Sugar in the glass! Arsenal become the only unbeaten team in 2020 after the defeat of the Red Army

 Sugar in the glass! Arsenal become the only unbeaten team in 2020 after the defeat of the Red Army

Kloppers team is very bug this season. They didnt lose in the first 27 rounds, but drew one game. Unexpectedly, they were in the face of relegation team was cold, and a loss is 0-3, it is very unexpected. After such a defeat, Liverpool feel very frustrated, but the fact of losing has not been rewritten. Many years later, people will talk about this season, not only that Liverpool won the first Premier League in the history of the team, but also that they were so short of the unbeaten record..

Liverpools defeat also made arsenal. When the referee blew the whistle at the end of the game, the Arsenal official tweeted a long sigh, and then went to the bottom of the Liverpool official tweet and said: congratulations on creating an awe inspiring unbeaten record @ Liverpool. With five more wins, Liverpool will be able to draw Arsenals unbeaten record of 49 games, but they have failed.

In addition, Arsenal are now the only Premier League unbeaten team in 2020. Since January 1, 2020, Arsenal have played 7 leagues with 3 wins and 4 draws, including 2-0 Manchester United, 1-1 Crystal Palace, 1-1 Sheffield United, 2-2 Chelsea, 0-0 Burnley, 4-0 Newcastle and 3-2 Everton. Although the winning rate is less than 50%, Arsenal are still unbeaten, which is what the other 19 teams havent done.

In fact, Arsenal only lost one game in all competitions in 2020, with a total record of 11 games, 6 wins, 4 draws and 1 defeat. However, their only loss was in the knockout of the Europa League, which led to their failure to make it to the last 16 of the European Union, and countless gun fans were dismayed. Arsenal are 10th in the Premier League at the moment and may not even play in the Europa League next season.

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Source: Netease sports Author: Feng Guoxiang editor in charge: Li Xiaotian, ns6473