Visit to Sichuan nursing home under closed management: disinfection before delivery by family members

 Visit to Sichuan nursing home under closed management: disinfection before delivery by family members

Sichuan news observer Li Dan / Wen Li Xiangyu / picture

As a whole year-round industry, even in the Spring Festival, there are still many elderly people living in pension institutions. After the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, the pension institutions in various provinces in China implemented closed management in January 26th, and it has been 35 days as of February 29th. During this period, is there any guarantee and care for the elderly in the nursing home? Is the current closed management strictly implemented? On February 28 and 29, reporters paid a field visit.

Strictly close the door of medicine delivery for family members, disinfect it before transferring it

On the afternoon of the 28th, the reporter came to Chengdu No.1 Social Welfare Institute, located in group 8, Kanghe, Qingyang District, Chengdu. Before the Spring Festival, there were more than 400 government supported and social elderly people living here.

When I just arrived at the gate of a welfare home, I saw two warning lines at a distance of 5 meters. They were very eye-catching one before and one after the other. There was a generous table in the warning line close to the gate, and the note of place for articles was pasted on the table.

Please take your temperature and take off the poison first. After the routine inspection of the guard room staff, Chen Kun, the dean of a welfare home, wearing a mask, accepted the reporters interview across the table, we are now closed management, cant enter. She explained.

Chengdu No.1 Social Welfare Institute is a public institution, with 426 old people staying in, including more than 100 extremely poor old people supported by the government and more than 300 social old people. We still have 105 old people who havent returned home. They were all brought home for the Spring Festival. Chen Kun said that as early as before Chengdu Civil Affairs Bureau asked for closed management, on January 21, the first welfare home launched an emergency plan, and on January 24, the whole hospital was closed. In addition to more than 300 old people, there were 94 staff members in the hospital.

During the period of closure, the elderly in the hospital take temperature monitoring three times a day in the morning, middle and evening, room ventilation, public area disinfection, material storage and food safety. Except for the elderly going out for medical treatment and the strict access management of nursing staff, no one else is allowed to go out, and family members can only visit through video. Chen Kun said that the medicine and daily necessities for the elderly sent by the family members need to be disinfected outside the gate first and then transferred to the elderly by the nurses in the Department where the elderly live.

Like a welfare home, Chengdong sanatorium, located in Longquanyi District, Chengdu City, also strictly implemented closed management measures. This is a civilian nutrition service for the elderly, with more than 260 elderly people in the hospital.

The average age of our elderly is 84 years old, 90% of them are disabled, semi disabled, and the risk of infection is high. Liang Chaojun, the head of sanatorium, said that the nursing home is a combination of medical care and nursing. After the outbreak, it was officially closed on January 25 and the external reception was stopped.

At the gate of sanatorium, the notice boards of closed management announcement, epidemic situation briefing, work trend and protection knowledge are put on the closed gate. The guard room on one side has been temporarily transformed into a safe entrance and exit. The staff who occasionally come in and out must register, spray alcohol and disinfect before entering the hospital area.

Regular monitoring to strengthen nutrition and exercise to improve the immunity of the elderly

On the morning of the 29th, the wechat group of Grandpa Cais family in Chengdong sanatorium kept ringing, and his son Cai Hu was used to it: take your temperature and have breakfast every morning, and the nursing home will take photos and videos for your family members. Elder brother Cai said that his father was 97 years old and paralyzed in bed. Thank them for their persistence in a special period. The nursing home is very reassuring to our families.

How can the family members who cant visit rest assured after the retirement home is closed? Chengdong nursing home uses the wechat family group of an old man, which is built at ordinary times, to report the situation of the old man three times a day and send it to the group every day. Salted and boiled white, bamboo shoots and agaric slices, fried spinach, and a laver and egg soup, two meat and one vegetable and one soup. The old man eats better than me. After seeing the pictures, brother Cai said with a smile.

According to Zou Lixia, head of panmin nursing home in East District of Panzhihua City, during the epidemic, the nutrition of the elderly should be more guaranteed to enhance their resistance. Todays lunch: braised beef, stewed potato with ribs... Zou Lixia said that although the collective activities including the birthday party of the elderly were suspended during the closed period, the nursing home also tried to let the elderly disperse in batches to bask in the sun and carry out rehabilitation training with the help of the nurses every day, we will release these information in the family group of the nursing home, so that the family members can always understand the living conditions of the elderly and comfort their care.

Psychological guidance guides the elderly to work and rest regularly

Some time ago, paramedics at Chengdu No.1 Social Welfare Hospital found that Mr. Deng, 84, was under great psychological pressure and couldnt sleep at night. Even one day, he couldnt help crying. The nurse immediately reported the situation to the hospital, and Wang Qiang, a social worker in the welfare home, immediately conducted one-on-one psychological counseling for the elderly. It turned out that Mr. Deng had negative emotions because he read the news every day and was scared by the epidemic. By telling jokes to the elderly and popularizing the knowledge of epidemic prevention, the elderly gradually eased down.

In view of these cases, Chengdu No.1 Social Welfare Hospital has established a psychological counseling group for social workers, which is responsible for the psychological adjustment and emotional counseling of the elderly and staff members in the hospital, doing a good job of positive publicity, providing the elderly with family friendly communication services with their relatives, and guiding the elderly to work and rest normally and live a regular life.

The temperature is 36.5 degrees, the blood pressure is normal, and the heart rate is normal. When I heard that everything was normal, grandma Liu of xiaociyuan nursing home in Jinjiang District of Chengdu was reassured. every day, nurses disinfected us, measured our body temperature and blood pressure, and I saw that everyone worked hard to prevent and control the epidemic, and I was not so worried. In the prevention and control of the epidemic, xiaociyuan nursing home focuses on the spiritual encouragement, emotional care and psychological guidance of the elderly to alleviate their anxiety and fear of the epidemic.

After the closure of the nursing home, in view of the anxiety of some elderly people and the psychological problems of some 24-hour staff, local nursing homes organize psychological assistance teams to carry out one-to-one psychological intervention services, timely conduct psychological counseling, and relieve anxiety and fear.