Ministry of Education: schools will not open until the epidemic situation is basically controlled

 Ministry of Education: schools will not open until the epidemic situation is basically controlled

Students in the third class of junior high school can return to school first

According to the notice, it is required to comprehensively consider the risk level of regional epidemic, traffic conditions, emergency preparedness, school population density, characteristics of school-age stage, etc., and make the wrong area, wrong level and wrong time school opening plan for primary and secondary schools (including kindergartens and secondary vocational schools). When making a specific back to school plan, you can arrange senior three and junior three graduates to return to school first. In principle, the provincial level synchronization is implemented in senior three and the same city level synchronization is implemented in junior three.

In the preparatory work for the opening of the University, it is necessary to implement the strategy of precise prevention and control in different areas and levels, and adhere to the principle of territoriality. The opening time of local colleges and universities in the spring of 2020 shall be determined by the local education department according to the unified deployment of the local Party committee and the government. According to the principle of territorial management, the specific opening time of subordinate colleges and universities should be consistent with that of local colleges and universities.

All localities should arrange the opening time of colleges and universities at different times, and reasonably arrange the time period for students to return to school. Students of medical major and medical college and graduates can return to school first. The plan for students returning to school shall be submitted to the local provincial education department for approval. The Ministry of education, together with transportation and other relevant departments, assists students to return to school in an orderly manner.