Hu Xijins comment on the article of Lei Lei, the six gods

 Hu Xijins comment on the article of Lei Lei, the six gods

Leilei, the six gods, is good at reading Jinyong and making use of the past to satirize the present. The fake Jinyong characters arrange the social jokes and turn to swearing. But he doesnt usually belong to the most extreme on the Internet, and sometimes he doesnt jump the highest, and he has literary talent, so he can be regarded as a school of his own on the Internet. Although Lao Hu has also been scolded by him, there is no need to pretend to be gentle and friendly in the public opinion field. When reading the article he scolded me, he found it interesting.

But this time I want to criticize Lei Lei, the six gods, not because he provoked me before. I want to talk with him about the great justice of the public interest. I think that the article he wrote owes the Chinese people a fair deal for the great sacrifice they made to fight the epidemic. In his article, he compared the epidemic, which has spread to the whole world, to that your house is leaking water and flooding many peoples floors downstairs. You dont admit your mistake, but you are sarcastic and wont copy your homework downstairs. Many fans cheered him. When I read this article, I was very angry at first, but then I calmed down. I think my former colleague is not another villain besides the four villains. He should be able to communicate or fight a lawsuit.

What I want to say is that this article gives me the impression that he lives or even indulges in his own Jianghu, and uses this virtual Jianghu to imagine the real world China is facing. He may have read more Jin Yongs novels. His thinking structure is very dare to be higher than life, to float, to think about the axis, how I imagine, what the world looks like.

Even authorities like who have made it clear that coronavirus exists all over the world, and its source has not been identified so far, so they are against labeling it as a regional virus. Academician Zhong Nanshan also made it clear that the epidemic first appeared in China, not necessarily originated in China. But Leilei, the six gods, called on the Chinese people to describe this as the responsibility for the leakage of water from the upstairs and the flooding of many families downstairs. The whole world pays for it. He advocated that this is the virtue of the Chinese people and the regime.

I believe that Lei Lei, the six gods, does not know that there are a large group of people in the United States and the West who want to make a qualitative analysis that China has harmed the whole world, that is, Chinas leakage has flooded the whole building below. Do you think you are high style, do you think it will win favor for China all over the world? Chinas initiative will only provide malicious forces with more means to attack us, and they may take this opportunity to launch a more substantive attack on China.

The outbreak came as a surprise after the US pushed its strategy to crush China to the top in recent decades. Look at how the United States spared no effort to kill Huawei, and we can see how ruthless some elites who are capable of shaping Chinas policy are towards China. The epidemic will never interrupt those peoples vicious measures. They hope that the disaster will break the unity and cohesion of the Chinese people and make China experience an internal injury that can never be recovered again. Looking at the comments made by Secretary of state Peng Peio and Senator Clinton, Mr. Lei Lei, the six gods, doesnt really think that his analysis logic of things is too American. Is his rhythm of criticizing the Chinese peoples bad roots naive and bookish at this important juncture of anti epidemic in Chinas public opinion field?

I dont think Liu shenlei thought so much at all. He just wanted to make a screen swipe article on the Internet to show how different he was. He found a relatively new introspection point of entry, so as to gather all kinds of discontent in the public opinion field in recent times. In fact, the whole epidemic has let China carry the pot, which is not the wish of most Chinese at present. All Chinese people have seen the serious problem of Wuhans initial response to the epidemic, and today there are still deficiencies. At the same time, China quickly controlled the situation and the epidemic situation reversed. In contrast with the serious outbreaks in many countries and no strong countermeasures can be seen for a while, peoples understanding gradually became complicated. In particular, there are more and more doubts about whether the new crown epidemic and the flu epidemic in the United States are mixed. It cant help but say that the metaphor of upstairs flooded downstairs is too grandiose.

What Leilei, the six gods, thinks about in this article is not the real right and wrong of the world. Instead of seeing the world clearly, he arranges and extends facts with imagination. He created a kind of cool and rhythmic atmosphere in the public opinion, and provided the bad consumption of the public opinion. Lao Hu wanted to go back and forth and couldnt think of the good effect of this article on Chinas self Mafia.

Laohu has never objected to all kinds of collisions between diverse views in the public opinion field, but this move by Lei Lei Lei, the six gods, can be called a show of timidity. He bravely kicked a Wulong ball towards the national interest of China. Laohu advised him to make fun of all kinds of people in the market, including Laohu. As for pursuing the stimulation of screen swiping in the big right, big wrong and big game, he had better take it easy.

Hu Xijin: why do your teeth specially bite your compatriots?

The epidemic is gradually under control in China, and it is surging outside China. Did the Chinese people show a high spirits about the fall of Korea and Japan, Italy and Iran? Did any influential voices make any outrageous sarcasm? Lao Hu didnt see any heavyweight.

Hu Xijin: Regulations on permanent residence of foreigners need to be detailed to leave no loopholes to be drilled

After the draft of regulations on the administration of permanent residence of foreigners was published on the Internet on the 27th, a large number of comments were aroused, many of which expressed concerns and objections. Those who objected mainly believed that the regulations were too loose in terms of restrictions on obtaining permanent residency, and worried that the regulations would not attract high-quality talents to China, but would make it easier for illegal immigrants to become legal permanent residences.