The situation in Idlib is tense. The heads of state of Turkey and Russia call to defuse the fire

 The situation in Idlib is tense. The heads of state of Turkey and Russia call to defuse the fire

Nibija also said that a Russian delegation visiting Turkey is in intensive negotiations with Turkey to stabilize the situation. The delegation has arrived in Ankara for several days. It has just held the third round of negotiations with Turkey on the situation in Idlib. After encountering the emergency event of air attack on the Turkish army, it left behind to put out the fire.

At an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council on February 28, the permanent representative of Turkey to the United Nations, feridun Hadi senarlo, said that the death toll of the Turkish army in Idlib rose to 34 on February 27. Turkish officials previously said a total of 33 soldiers were killed.

Senarlaolu said that Turkmenistan was not sure where the fighters were from, but radar tracking information showed that Syrian and Russian fighters were flying in formation in the area.

Turkish officials previously pointed the air strikes at Syrian government forces, but did not rule out the suspicion of Russian forces. Russias Defense Ministry denied involvement in the air strikes.

The Russian side said that Syrian troops killed the Turkish soldiers in the operation of eliminating extreme armed forces. Russia said that Turkey and Russia share information on the location of the Turkish army in Idlib province. However, according to the information provided by Turkey, there is no or should not be Turkish army in the place of the incident.

Turkish defense minister Hulusi akar responded that there were no extremist armed personnel around the Turkish army at that time.

Turkey and Russia tried to avoid a confrontation in Syria, but the incident on February 27 increased the risk of both sides firing. Russian state television previously quoted military sources as saying that Turkish military carried missiles attacked Russian and Syrian warplanes. Turkish backed Syrian opposition forces shot down two Syrian military helicopters with surface to air missiles earlier this month.

There is a conflict of interest between Turkey and Russia in Syria. Turkey supports some Syrian opposition, while Russia supports the Bashar Assad government. Turkey and Russia have been trying to control differences and seek cooperation, and have successively signed the conflict degraded zone and Sochi agreement on the Syrian issue.

Some analysts pointed out that Idlib may become a stumbling block in the relations between Turkey and Russia, and the western countries may take the opportunity to separate the two countries.

On February 27, Kai Bailey Hutchison, the permanent representative of the United States to NATO, urged Turkey to abandon the purchase of S-400 air defense missile system from Russia. I want President Erdogan to see that we are their allies, that they were and will be, that they need to abandon the S-400, Hutchison said

The media previously reported that Turkey recently proposed to the us that it would like to buy the US made Patriot missile defense system. (Wang Hongbin) (special draft of Xinhua News Agency)