Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the death of at least 20 doctors and nurses in the epidemic. 9 of them are suffering from new crown pneumonia.

 Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the death of at least 20 doctors and nurses in the epidemic. 9 of them are suffering from new crown pneumonia.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, which was three weeks ago in February 23rd, we have missed Huang Wenjun, Xia Sisi and Du Xiansheng. They were infected with the new crown pneumonia in the first line of work against the epidemic.

Previously, the national health and Health Commission reported that as of 24:00 on February 11, 1716 cases had been confirmed by medical personnel in China, including 6 people who died in their jobs.

At the same time, at least 11 medical and nursing personnel died in the course of anti epidemic due to accumulated labor, sudden myocardial infarction, traffic accidents and other reasons.

Some of the 20 people were the hospital president, who led the hospitals medical staff to fight against the epidemic. After the outbreak, they were still busy with the transformation of the hospital to treat patients. Finally, the transformation of the hospital was completed as scheduled, but he was sent to the intensive care unit; Some are village doctors who stick to their posts silently in remote rural areas. A 67 year old village doctor died of illness in the fight against the epidemic. His son took over his post and continued to fight. Some are doctors of the post-90s generation. The 29 year old husband was unable to cash in his wifes wedding two years late. Similarly, the 29 year old mother left her 2-year-old child, and the child did not know the news of her death

For health, for life. They used their actions to fulfill this sentence in the oath of medical students. Behind them, there are more than 500000 medical staff who give up their holidays and stick to their posts in Hubei, nearly 40000 medical staff who come to support Hubei from all over the country, and a large number of medical groups who are fighting in the front line of the national epidemic. They are fighting hard to win the epidemic.

To protect and care for medical personnel is an important guarantee to win the prevention and control of the epidemic. At the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held on February 3, it was emphasized that the resources of treatment and protection should be focused on the front line of the epidemic, and the needs of medical personnel and patients on the front line should be given priority. It was pointed out at the meeting that medical personnel should continue to be dispatched from all over the country to help Wuhan as needed, while protecting the physical and mental health of medical personnel. In February 22nd, the novel coronavirus pneumonia infection leading group issued by the central government issued the notice on comprehensively implementing further measures to protect and care for medical personnel, and put forward ten measures for further protecting and caring for medical personnel. The national health and Health Commission also issued a notice on February 18 to further strengthen the protection of medical personnel during the epidemic prevention and control from seven aspects.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been introduced to many front-line medical staff in the country. For example, Guangdong Federation of trade unions set up a mental health service team to provide psychological crisis intervention and psychological counseling services to medical staff and their families in need. For the medical staff novel coronavirus pneumonia, each person will provide 30 thousand yuan relief payment. If he takes part in the medical support scheme for the on - duty workers, he can also pay a maximum compensation of 50 thousand yuan for each person.

At the same time, Hubei, Jiangsu, Nanjing, Shanxi Datong, Baotou, Chongqing, Qinghai, Shandong and other places have issued documents that will give the children of the first-line medical workers of anti epidemic care policies.

Medical staff who died novel coronavirus pneumonia

Jiang Xueqing, male, 55 years old, secretary, director, chief physician of the Party branch of thyroid and breast surgery, Wuhan Central Hospital, winner of Chinese doctor Award

According to the announcement of Wuhan Central Hospital, Jiang Xueqing was born on March 31, 1964 in Wuhan, Hubei Province.

After graduating from Tongji Medical University in July 1986, he has been working in Wuhan Central Hospital and has been engaged in surgery for more than 30 years. During the working period in the hospital, he was conscientious and willing to dedicate, patient and meticulous, dutiful, and made an important contribution to the development of the hospital.

In novel coronavirus pneumonia, comrade Jiang Xueqing was ill and died of illness. He died at 5:32 in the morning of March 1, 2020 at the lung Hospital of Wuhan. He was 55 years old.

