South Korea infected or broke 4000 experts this weekend: the epidemic may continue to the end of the year

 South Korea infected or broke 4000 experts this weekend: the epidemic may continue to the end of the year

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed by 29 Korean people in the South Korean media, which was reported on the forenoon of 4 days by 4 pm. The total number of confirmed cases was 3150. Compared with 4 p.m. of the previous day, 813 newly confirmed cases were found in one day. In addition, according to the report at 9:00 a.m. of the same day, there were 3 new deaths, totaling 16.

In addition, South Korea has also confirmed the first domestic case of Fuyang to cure the infected. It is predicted that by the end of this week, the number of domestic infected people in South Korea may exceed 4000.

Meanwhile, reports from the missionary organization Xintiandi said that although the South Korean government is trying to prevent the spread of the epidemic, the Xintiandi church is still holding a gathering in secret, and even abetted the followers to lie to the government, saying that they had not participated in the activities. At present, the prosecution has begun to investigate, focusing on the governments unknown assembly address and the list of believers.

The first case of Fuyang was confirmed, only 6 days after discharge

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in twenty-fifth new crown pneumonia patients in Gyeonggi Do, according to a report from 28 municipal government in Shixing. At this time, South Koreas first Fuyang case of cured patients was reported by the central daily.

It is understood that the woman, 74 years old, was sent to Seoul University Medical School for isolation treatment on September 9 due to a confirmed infection. After treatment, the disease disappeared completely. The hospital tested the virus twice, and the results were all negative. The patient was discharged on the 22nd.

Shortly after discharge, the patient had cough and other symptoms again, and reported the relevant situation to Shixing health care center on 27th. She was tested for new coronavirus pneumonia by the health care center, and was diagnosed again on the afternoon of the 28th.

At the same time, 28 South Korea, a second case of self isolation at home death. The government of Daegu City reported that a 69 year old woman suddenly reported to the epidemic prevention department that she had difficulty breathing on the morning of the 27th. The government arranged her to be examined in a local hospital and informed her to stay at home and isolate herself before the examination results came out. But before the results came out on the 28th, the woman had died.

The total number of infected people may exceed 4000 by the end of this week

The novel coronavirus pneumonia has spread rapidly in Korea. From the 20 day of last month, the first confirmed case was confirmed to have 20 confirmed cases in Korea during the month of 20 this month. However, in the next 6 days, the epidemic spread at an alarming rate, with more than 1261 confirmed cases. By the 28th, 2337 cases had been found in total, and 594 new cases appeared on the 29th. In addition, a total of 1579 cases have been confirmed in Daegu, South Korea, as of December 28.

It is predicted that novel coronavirus pneumonia in South Korea will increase dramatically. As of December 28, 30237 people were waiting for the results of the virus test in South Korea. In addition, novel coronavirus pneumonia in South Korea will exceed 4000 cases by the end of this week.

The worst case scenario is that the virus could infect 40 percent of South Korean people, Cui Bingjun, a professor of Infectious Medicine at Seoul University Hospital, said in an interview. The epidemic is likely to last until the end of this year, so we should be prepared for a long-term response.

Xintiandi was still exposed to a secret gathering, prosecutors began to investigate unknown assembly addresses.

According to reports, affected by the epidemic, a number of religious groups in South Korea have suspended relevant activities. But the cult organization Xintiandi still holds a secret gathering.

The new world has revealed all the venues of the church and handed over all the list of believers, he said. in fact, it has been deceiving the Department of disease management. They also indicated that there were 429 discrepancies between the 1100 places of Assembly recently announced by Xintiandi and the list of house names reported under the churchs annual general meeting.

Li Wanxi, the 89 year old head of the Church of Koreas Xintiandi church, according to the Central Daily News.

Victims groups also say the church is trying to hide its identity. For example, the general director of epidemic prevention in West District Health Center of Daegu was not discovered until the diagnosis was Xintiandi. Some believers who did not realize the seriousness still held secret gatherings. The victims also reported that the church had instigated believers to deny admission to the church and had instigated them to lie to the government not participating in the event.

Recently, the victims collectively reported against the church leader Li Wanxi, stressing that the government should seize and search the church. On February 27, victim groups announced that they would bring charges against Li Wanxi for violating the infectious disease prevention law and the specific economic crime Aggravating Punishment Law of South Korea.

According to the latest news, the South Korean procuratorate has officially launched an investigation into Li Wanxi. The novel coronavirus pneumonia office has allocated the case to six criminal departments to investigate, on the grounds that Li Wanxi has obstruct the health authorities epidemic prevention activities in the case of a significant increase in the diagnosis of new crown pneumonia. Based on the informants content, the prosecutors office will focus on the investigation of the assembly address and the list of believers unknown to the government so far.

It is also reported that in December 2018, the victims group once accused Li Wanxi of embezzling assets in violation of the special economic law and violating the real name system law of real estate. The police department in charge of investigating the incident called Li Wanxi to investigate, but finally decided not to prosecute and transferred the case to the prosecution. After taking over the case, no conclusion has been reached.