Wuhan at 4 a.m.: police patrol outside the hospital to guard the wife in hospital

 Wuhan at 4 a.m.: police patrol outside the hospital to guard the wife in hospital

There is cruelty, there is gentlenessu2014u2014

A boy became a volunteer father to a baby he just met;

A young nurse sent away the failed old man;

A pregnant woman gave birth to a daughter in an isolated delivery room;

A stray cat was taken home before it was banned in the community

Unlike usual, most of the content in this short film is uploaded to us by dozens of ordinary people in Wuhan under simple guidance. Some of the pictures may be a little fuzzy and shaky, but they are very realu2014u2014

They are very ordinary people, will be afraid, will miss their parents, daughters, boyfriends, miss the hot and dry face, will also feel that the mask is very painful

In order to win back the ordinary life from the epidemic as soon as possible, we worked hard all night - if we dont sleep, this city will not lose.

Oral: readers and friends in Wuhan

We stood far away and sang her a birthday song

There are two medical teams in our hotel.

There is a doctor from Guangxi called Wen Hanchun. From her registered ID card number, we found that she had her birthday that day. We specially made cakes and longevity noodles.

She was born in Wuhan in spring, so she got the name. We wrote a blessing to her: Han is safe, spring returns..

We all stand far away when singing birthday songs, but our hearts are very close.

Wishes after the outbreak:

I patrol outside the hospital and guard my wife in hospital

I took a vlog on the eve of Valentines day. I was very touched by a coupleu2014u2014

Her husband, Chen Shenghao, 37, is a policeman in Dazhi police station of Jiangan District branch. His wife, Liu Changxuan, a doctor at Wuhan Central Hospital, was hospitalized on January 22 for pneumonia.

After that, Chen Shenghao took the initiative to sign up for the duty work near Wuhan Central Hospital. He said:

Every time I walk from there on patrol, I think Im guarding my wife.

This is the video of Chen Shenghao and his wife at 9:30 p.m

u2014u2014How are you feeling today? Come on over there and come back earlier.

u2014u2014Before that, you said you would push me to bask in the sun and count your words.

The latest good news is that Chen Shenghaos wife left the hospital on February 16 and is in good health.

Wishes after the outbreak:

I want to hug my daughter when I go home from work, but she is asleep

We guarantee flights at the airport every day, organize personnel to load and transfer materials and luggage, and stand by 24 hours in special period.

After eight days of continuous work, I went home at 11:30 p.m., pushed the door into the room, and found my daughter was still standing up, waiting for me.

I was going to hold her, but later I thought about it, forget it. This is a special case.

I wanted to take a bath and change clothes before holding her, but she was asleep after washing.

This is my daughters drawing. The spring is stuck under the virus. As soon as the virus comes out, she uses a hammer to beat it hard.

Wishes after the outbreak:

Strangers who experienced the Wenchuan earthquake sent me a wechat

At home, I have been living on the Kwai Tai every night, I have been broadcasting live on the fast hand, I have taught you to draw, and I have finished chatting with you.

I said that the express delivery cant come in now. He still insists on buying things online from my neighborhood.

When the earthquake happened, the whole country was helping us, he said

Wishes after the outbreak:

Im volunteering for 11 month old babies

The 11 month old girl is called little Greg. Several people in her family have been diagnosed. She was hospitalized for observation. Her father couldnt take care of her alone.

I often hold and coax songs to her. She likes to hold the princess, but also around, dont like motionless, sitting will cry, also cant put on the bed, love in your arms looking up east to see the West touch.

One night I hugged and coaxed her to sleep, coaxing and coaxing both of us to sleep. This picture was taken by her father.

Wear 3 layers of masks, protective clothing and gloves once every 10 minutes in the ward

Wishes after the outbreak:

I didnt come back with all my strength. Im very weak.

One morning, a father (grandfather) in his seventies suddenly got worse. He immediately pushed to the rescue room for defibrillation, chest compressions and so on. Finally, he did not come back.

At that moment, there was a deep sense of powerlessness.