Huang Wenjun, male, 42 years old, deputy chief physician of respiratory department, Xiaogan Central Hospital

In June 2001, Huang Wenjun graduated from the Department of clinical medicine, Medical College of Wuhan University, and worked in the respiratory department of Xiaogan Central Hospital since August of the same year. From 2004 to 2005, he studied in the Department of respiratory medicine of Tongji Hospital of Huazhong University of science and technology for one year. In December 2006, he was employed as the attending physician, and in 2012, he was employed as the deputy chief physician.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, Huang Wenjun wrote a letter of invitation: is it because of misfortune or fortune to avoid the fate of a country that lives or dies. I applied to go to the isolation ward to go to the national disaster and obey the organization arrangement!

On novel coronavirus pneumonia, Xiaogan Central Hospital published an obituary on the evening of February 23rd: in the battle against the new crown pneumonia, Huang Wen Jun was unlucky to be infected, and was invalid after salvage treatment, and was killed at 19:30 on February 23rd.

According to colleagues, on January 27, Huang Wenjun said he had a bit of a dry cough and was not very comfortable. A novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in January 29th after two days of aggravation.

Xia Sisi, female, 29 years old, resident, Department of Gastroenterology, Jiangbei hospital, Xiehe, Wuhan

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was released in January 19th. Xia Sisi was admitted to hospital for treatment. On February 7, the condition worsened and the hospital rushed it to Central South Hospital of Wuhan University for treatment. At 6:30 on February 23, Xia Sisi died in Central South Hospital of Wuhan University.

Xia Sisi was born in a family of doctors and nurses. Her father is a military doctor and her mother is a nurse. Influenced by her family, she has set up her ambition to be a doctor since she was a child. She and her husband are doctors in Xiehe Jiangbei hospital. The husband recalled that they both studied medicine at Wuhan Jianghan University. It was campus love. They had been together for 11 years.

Peng Yinhua, male, 29 years old, respiratory and critical medical doctor, the first peoples Hospital, Jiangxia District, Wuhan

Peng Yinhua and his wife

The announcement of novel coronavirus pneumonia in the first peoples Hospital of Jiangxia District of Wuhan showed that Peng Yinhua was admitted to the hospital in January 25th when he first suffered from the new outbreak of pneumonia, and was aggravated in January 30th. He died at 21:50 on February 20 due to the deterioration of his condition and ineffective rescue.

Peng Yinhua was born into a rural family and graduated from the Clinical Medical College of Hubei University of science and technology. During the three years of standardized training for resident doctors, in addition to normal work and study, he also worked as a part-time emergency worker in hospital 120, often sending money to his parents.

Peng Yinhua and his wife have been married for two years, and they are pregnant in June. He had planned to prepare a wedding for his wife on February 1 (the eighth day of the first month), which was two years late. He had invited colleagues from the Department to have a buzz. There were still unsolicited invitations in the desk drawer.

Liu Zhiming, male, 51 years old, President of Wuhan Wuchang hospital

The surging news previously reported that in July 1991, Liu Zhiming graduated from the former Hubei Medical College with a bachelors degree and was assigned to work in neurosurgery clinical work in the third ward outside the former Yunyang peoples hospital. In 1995, Liu Zhiming left Shiyan to work alone in Wuhan. No matter in Yunyang hospital, Wuhan No.3 hospital or Wuchang hospital, Liu Zhimings hard work is almost unknown.

As the president of the first batch of designated fever outpatient hospitals in Wuhan, Liu Zhiming has led all medical staff to fight in the front line since the outbreak. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in January 22nd after Liu Zhimings physical discomfort. On January 24, Liu Zhiming was transferred to intensive care unit (ICU) of Wuchang hospital due to the aggravation of his condition. On February 17, Liu Zhiming was critically ill. Liu Zhiming died on February 18, 17 hours after treatment with ECMO.

Liu fan, female, 59 years old, deputy chief nurse

Liu Fan was engaged in nursing work in the injection room of Liyuan Street Community Health Service Center held by Wuhan Wuchang hospital.

