Neymar lost his temper again, and then met the top enemy

 Neymar lost his temper again, and then met the top enemy

Two days after losing to DORT, icardi, DiMaria and Cavani held a birthday party together, and many Paris players posted videos and photos to social networks. This has infuriated the high-level in Paris. Its easy for fans to see players celebrating their birthdays after losing.

Soon after that, an internal meeting was held in Paris. The meeting was attended by Leonardo, tuhr and all the players. In response to the birthday party, tuhr made serious criticism.

At this internal meeting, Neymar attacked Leonardo. The LEquipe pointed out that Neymar asked Leonardo why he didnt let himself get back in shape before the Champions League. The decision was made by Leonardo and Neymar asked his Brazilian compatriots to take responsibility for it.

Although Neymar and Leonardo are Brazilians, they are in the same boat now. Last summer, the top management in Paris had planned to sell Neymar, but Leonardo took office and forced to keep him. In order to rectify the situation, Leonardo carried out the iron fist management in the Paris team, which made the happy first Neymar hard to accept. Worried about the recurrence of Neymars injury, Leonardo did not let him back before the Champions League, which angered Brazil No. 10.

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Source: Netease sports Author: Zhang Lin editor in charge: Li Xiaotian, ns6473