In order to let him walk decently, my colleagues and I spent an hour to clean up his appearance, wipe his body, disinfect

The old mans son put away his belongings, didnt speak or cry, but I cant forget the slight hunchback when he left.

Wishes after the outbreak:

On the night of the cold wave, I adopted the seventh cat

There is a sticky little wild cat called Xiaohua near my home. I often feed it.

On the night of February 15, the cold wave came. The wind and rain were very heavy. I was very worried. I went down to look for it at about 3 a.m. He knew I was coming, and he jumped out.

In fact, I had adopted six cats at that time. But because Wuhan is becoming more and more strict, and I cant rest assured, I adopted it.

On the snowy day in Wuhan, Xiaohua rolled in the snow. I was very happy.

Wishes after the outbreak:

One morning, we worked overtime to finish the construction of ICU ward. There was no electricity or boiled water in the dormitory. We received electricity from the guard, borrowed a kettle, and each person had a bucket of instant noodles. It was a night snack and breakfast.

This is a uncle at the Leishen mountain construction site. He is very happy to get his salary. He said he would immediately transfer it back to his home and let his family buy vegetables.

At three oclock in the morning, the hospital began to enter the patient, and our team continued to debug the equipment in protective clothing.

I think they are as noble as doctors and nurses.

Wishes after the outbreak:

Ive been on a crane for five days and five nights, and Ive been shaken.

On the eve of the lunar new year, I got a phone call from watching the Spring Festival Gala at home, saying that there was a shortage of people driving cranes at huoshenshan.

At that time, my wife kept telling me not to go. I still went. How can I be a Wuhan at this moment!

I didnt get off the bus for 5 days and 5 nights. When I was tired, I slept in the car.

Every day it breaks down. The only happy thing is to eat betel nut and drink red bull with workers.

One day after dinner, my wife called me and said, dont build a hospital to live by yourself!

In fact, I wavered after entering the patient, but I continued to work for three days.

Its a great sense of achievement to see the patient live in a place, so many days of suffering have not been wasted.

Wishes after the outbreak:

On Valentines night, I got the roses in the van

The other two volunteers were picked up the other night to help carry a batch of apples donated from other places.

General goods and materials are several tons to go up, after moving, it will be 3:00 in the morning.

It was Valentines day, and a boys car had a few roses left for the medical staff.

Take a picture together. Its very sweet.

Wishes after the outbreak:

In less than 10 minutes, Im sweating in four layers of protective clothing.

The temperature is only about 4 u2103, the city is empty and silent. Seeing the huge electronic screen on the street that said: come on, Wuhan, I suddenly felt energetic.

When we arrived at the peoples Hospital of Wuhan University, we changed our protective clothes in the passageway of the clean area, including hand washing clothes + protective clothes + isolation clothes + our own clothes, four floors in total. Put on two more masks and a pair of goggles.

After wearing them, less than 10 minutes later, I began to sweat and panic. So quickly take off, let oneself take a deep breath of air, just slowly feel recovered.

Psychological pressure must be overcome, I told myself from the bottom of my heart. Then I got up the courage to put them on again and started todays work.

Wishes after the outbreak:

When my daughter was born, the doctor said to me, dont be afraid, mother and daughter are safe.

The happiest thing this spring is that my daughter was born safely on February 20.

The doctor asked me to take towels and childrens clothes when I was in labor. I was in a hurry. The doctor said dont be afraid. Both mother and daughter are safe. Dont fall down.

Im a little confused. Ive been a father for a while, and I feel like Im still a child.

My parents cant come to Wuhan. I take care of my mother and daughter by myself. I change her diaper and milk powder at 4 a.m.

We named our daughter Yin chuning, Chu for Hubei, Ning for peace and tranquility.

I hope her birth can bring peace to Hubei and Wuhan.

Wishes after the outbreak:

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Four oclock in the morning is a time like this:

The border of darkness and light, the border of passing away and rebirth, the border of fear at night and the border of exhilaration at morning.

In this more than one month, maybe you also wake up late at night or early in the morning because of work, because of life, because of taking care of the people around you.

I hope these peoples stories can accompany you until the sun rises.