Tottenham vs wolves: five plays to start the civil war of Portuguese coach

 Tottenham vs wolves: five plays to start the civil war of Portuguese coach

Compete for 5? Portuguese civil war?

Tottenham and wolves have won and lost in the Premier League, but a strange phenomenon in the last decade is that no team at home can win. Tottenham beat wolves 2-1 away in the first leg of this season. Wolves lost 2-3 at home to Tottenham last season. Tottenham also lost 1-3 at White Hart Lane.

Tottenham are currently sixth with 40 points in the Premier League table and eighth with 1 point difference between wolves. Therefore, the match between the two teams can be said to be the current situation and performance of this season is a close match, and it is also a direct dialogue between the two teams for the fifth season (considering that Manchester City may be sent to the European championship five times before the suspension).

Tottenham attack wolves steel defense

It is a huge blow for Mourinho that sun xingxuan and Kane are both injured and absent. There is no substitute for them for the moment. Neither Lucas nor belwin is the one-stop role, which is also the most headache for Mourinho at present.

Wolves have been very stable in recent years. Although they lost to Spaniards in Central Europe, they still advanced with a huge advantage in the first leg. The teams morale is booming. Its worth mentioning that wolves havent conceded a goal in the Premier League in the last three games, and the defence is reassuring. Its not easy for Tottenham to break through their goal.

Forecast first

Tottenham (442): Lori / oriye, aldereld, Sanchez, Davis / rousselso, Ali, wenks, lamera / belwin, Lucas Mora

Wolves (352): Patricio / Borley, Cody, Seth / Doherty, dundon Cole, Nevis, mutino, vinagre / shimenez, jotta

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