Female teachers squat in Holland for half a month and bring back 200000 masks and other materials for donation

 Female teachers squat in Holland for half a month and bring back 200000 masks and other materials for donation

Chen Mian took the opportunity to return home with 8 boxes full of materials

She decided to go abroad to buy the mask herself

Chen Mian is not only fighting alone, but also supported by countless people behind her. On January 23, the news came that Wuhan was closed. Chen Mian, the education director of a training school in Chengdu, also learned about the impact of the epidemic on foreign students.

Information sent to her by students

She told Red Star news that although some students are abroad, many of their parents are medical staff, who are also fighting in the front line of the epidemic, they lack materials, and they can only go to the battle to treat patients in front of the epidemic.. In this case, her students are as anxious as ants on a hot pot.

After an idea formed in her brain, she began to implement it. It was because of that moment of thought that she really brought back tens of thousands of masks from abroad. If you dont insist, you really never know how powerful a person can be, she said

At first, she launched students from far away in the United States to buy masks, and then sent them back, but at this time, the masks in the United States began to tighten, and the students ran for several days to buy only a few hundred masks. Its not enough! Since her profession is overseas training and there are students all over the world, she began to ask about the purchase of local masks for students from all over the world. A student who has settled in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, accidentally told her that because the epidemic has not yet spread to the Netherlands, there are still some local masks in stock. At that time, it was the end of January, so we had to decide quickly, what to do? Im the only one! At this time, Chen Mians Chengdu company and Beijing head office also learned her idea and supported her very much. They donated more than 20000 yuan and 60000 yuan as mask funds respectively, and entrusted her with the purchase of masks.

Air ticket for Chen Mian to Holland

When Chen Mians friends learned about it, they also contributed more than 15000 yuan to her. With a mask fund of nearly 100000 yuan, Chen Mian took the last direct flight from Chengdu to Amsterdam on the afternoon of January 30.

Buy it all the way

In the end, it was found that more than 100000 yuan was overspent

Chen Mian said that, in fact, the purchase of masks was not as easy as expected in the local area. In the first few days, masks were relatively easy to buy, but with the news of the outbreak spread to all countries, masks in the Netherlands began to tighten and become more and more expensive. Chen Mian said that at the beginning, the N95 mask was equivalent to about 20 yuan, but at the back, it sold for more than 50 yuan.

Locally sold masks

Although the price is expensive, sometimes you can only buy 20-30 masks after a days running. She then began to change her strategy. She went to the physical store in the morning and went back to her place of residence at noon to eat a bowl of instant noodles in a hurry and then continued to purchase online.

Find mask resources online

Because the stock of each branch is not the same, she has to call one by one to ask, is there so much stock? Can you buy more? Can you receive the goods before you leave Holland? Chen Mian said that her 46 year old was like beating chicken blood in those ten days. She drove more than 2000 kilometers with the overseas student who had settled in the local area, running all over the Netherlands, half of Germany, looking for goods everywhere..

Bought masks

If you see any goods, you need them all. You dont think about the price at all. She said, if you have something, you want to buy it, because you can bring it back to help people. She also later found out that she was over budget. She not only spent nearly 100000 yuan in the past, but also spent more than 100000 yuan on her credit card. Finally, according to her statistics, a total of 230 sets of protective clothing, 260 n99 masks, 470 N95 masks, 212 ffp1 masks, 10000 disposable masks and 120 forehead temperature guns were purchased, with a total cost of 237100 yuan.

And how to solve the problem of more than 100000 yuan? Chen Mian said that when the company leaders learned about this, they also promised to reimburse her after returning to work, and she would donate some of them.

Successfully arrived in Chengdu

Donate materials without stop

February 16 is the day to leave Holland. Finally, these masks, protective clothing, etc. are packed into 8 large boxes

Son, and the airline stipulates that each passenger can only carry two boxes. Later, she spent more than 7000 yuan to buy some luggage allowance, but the last box was still overloaded. She can only get in touch with all domestic parties and finally contact the freight director of the airline in Amsterdam to coordinate, so that 8 boxes of materials can get on the plane smoothly. At that time, the direct flight from Amsterdam to Chengdu had been grounded, so she had to go to Shanghai first, then transfer back to Chengdu, which originally only took 10 hours, and finally took 24 hours.

Packing goods in Holland

After arriving in Chengdu, she kept on delivering these materials to the places where she needed them most. Theres no time lag. Chen Mian said that in addition to most of the materials donated to Suizhou, Hubei, the rest were donated to some of the less well-known hospitals in Sichuan, including Chengdu, Zigong, Yibin, Guangan, Chongqing, Jiajiang and other hospitals, which are also the hospitals where students parents live.. These hospitals are also involved in the treatment because of the epidemic. Secondly, she also sent some materials to the grassroots staff of some districts and counties in Chengdu.

Express donated materials

Thank you letters from some hospitals

Chen Mian said that when she finished all this, she felt at ease. Although the individual strength is small, but can give a minute is a minute. At the same time, she once again believed that as long as the heart has the strength to support, the personal candle light can illuminate many people.