Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by US commander of the armed forces in South Korea

 Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by US commander of the armed forces in South Korea

Abrams said novel coronavirus pneumonia and his wife and children were confirmed by the wife of the US Army Walker camp in Daegu. Abrams said the soldier was in good condition and did not show any symptoms on the day, and will be tested again later.

Abrams also took photos with two U.S. military medical staff on duty in the emergency room, whose main task is to examine anyone with infection symptoms. Abrams praised: they are on the front line of preventing the spread of disease, and I am proud to fight with them shoulder to shoulder.

Photo of Robert Abram and the medical staff of Walker camp

At present, the epidemic situation of new coronavirus is on the rise in South Korea, which also brings great pressure to the US military in South Korea. The US military has blocked its military base in South Korea, the Financial Times reported Thursday. Reported that the move is to protect the U.S. military in South Korea from the new coronavirus epidemic. According to the report, the blockade is part of a comprehensive measure being implemented by Robert Abrams, the commander of the US military in South Korea. The 28500 US troops in South Korea are all led by Robert Abrams.

26 novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed by a 23 year old male soldier, the first military infection reported by the US military in South Korea. Earlier, a U.S. military aide in South Korea was diagnosed. According to the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the patient is being isolated from the camps. He has visited many camps in the US. Now the army has been upgraded to the advanced level, and all possible measures are taken to prevent the spread of the new crown pneumonia.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the joint military exercise between the United States and South Korea was also forced to be postponed. Novel coronavirus was jointly announced by the Joint Chiefs of staff and the Korea US joint command on February 27th, Yonhap reported on February 27th. The decision was postponed by the joint military drill scheduled for early March. It is the first time that South Korea and the United States have postponed the joint military exercise due to the epidemic of infectious diseases. The two sides said that park Hanji, the joint speaker of the two sides, proposed to Robert Abrams, the commander of the South Korean US coalition and the commander of the US military in South Korea, to postpone the joint performance for the sake of the security of the South Korean US soldiers. The two sides made the above decision after consultation. Nevertheless, the two sides will not change their will to develop the ROK-U.S. alliance, and will firmly maintain a stable ROK-U.S. joint defense posture. According to the analysis, the joint exercise in the first half of the year has actually ended in view of the development of the epidemic situation and the future schedule.