Shenzhen girls English anti epidemic speech: Thank you to the world

 Shenzhen girls English anti epidemic speech: Thank you to the world

Unlike most of the short videos that have become popular, the most moving feature of the short videos is not the artful or gorgeous visual language, but the simple and powerful reading. Liu Jie, the video author and beauty Xueba from Shenzhen, said she hopes to pass on confidence and hope to all compatriots who are experiencing the epidemic through her own efforts, so that the world can hear Chinas unyielding fighting spirit and determination to win.

On February 25 and 29, a special interview with Liu Jie was held by Shenzhen evening news agency, recording her heart and soul in creating an all English speech anti epidemic video. I didnt expect so many people to like my video, she said. I want to say thank you to the world. In the future, she will continue to create more works. The story of China has to be told by the Chinese themselves, and I would like to be one of them, she said.

The first video of life has become a pop

This work is wonderful! I feel blood boiling! I heard it with tears in my eyes. We will win and salute all the soldiers! We are all fighters. China will win! As soon as you open the broadcast page of we are all fighters , you can see the following hundreds of messages, including both Chinese and English, but the words excited, moving and confident have become the common high-frequency words across the language.

Liu Jie was also surprised by the sudden burst of money. I didnt expect that the first video I made in my life was on fire. Liu Jie, who is a Japanese major but also proficient in English and likes to speak in English, has been engaged in cross-border cultural exchanges. She once served as a speaker at the EU China Youth Exchange Conference, the global youth leaders summit and other international conferences, and is a real beauty.

Talking about the original intention of creation, Liu Jie said that due to the impact of the epidemic, recently there have been fewer jobs and idle people. However, looking at the increasing number of infected people in China and constantly learning the touching stories that happened in the front line of anti epidemic, Liu Jie always wanted to do something for the society at this special time. The reason why we chose to record in English is that there is no national boundary in front of the virus, which is a common challenge facing mankind. At this point, we must make our own voice. Liu Jie said.

Many foreign friends are moved by the video

In the short video of more than 4 minutes, there is only one female speakers voice. As the voice of the reciter changes from heavy to passionate, the news images recording the anti epidemic in the video also change from black and white to color. I hope to bring sunshine and confidence to all of you and help those who feel depressed in various difficulties get out of the haze as soon as possible. Liu Jie said emotionally.

Since the release of the video, many foreign friends have actively contacted her to express their support and praise. Some of them have not been to China, some have lived in China for a long time, but they love China very much. Liu Jie told reporters that the creation of this text has received the intimate help of two foreign friends. Another friend from Belgium left a deep impression on Liu Jie. This friend, Ronny, has been living in China for a long time and has founded a charity organization. After watching Liu Jies video, he actively contacted her through various ways, expressed hope to forward the video, and warmly invited her to visit his charity organization called love in China.

What surprises me most is that many children after 00 and 10 also like my videos very much. I even heard that there are some 60-70-year-old people forwarding in the family group, which makes me flattered. Liu Jie said. It is the resonance of all people to hold hope in the predicament and be confident in their own nation. As Liu Jie said in the video: our people may be sick, our city may be sick, but as a brave nation, we will never be defeated by the disease.

Liu Jie

The popularity of video pushed her to the hot list of microblog

Looking back on the past few days, Liu Jie summed it up in one word: busy. She is not only the creator of the new online Red video, but also a female entrepreneur and the mother of a 1-year-old. The popularity of we are all fighters even put Liu Jie on the hot search list of sina Weibo. I have been interviewed and invited by many media in recent days, and many enterprises, organizations and individuals have contacted me in different ways to express their love for my works. I am really flattered. Liu Jie said with a smile.

In addition to incessant interviews, communication video reprints and other issues, Liu Jie has opened personal accounts on more social platforms. My micro-blog and the shaking voice account were just opened. After opening, I found that many media had reproduced my videos. Some of them were tiktok up to five million, and I felt ashamed. Said Liu Jie jokingly.

Liu Jies friends have been paying attention to the popularity of video recently. Every day, a friend forwarded a wechat to me and said, look, your video has been reproduced again! I only know when I see their sharing. Some friends helped her forward the video to foreign social platforms such as Facebook, twitter and Youtube. Liu Jie also received more and more love and feedback from foreign netizens.

YouTube netizens leave a message

The power of human heart makes her harvest many warm stories

Liu Jie records a video in her kitchen

In addition, in this flat era of Internet connecting everything, any beautiful and excellent works have the opportunity to be seen. I couldnt have imagined that I could get so much love in such a short time. Thanks to the Internet, every ordinary person has a voice platform. Liu Jie said.

More importantly, I want to thank the power of the people. Liu Jie said. With the support of countless strange netizens, she got many warm stories. She said: some parents sent me videos of their childrens imitation speech at home, and a young man sent me screenshots of his aunt in her sixties forwarding videos in the family group, which I was very moved. This is probably the power of the human heart.

