Wuhan open passage 40 Wuhan people fled to Guangxi? The truth is coming!

 Wuhan open passage 40 Wuhan people fled to Guangxi? The truth is coming!

In order to avoid the public panic caused by the news,

Liuzhou network police immediately carried out the verification and disposal work.

After verification with relevant departments of Liuzhou City,

The above information is not true.

After further investigation, it was found that the netizen who released the rumor was Lin (male, 51 years old, from Liuzhou). When he was drinking tea with his friend, he learned the news. Because he was worried about his friends infection, he released the information to wechat group without verifying the authenticity of the information.

In view of the fact that the information has not caused serious social panic, Yufeng public security organ has criticized and educated it according to law and asked it not to spread the unconfirmed information about the epidemic on the Internet at will. Lin said that he was deeply aware of his mistake and wrote a letter of guarantee.

Internet police tips

At present, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control stage of vigorous stage, the majority of netizens should strictly abide by the laws and regulations and related requirements of epidemic prevention and control, pay attention to their online behavior, at the same time, improve their own discriminating power and immunity to rumors.

#Jingwang 2020 special action is under way. For the information in QQ group, wechat group and wechat friend circle that has not been officially confirmed, please be vigilant, dont spread it at will, learn to identify it, verify the content before forwarding, and for the information that cant be judged whether its a rumor, you can consult through Sina Weibo private mail @ Liuzhou network police patrol and law enforcement We will answer your questions in time.