of epidemic prevention and control. 450 people from the three medical teams of the PLA rushed to Wuhan on New Years Eve; the military organized the backbone medical team to undertake the medical treatment task of the huoshenshan Hospital; the Air Force transport aircraft delivered emergency materials from multiple places to the epidemic area simultaneously; the military scientific research force made full efforts to organize scientific research to tackle key problems and carry out the screening and research and development of epidemic vaccines and preventive drugs on the front line In the past few days, the vast number of officers and soldiers have been summoned and their missions have been reached. In this battle without gunpowder, they have bravely shouldered heavy burdens and fought hard. They have built a great wall of steel to stop the epidemic with iron will, iron style and iron measures.

In the face of the rampant epidemic, the army and the local government joined hands to fight against the epidemic. In recent days, the peoples army has been strict in discipline, scientific in planning, close in docking, precise in policy-making, dare to lead the way, and take joint action with the local government. With practical actions, the peoples armys great love for the people has been interpreted, and the unity of the military, government, military and people has been transformed into the winning capacity to win the prevention and control of epidemic.

Under the command of the party, we can win battles and have a fine style of work. The peoples army, in all its battles of blood and fire, has always been at the forefront of the fierce enemy who is armed to the teeth and the dangerous rescue and relief work such as earthquake relief. At present, the young soldiers adhere to the tenet of the peoples army and are loyal to the party and the people. They are not afraid of difficulties and dangers. They go wherever the party asks them to go, pack up their backpacks and set out to resolutely complete the mission and tasks assigned by the party and the people.

The vicissitudes of the sea show the heroism. We want to salute the peoples soldiers! You are the mighty and victorious division in the front line of the war. At present, the epidemic prevention and control is the most difficult time. The peoples army should firmly follow President Xis important instructions, continue to carry forward the spirit of our army, which is especially able to bear hardships and fight, put peoples life safety and physical health first, bear the heavy trust, live up to its mission, go all out, win the Wuhan and Hubei battles, and make new contributions to the motherland and the people.