Accidentally become the favorite teaching video of English teachers

Among the people who love this video, there is also a very large and special group, that is, English teachers and English lovers. At the beginning, considering the different audiences of different platforms, Liu Jie also sent videos to the post-90s and post-00s video platforms such as BiliBili, hoping to be seen by more young people. Unexpectedly, it didnt take long for the video to be released. When Liu Jie went to see the feedback again, many messages made her laugh.

Netizens leave messages on wechat of Shenzhen evening

Thats great. The teacher asked us to copy this article. I copied it for an hour. I really love this article. English teacher let us get together! This article is very good. I havent left for half an hour, and I havent finished copying it in two minutes. I cant stop! The same world, the same English teacher. Although many messages half Tucao half jokes, but Liu Jie also make complaints about their deep love from their messages. Although Im sorry for the burden on them, Im also moved by these cute messages, and Im glad to help them get something. Liu Jie said.

To Liu Jies surprise, this video also brings confidence to many English lovers. After the video became popular, many people asked me by private letter if I had ever studied English professionally or stayed, but in fact, I didnt. I just came to this day because of my hobbies. Liu Jie said that her experience inspired many people, which she did not even think of when she created the video.

Willing to contribute to the common progress of all mankind

Why do I record all English videos? Because I just want the world to hear the voice of China. Liu Jie said in an interview that English is a world language. With the improvement of Chinas international status, we must learn how to tell our stories to the world better. Why do we learn foreign languages? I think one of the important reasons is to let the world understand us, let the world see the spiritual outlook of our Chinese youth, eliminate misunderstanding and prejudice, and pass on correct values. This is my mission for a long time to come. Liu Jie said.

Liu Jie in Doha

A few days ago, Liu Jie learned from the news that many countries have given care and help to the Chinese people in this epidemic. This deep feeling across ethnic regions has kept Liu Jies heart calm for a long time. In the near future, the domestic epidemic situation has gradually stabilized, but the international situation is not optimistic. Mountains and rivers are different, the wind and the moon are the same. There is no national boundary in front of viruses, and human beings must work together to face it. Only with the thinking of the common destiny of mankind, can we defend the common homeland of mankind. Liu Jie said.

It is based on this sense of mission that Liu Jie never stops. Recently, she is planning to create new works on the epidemic and expects to be able to spread them on a broader world stage. This is a war faced by all mankind, and I would like to make a contribution to all of you hand in hand. Liu Jie said.

Why did you swipe the screen in the speech on war epidemic in English?

Hu Wen and Wen Qiong, commentator of Shenzhen Evening News

Because we see youth wisdom and Chinas future!

No matter how powerful our enemies are or how little chance they are to win, we will fight because we are all fighters!

Simple and powerful voice, excited emotion -- a video of a speech in English recorded by Liu Jie, a beautiful girl in Shenzhen, has caught fire on the Internet recently! Watching and sharing this video not only have domestic netizens, but also foreign friends, listening to tears, listening to blood boiling is the resonance of many people regardless of national boundaries.

More than a month has passed since the outbreak of the war. In the meantime, countless soldiers in white have made unremitting efforts to win the war without smoke of gunpowder, and the soldiers in white have made great sacrifices. At this moment, hearing such a sonorous, powerful and affectionate speech of we are all soldiers, what we really convey is actually a kind of national empathy: whose lips do not contain thousands of words? Whose heart is not full of passion? It is the echo of Chinese peoples time and space under the shadow of the epidemic. This speech is not a speech by one person, but a declaration of war and epidemic in China as a whole: everyones strength is the Chinese strength to defeat the epidemic!

Seeing this speech, I cant help but think of another little sister in Shenzhen, Ben Yalun. Last year, banyarren used three languages to rage at Hong Kong protesters on the streets of Germany. After the video was uploaded to the Internet, it was praised by many netizens. After the outbreak, she also launched a donation campaign on Weibo to reassure anti epidemic women. From ban Yalun to Liu Jie, the young generation in Shenzhen is very responsible.

Shenzhen is a young and exciting international city. From ban Yalun and Liu Jie, people can deeply feel that they not only have strong feelings of home and country, but also have broad international vision, and know how to make Chinese voice express wisdom in the world - this is the vivid presentation of Chinas soft power advancing with the times. In fact, more and more young people are using their unique ways to better convey the Chinese story. In them, it represents the hope and future of China!

The war epidemic has no national boundaries, which is a common challenge for mankind. For this reason, confidence and success have become high-frequency words across languages. Through this speech, the world can not only hear the voice of Chinas victory in the war, but also bring inspiration and hope to the countries threatened by the epidemic. The idea of working together in the same boat and overcoming difficulties thus strengthened is not only the strongest voice of China, but also the common aspiration of all mankind.

The human heart is the greatest power. Our people may be sick, our cities may be sick, but as a brave nation, we will never be defeated by disease. The belief of victory and Chinese spirit displayed in it are concentrated in every Chinese - we are all soldiers, so we are convinced that we will defeat the epidemic!