According to @ Wuhan, Liu Fan was on duty until February 2, 2020. There will be a three-day rotation from February 3 to February 5. At 7 a.m. on February 6, Liu Fan called the head nurse of the Department to complain that she was ill and had fever. The head nurse immediately arranged her to go to the West Hospital of Wuhan Wuchang hospital for a comprehensive examination; In February 7th, a novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed, and was hospitalized immediately. During hospitalization, the hospital tried its best to carry out treatment. However, the disease was progressively aggravated due to more basic diseases, and died at 18:30 in February 14th. Before her death, novel coronavirus pneumonia and her parents died.

Xiao Jun, male, 50 years old, deputy chief physician of general surgery, Wuhan Red Cross Hospital

Daily map of the Yangtze River

Just after graduating from University, Xiao Jun has worked in Wuhan Red Cross Hospital for 29 years. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was first reported in Wuhan Red Cross Hospital on February 21st evening. Xiao Jun was hospitalized in the hospital in January 26th and was transferred to Wuhan golden hospital in January 27th. After her illness was deteriorated, she died in February 8th at 18:13 in Wuhan.

Colleagues recalled that at ordinary times, people like to tease Xiao Jun and call him Little Prince of the appendix. The reason for his name is that he has 7 or 8 appendectomy operations a day, and many patients need to find his main knife and tube bed. Sometimes he comes to him with relatives and friends. When he goes out for a meeting, the patients will wait for him to come back.

Li Wenliang, male, 35, ophthalmologist, Wuhan Central Hospital

Li Wenliang took part in the college entrance examination in 2004. After graduating from the seven-year program of clinical medicine of Wuhan University, he first worked in Xiamen for three years. In 2014, he returned to Wuhan and has been working in the Central Hospital of Wuhan.

On January 8, 2020, Li Wenliang encountered patients with viral pneumonia of unknown causes and was infected. The novel coronavirus infection was attacked by Li Wenliang in the Wuhan Central Hospital, and died in February 7th at 2:58 a.m.

Du Xiansheng, male, 54 years old, doctor, Yangjiang Farm Hospital, Qiongzhong, Hainan

According to Hainan Daily, on January 18, Du Xiansheng had fever, cough and other symptoms during his work, and used his own medicine for two days. Due to novel coronavirus infection, the hospital was treated in January 22nd in Danzhou peoples hospital. In January 25th, a novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed and transferred from Danzhou peoples hospital to Hainan Provincial Peoples Hospital. At noon on February 23, Du Xiansheng died after the rescue failed.

The surging news previously reported that Du Xiansheng was one of the patients with the local clustering epidemic in Yangjiang farm hospital. He had received Jia, the head of the hospitals prevention and protection team, and Jia had close contact with Zeng, whose parents had visited Wuhan in early January. In January 29th, novel coronavirus infection cases were reported in Hainan Province as of January 29th. Two cases of pneumonia confirmed by local infection of new coronavirus were reported in Hainan Province, respectively. They were Duo (Du Xiansheng) and Jia Moumou.

Some medical staff who died of other reasons

Wang Tucheng, male, 37 years old, village doctor, xinwangzhuang village, Dongcun Town, Changge City, Xuchang City, Henan Province

Wang Tu, a doctor in xinwangzhuang village, Dongcun Town, Changge City, Henan Province, was only 37 years old when he suffered from acute myocardial infarction due to overwork, reported.

Wang Tucheng graduated from Changge health school in 1999 and obtained the rural doctor qualification certificate in 2005. Since then, he has been working in the new Wangzhuang village health office. For many novel coronavirus pneumonia all day long, fighting against the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation, Wang Cheng Cheng, in order to maintain the combat state all day, and actively isolated from his family, set the bedroom in the village clinic.

Jiang Jijun, male, 51 years old, infection doctor, Taizhou Peoples Hospital, Jiangsu Province

On January 23, Dr. Jiang Jijun collapsed due to a sudden stop of breath and heartbeat when he rushed to the fever clinic after a ward round, and died after the rescue failed, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported. In the process of rescuing Dr. Jiang Jijun, experts basically determined that sudden death was caused by cardiovascular and cerebrovascular reasons.

