More than 200000 scams of mens selling masks are all used to reward the anchor

 More than 200000 scams of mens selling masks are all used to reward the anchor

The man sells the mask swindled more than 200000 Yuan Police: all recharge to reward the anchor! (source: ~)

During the epidemic period, the cases of criminals using the publics psychological need for epidemic prevention articles to carry out fraud are high incidence. Yubei branch attaches great importance to such cases and makes every effort to carry out case investigation. On February 26, the criminal investigation branch of the sub Bureau broke another case of fraud by selling masks. Zhou Mou, the suspect, was arrested. The total amount of fraud was more than 200000 yuan. All the proceeds from the fraud were used to reward the anchor in the live network room.

On February 15, Wang Mou, the victim, saw the information of selling masks in the circle of friends and actively contacted the other party. The other party said that he had contacted with the mask dealer. When the world order was delivered on the same day, Wang Mou bought 30000 masks from the other party at the price of 3.3 yuan. After the transfer, the other party informed the delivery and provided Wang Mou with the express bill number. Wang felt that the other side was credible, and then bought from the other side in the next few days. From February 12th to February 14th, more than 20 yuan was transferred to each other through WeChat and Alipay. After receiving the express delivery, Wang found that there were only 100 masks, far less than the quantity he ordered, and the other party was unable to get in touch. Wang realized that he had been cheated, so he called the local police of Fangchenggang, Guangxi.

The criminal investigation branch of Yubei sub Bureau received the clues from Fangchenggang police, and quickly carried out the investigation work. After analysis, research, video tracking and other series of work, it succeeded in mastering the suspects track. On February 26, Zhou (male, 20 years old, Zhaotong, Yunnan) was arrested and brought to justice in Renhe, Liangjiang New Area, and a hotel in Longshou branch.

It is understood that Wang Mou, the victim, wanted to donate some of the masks to a village primary school, some of them were used as a cousins construction site, and some of them were purchased for friends. However, Wangs kindness was used by the suspect Zhou. Whats more hateful is Zhous confession. Every time he received a sum of money from the victim, he immediately charged it to a live broadcast platform to brush gifts for the anchor, with an increase of 10000-20000 yuan and a decrease of 5000 yuan. In a few days, he rewarded the anchor with all the more than 200000 yuan he had cheated. Whats more, there were not only female but also male anchors in these anchors u3002

Suspect Zhou regrets his fraud. At present, Zhou has been detained for fraud according to law, and the case is under further investigation.

Police prompt: the public security organs shall be strict and fast, and make every effort to crack down on the illegal crimes involving epidemic situation. The masses must also polish their eyes, raise their vigilance, purchase epidemic prevention supplies through regular channels, and guard against being cheated.