Cool! American primary school students are glad to receive grandpa Xis reply

 Cool! American primary school students are glad to receive grandpa Xis reply

Cool! Great! These are the feelings that children say most when they receive a reply.

There is a bridge beside the Yangtze River and a yellow crane tower beside the bridge. No matter how much wind and rain there is, there is a smile on my face...

These American children sang a song come on, Wuhan, its nice to see you smile in Chinese, which has moved countless people on the Internet recently.

Cool! Grandpa Xi said that we can be little ambassadors of friendship and help China and the United States to be better friends! Grade four students believe Yu Garden (Yewon) proudly said to the teacher.

Like him, these American students who cant do without Chinese have their own Chinese names.

Chinese primary school students Chinese Kask de wrote to Xi Jinpings New Year greeting cards on the eve of the Spring Festival. 50 grade four students in the elementary school introduced their learning Chinese and personal hobbies, expressed their love for China and Chinese culture, expressed their hope to have the opportunity to visit China, and wish grandpa a happy new year.

A card sent to President Xi Jinping on the eve of the Spring Festival in Utah, Kass kad primary school. Xinhua Social Development Bureau (photographed by Zheng Yamin)

In February 15th, Xi Jinping kindly replied to the letter, encouraging children to continue to study Chinese, understand Chinese culture and contribute to the friendship between China and the United States.

In his reply, Xi Jinping said China is a big country like the United States. China has a civilization history of more than 5000 years. The Chinese people are as hospitable as the American people. Chinese is the language used by more than one billion people in the world. You can learn more about Chinese history and culture by learning Chinese. Im glad to see that your Chinese characters are so well written and your Chinese learning is so good. I hope you will continue to work hard to make greater progress and become a small envoy of friendship between the Chinese and American people.

Xi Jinping said in his letter, I have visited the United States many times, but have not been to Utah. I hope I can visit you in the future. Like my classmates, I also like reading and physical exercise. No matter how busy I am at work, Ill spare time for exercise.

Picture courtesy of cascade primary school

I think its cool! I asked grandpa Xi is China big? He said that China, like the United States, is a big country. Claire said.

Brooklyn was happy because grandpa Xi liked what we wrote, and he said we did it well..

A card sent to President Xi Jinping on the eve of the Spring Festival in Utah, Kass kad primary school. Xinhua Social Development Bureau (photographed by Zheng Yamin)

Cool! If Grandpa Xi comes to visit, we would like to invite grandpa Xi to eat doughnuts together. Said Sarah happily. This snack product also told grandpa Xi that he liked doughnuts the most.

Utah has many top American ski resorts. The children told Zheng Yamin, their Chinese teacher, that they wanted to invite grandpa Xi to ski here and put the invitation into the New Year greeting card.

The kids said they wanted to write to that cool grandfather

There are six Chinese immersion education teachers in cascade primary school. Zheng Yamin is one of them, providing children with an all Chinese teaching environment.

On February 28, Zheng Yamin, a Chinese teacher at cascade primary school in Utah, USA, was giving lessons to students. Xinhua Social Development Bureau (courtesy of Zheng Yamin)

Zheng Yamin told reporters that she usually encourages children to enhance their understanding of China and Chinese culture by writing letters and reading news. Last year, when watching the news of Chinas National Day military parade, cool Grandpa Xi left a deep impression on the children. On the eve of the Spring Festival this year, she encouraged her children to write letters to their peers in Zhengzhou. To her surprise, a child offered to write to that cool grandpa. The enthusiasm of the children infected her and she immediately gave her full support.

Cascade primary school, founded in 1967, is one of the first Chinese immersion schools in Utah. More than half of the schools students now participate in the program. Utah accounts for one fifth of all Chinese learners in the United States. Utahs Chinese immersion program began in 2009 and currently has 76 primary and secondary schools.

Zheng Yamin said that he hopes to enhance the understanding of American students on Chinese culture and society through his own efforts and enhance the emotional ties between the future generations of the two countries.

Chinese learning sows the seeds of friendship in childrens hearts. Last September, Utah had a major traffic accident involving a Chinese tourist group, which unfortunately caused casualties. Zheng Yamin rushed to the hospital at the first time to help as a translator and accompany the wounded. When the children in her class learned about it, they also took the initiative to make sympathy cards and small gifts for the wounded in China.

The news of China novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the children immediately ran to the principal said, want to raise money for China. There are children directly brought N95 masks, please send them to Wuhan. Children also send blessings to Wuhan and China through Songs:

The mask covers your face, but not your strength. Its good to see you smile. Like the spring flowers, it blows all the viruses, all the suffering away.

Students at cascade elementary school in Utah, USA, recently showed a picture they made to cheer on Wuhan. Xinhua Social Development Bureau (photographed by Zheng Yamin)

Darling Johnson, principal of cascade primary school, told Xinhua that the school is proud to receive a reply from the president of China. We all know that China is a big country and is fighting against the epidemic. President Xi must be very busy. It is a great honor for him to take time out of his busy schedule to write back to our children.

We love our Chinese immersion education program, cascade primary school wrote on its Facebook Page February 26. We give the best wishes to the Chinese people and hope you can defeat the virus as soon as possible.