More than 800000 migrant workers return to work

 More than 800000 migrant workers return to work

The total number of migrant workers in China is 290 million, including 170 million migrant workers, including 75 million migrant workers across provinces. More migrant workers are employed in the first line, more flexible employment, and more directly affected by the epidemic. You Jun said that at present, the employment of migrant workers presents the contradiction phenomenon that there is a gap in the employment of enterprises in the eastern region and migrant workers stay in the central and western regions.

First, support the return to work. Establish a point-to-point, one-stop service channel, and organize migrant workers in low-risk areas to return to work as soon as possible in large-scale and batch by means of special trains and car compartments.

Third, we need to mobilize people to work in agriculture. We will guide migrant workers returning to their hometown to participate in the preparation for cultivation in spring, the construction of agricultural infrastructure, and the employment of new-type agricultural operators.

Fourth, we will encourage major projects to attract a number of them. We will further tap the employment potential of major local projects and projects, and encourage local migrant workers and poor labor to be recruited first.

Fifth, we should support entrepreneurship to drive a number of enterprises. Provide online entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship services and financial support for migrant workers who understand technology and market, and encourage migrant workers to start businesses and find jobs.

Among them, in order to better help migrant workers in low-risk areas return to work as soon as possible, the human resources and social security department, together with the public security, transportation, health, and National Railway Group, has established a point-to-point service coordination group for migrant workers to return to work safely and orderly, to coordinate the cross regional return difficulties in a timely manner, so as to provide guarantee for regions with concentrated employment and enterprises with concentrated employment. Up to now, more than 800000 migrant workers have been sent back to their posts point-to-point by organizing special cars, trains, boxes and planes.

At the same time, we also set up a 24-hour labor dispatching guarantee mechanism for key enterprises, dynamically adjust the list of enterprises, and set up human resources and social services specialists to solve the employment gap through various ways, such as helping to return to work, adjusting the surplus and deficit, tapping the potential locally, and exporting labor services. Up to now, you Jun said, 7600 key enterprises have solved the labor demand. (reporter Li Xinping)