Jiang Jijun, a deputy chief physician before his death, has been engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases for more than 20 years, and has rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of fever of unknown causes.

Jiang Jinbo, male, 58 years old, doctor, disease prevention and control center, Dayu County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province

Jiang Jinbo (first from left) China Jiangxi network

Jiang Jinbo died on January 28 after working on the front line of epidemic prevention and control for several days due to overwork and sudden myocardial infarction, Jiangxi Daily reported. His last days lunch was instant noodles, and his last moment of life was still thinking about work.

After graduating from Ganzhou health school in 1982, Jiang Jinbo has been serving the cause of disease control in Dayu county. He has experienced SARS in 2003, July 3 flood in 2009, avian influenza in 2013, Streptococcus suis infection in 2019 and other major epidemic campaigns, and has been rated as the first person in the health system for many times.

Xu Hui, female, 51 years old, vice president of Nanjing Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Jiangsu Province

According to the WeChat official account, Nanjing released news, in February 7th, 0 hours and 03 minutes, in the epidemic prevention and control in the continuous fighting for 18 days, Xu Hui died of illness.

Xu Hui is very busy novel coronavirus infection control command deputy head of Nanjing Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. She is also the head of hospital prevention and control working group. Novel coronavirus infection emergency plan for Nanjing Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine was led in the 18 days of fighting the epidemic. The team set up a fever outpatient clinic, a pre triage medical team, and raised control materials.

Mao Xianghong, male, 52 years old, deputy director of Central Hospital of health, Xianyang Town, Pucheng County, Nanping City, Fujian Province

According to, on January 25, maoxianghong was at a high-speed checkpoint to check the temperature of passengers passing by. At 9 oclock that night, a car saw a signal passing here, and mistakenly applied the accelerator as a brake, causing the car to lose control and crash into a red color. After that, the car died of invalid rescue.

According to family members, it was not a red sample on duty that day. Because the hospital is short of staff, Mao Xianhong takes the initiative to apply for overtime. I didnt expect that there was an accident. I fell on the front line of epidemic prevention on the first day of the new year.

Song Yingjie, male, 28 years old, deputy group leader, pharmaceutical group, Maji hospital, Donghu Town, Hengshan County, Hunan Province

According to, from the beginning of the new year, song Yingjie has been checking people and checking their temperature at the intersection of Yuelin Expressway and Donghu expressway for several consecutive days. In the early morning of February 3, he and his colleagues went back to the dormitory in the hospital after they were on duty at the highway crossing. On the afternoon of the same day, song Yingjie was found dead in the dormitory of the hospital.

Novel coronavirus infection in Heng Mountain was attacked by Song Yingjie, the Propaganda Department of the county Party committee said.

Wei Anjun, male, 67 years old, Xiaoji village doctor, Longwang Town, Xiangzhou District, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province

According to Hubei Daily, Wei Anjun was a village doctor in Xiaoji village, Longwang Town, Xiangzhou District, Xiangyang City before his death, and began to serve as the group leader of group 4 of Xiaoji village in 2012. After the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak hit, he volunteered to fight all day long for 14 days and nights in the epidemic prevention and control point of Xiao Ji to Wen Wan village. He overcame the difficulties of simple protection measures, weak awareness of villagers prevention and control, heavy duty and so on. He insisted on holding the card all day, measuring his body temperature, and then persuaded him to return to the masses for more than 300 people. He died of exhaustion due to excessive fatigue and died after rescue.

