The lad turned over! Last time I had to meet with the Manette, I would have two goals for Liverpool

 The lad turned over! Last time I had to meet with the Manette, I would have two goals for Liverpool

Last December, Liverpool beat Watford 2-0 at home. In that game, Sal started, but wasted a great chance to score. After the game, Manet deliberately stopped Dini, the captain of Watford, in the players passage. He begged him to take good care of SAL and said Sal was a very shy boy. Dini readily agreed to Manets request. I didnt expect that MANET was training an opponent for Liverpool.

SAL is very active against Liverpool today. In the 60th minute, Watford sent out an out of bounds ball in the front court, duqurey got the ball in the forbidden area, then turned around to pass, Sal rushed to the ball and stabbed the goal before the defender. The Hornets led Liverpool 1-0. In the process of losing the ball, the Liverpool defence sleepwalked together, almost watching the opponent perform in the forbidden area.

Six minutes later, 66 minutes later, Watford was still scoring through an out of bounds attack. They sent out the ball in their own half, will Hughes heel pass, Dini turned around to send a beautiful curl before the ball went out of the sideline, Sal quickly inserted it and got a single shot. In the face of Alison, Sal was very calm and chose to shoot at goal, Watford 2-0 ahead of Liverpool. In just two minutes, Salome scored twice, almost destroying the Premier League leaders alone.

In the 72nd minute, Sal paid off. Liverpool made a mistake in the backcourt pass, Arnold came back and sal broke the ball. In the face of Allison, SAL is very calm, he did not force a shot, but the ball to keep up with Dini, who pushed the empty goal, 3-0, Watford locked the win. In the 82nd minute, Sal could have scored a hat trick. His teammate sent zhisai and sal was offside again to get the single shot, but this time he pushed and shot the sliding door

In the end, Sal scored 2 goals and 1 cross in a single game, making 3 goals alone, destroying Liverpools steel defence. After the game, Sal got the highest score of the whole game with 9.3 points, and its not surprising that he won the MVP of the game. According to squawkas data, Sals passing success rate today is 77%, 45 touches, 8 rebounds, 6 shots (only one less than Liverpools whole team), 3 mid goals, 2 fouls, 2 goals and 1 assist. The British media praised him as an invincible terminator.

Last summer, Watford signed Sal for u00a3 30 million. For a small club like the Bumblebee, 30 million pounds is a lot of money. Previously, Sal only scored three Premier League goals, which was questioned by fans. But he proved himself today. In contrast, the elder brother, Manet, played for 90 minutes with almost no brilliant performance.

As early as last August, Manet reminded Liverpools defenders of Sals ability. On the first day he signed for Watford, I sent congratulations and Im happy for him. Hes very fast and defenders will suffer. Last time, I told Robertson that Sal will easily blow you up because he is very able to break through, and very fast. I think I need to protect him. He just came to the Premier League and its a little difficult to adapt Manet said at the time.

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Source: Netease sports Author: Feng Guoxiang editor in charge: Li Xiaotian, ns6473