The completion of lung transplantation in the worlds first new crown patient is of great significance in reducing mortality

 The completion of lung transplantation in the worlds first new crown patient is of great significance in reducing mortality

The novel coronavirus pneumonia case was a novel coronavirus pneumonia in 59 years old, which was diagnosed in January 23rd. In January 26th, it was diagnosed as new crown pneumonia. In February 7th, tracheal intubation was performed. In February 22nd, the upper body outer membrane oxygenation (ECMO) was transferred to Wuxi Infectious Disease Hospital in February 24th. After continuous endotracheal intubation, ECMO and drug treatment, the nucleic acid test was negative, but the lung function was severely damaged and irreversible.

On February 29, with the support of Jiangsu Health Committee, Wuxi health system broke the routine and integrated all medical resources. Professor Chen Jingyu, deputy of Wuxi National Peoples Congress, director of lung transplantation Department of China Japan Friendship Hospital and vice president of Wuxi Peoples Hospital of Nanyi University, performed double lung transplantation on the case. The source of lung was the donation of love from brain dead patients in other provinces, which was transported to Wuxi by high-speed rail for 7 hours. Up to now, the patient has been awake after the operation, the double lung function oxygenation is good, and the vital signs are stable.

Operation in negative pressure operating room of Wuxi infectious diseases hospital

Chen Jingyu said that the novel coronavirus pneumonia cases received three main medical prerequisites for lung transplantation: one is maintained by ventilator +ECMO, the other is irreversible; two, nucleic acid detection is negative for many times; three, other organs function is basically normal, and the whole body condition can withstand lung transplantation.

Postoperative chest film (right lung transplantation + left upper lobe transplantation)

This kind of operation is very risky. It is a great psychological and physical test for transplant doctors and nurses to carry out the operation in the negative pressure operating room and wearing isolation protective clothing all the way. Chen Jingyu said, in order to ensure the success of patient transplantation and strive for zero infection of medical staff, with the support of Jiangsu provincial and municipal leaders, the medical team has carried out careful deployment and preparation before operation. Next, the team will closely maintain the patients, focus on the exploration of perioperative management of such patients, do a good job in anti rejection and anti infection follow-up treatment after transplantation, and summarize the experience for more advanced new The treatment of critical cases of coronary pneumonia opens the door of hope.