After Wei An Jun died, his son Wei Xiongwei took over his post. More than ten years ago, I passed the relevant qualification certificate and became a village doctor after my father. Now, I will continue to take over my fathers post and stick to fighting in the front line of anti epidemic to help defeat the epidemic, Wei said

Zhu Zhengrong, male, 48 years old, ward leader, community health service center, Nanyang Town, Qidong City, Jiangsu Province

Jiangsu net map of China

Zhu died of multiple organ failure on February 22, according to Qidong Health Committee. Zhu Zhengrong was born in May 1973, took part in work in August 1996, and joined the party in November 2017. He has successively won the honorary titles of top ten doctors in Qidong health system and excellent Communist Party member.

After the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, Zhu Zhengrong, who discovered Takayasus arteritis a few years ago, hid the notice of hospitalization and led all the medical staff in the ward group into the epidemic prevention battle. In order to overcome the difficulty of fewer people and more work, he took the initiative to take the responsibility. While on duty in the ward, he also took the fever clinic on duty. He began to work successively from New Years Eve. For more than 20 days, he always stuck to the front line of epidemic prevention and control.

Chen Jian, female, 26 years old, cuntian village doctor, kuixiang Township, Yiliang County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province

Chinese new network diagram

Chen Jian, Han nationality, college education, joined cuntian village health office in kuixiang Township in April 2017 to work as a village doctor, successively responsible for maternal health management, child health management, health supervision and coordination services, basic medical services and other public health services.

Among them, Chen Jian died at 3:45 p.m. on December 12 due to his serious injury, and Chi Huanqin was transferred to the emergency department of Yiliang County Peoples Hospital for treatment.

Song Yunhua, female, 46 years old, doctor of Taiping community health office, Qinghua street, Longyang District, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province

Bright Web

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, which was launched in the morning, was reported to be in the morning of January 31st. Song Yunhua, who was on the way to Shenyang Park, Qinghua street, Longyang District, Baoshan, was hit by a forenoon car accident on 13:30, and died in 1.

Its hard for people familiar with Dr. Song to accept the news of her death. reported that Yang Hu, Secretary of Taiping community, said: she and we were on duty at the entrance of the community for more than four hours the day before yesterday. She has been working hard to check the outsiders for the safety of the masses.. Bai zuqin, a resident of Taiping community, said: Dr. Song has been caring for us all these years since she came to Taiping community. Today, she left and we lost one of our closest people.

Zhang Jianhua, male, 50 years old, chief of public health section and ambulance driver, qiupotou town health center, Xunyi County, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province

Zhang Jianhua has been in charge of public health, chronic diseases, residents health records, poverty alleviation and other work in qiupotou Town, Xunyi County, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province, since he joined the work, and has taken on the task of prevention and breeding for more than 6000 people, according to He has been honored as health guard by Xunyi Health Bureau for many times and as health guard for six consecutive years Advanced worker of health system in Yi county.

Facing novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in January 2020, comrade Zhang Jianhua responded positively to the call and returned to his post in advance. He has taken the task of disinfection and prevention of all units in the town and 12 epidemic prevention and control points in 7 villages. He worked for more than 10 hours a day on the front line of epidemic prevention and control for more than 20 consecutive days.

On February 3, 2020, Zhang Jianhua was in a coma on the way of disinfection for the Finance Office of qiupotou Town, and died after invalid rescue.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia died at the Wuhan Central Hospital, Jiang Xueqing, aged 55.

Chinas novel coronavirus pneumonia, Jiang Xueqing, Secretary of the Party branch of the thyroid surgery department, director of the CPC Central Committee and chief physician of the Wuhan Central Hospital, was unlucky in the fight against the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. He died at 5:32 in the morning of March 1, 2020 at the lung hospital in Wuhan, Wuhan, aged 55.

Jiang Xueqing, a doctor in Wuhan, died. His daughter: he gave most of his time to the patients

The father was infected with new coronavirus at work. He was admitted to Wuhan Central Hospital on January 17, transferred to Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital for rescue a few days later, and went to icmo on January 27. On the day of hospitalization on January 17, he told me to take good care of my mother through wechat voice and try not to go out. Later, he has been receiving treatment and rescue, there is no way to communicate, who knows this has become the last words he said to me.