The 14 day lost journey of the miners in 50 days: sleeping in the caohao of the bridge and cave, walking 700 kilometers for returning to work

 The 14 day lost journey of the miners in 50 days: sleeping in the caohao of the bridge and cave, walking 700 kilometers for returning to work

In order to survive, Mr. Zhang chose to go out on foot to work. From Yulin to Xian, then to Chunhua, finally to Xunyi, more than 700 kilometers away, it took 14 days. Along the way, he not only slept in bridge holes and grass nests, but also was often regarded as a vagrant and beggar. Its a journey of embarrassment and experience.

No job, no income, I want to work

In the autumn of 2019, Mr. Zhang threw away his outdoor riding equipment and rushed from Tibet to Chengdu for dental treatment as soon as possible because of the pain of the teeth on both sides of his lower jaw. After simple anti-inflammatory, he set out to return to Yulin, where he planned to cure his teeth and recuperate until the spring of 2020. I had talked about a job before. In the mine over there in Guizhou, when the Spring Festival is over, it will be over.

Mr. Zhang said that he is a new person in Liaoning Fu. Because his livelihood skill is comprehensive mining operation and maintenance, he can only find work in the mine. Therefore, he regards Yulin, which is rich in resources in surrounding mines, as a fixed foothold. I have no family, no house, live on the construction site when I have a job, and rent a small hotel when I dont have a job, which is very convenient.

Previous work photos of Mr. Zhang

Because of the epidemic, the hotel was closed around February 5. Mr. Zhang told Red Star news that two days before wandering the streets, he also tried to find new accommodation in Yulin, but some of the hotels still open in the city were expropriated as designated isolation points by the government, and there were also large hotels with a minimum of 300 yuan a night.

After calculating his savings, Mr. Zhang gave up the idea of staying in Yulin for a while and decided to go out to find a job and settle down his life for the time being. Without a job, there is no income. I want to work, but Guizhou cant go. I have to take a chance in Shaanxi to see if there are any mines that have started.

In Mr. Zhangs short video account, there are many videos of his previous outdoor travel. He said that he likes to travel and share the process. This hiking is no exception.

The owner of Yulin Hongfu manlai Hotel (North Great Wall Road store) told Red Star News reporter that he closed the hotel at the beginning of the month because of the epidemic, and Mr. Zhang was one of the customers who left the hotel. Because of the video he sent, he has been on fire here in Yulin, which is not easy. The owner of the store said that when Mr. Zhang lived in the store, they had many exchanges and always thought that he was a man of insight and perseverance. It was not surprising that he would do such a thing.

Some people give money in red envelopes, others send clothes and food along the way

On February 8, cloudy day, the highest temperature is 4 u2103, and the lowest temperature is 9 u2103. With the third level west wind, Mr. Zhang walked out of Yulin City, and then he chose to continue to the south, and set himself a small goal of first to Xian.

After walking more than ten kilometers, the sky is getting late and the west wind is getting stronger. When Mr. Zhang was worried about where to sleep in the evening, he passed an abandoned breeding shed. There was an idle brick house for farmers to rest next to the shed. Although there was some humidity in it, he thought that he could manage it all night.

On the evening of February 8, a video screenshot of Mr. Zhangs temporary brick and tile house

The next morning, when the first ray of sunlight came into the window, Mr. Zhang took a breath of relief and said to his mobile phone, its finally dawn. If its not cold this night, it wont be said. Anyway, its still alive. But with the first nights experience, it wont be difficult. Dont worry.

Kwai hung told Red Star News reporter, probably because of the epidemic reasons, many people are at home, tiktok, no matter how quickly, shaking, many friends saw his hair after the video, he expressed concern to him, there are red envelopes, also have to send clothes to send food along the road, there are many strange friends in the comment area put forward to take him to his home temporarily.

In a video released during the day on February 9, the Red Star News reporter found that Mr. Zhangs dress changed from a navy blue down jacket to a military green cotton jacket. This is a Kwai Fu friend who sent it specially. Mr. Zhang said that the netizen found him when he brushed the local video, and then found him along the way according to the geographical environment in the video. He not only sent a military coat to keep warm, but also brought a lot of food to him. He came and went in a hurry, but didnt have time to leave a contact information. I can only thank him in the live video.

Of course, along the way, he was also rejected. When passing by a village, I want to go to the villages canteen to buy some dry food, but the boss said I look like a beggar and wont let me go in to buy things. Mr. Zhang said that he was very angry at that time. He flashed his left wrist to the shopkeeper and said, which vagrant beggar have you seen wearing more than 2000 watches? then he turned around and left.

Its a small thing to be angry, but its hard to live in the open. Mr. Zhang recalled that at 9:35 p.m. on February 9, a few kilometers from shangyanwan Town, he slept on the grass in the wild for the first time, but only lay down for an hour. It was too cold to wake up several times in the middle. Mr. Zhang had to get up late at night and walk again. Fortunately, after walking for a long time, he met a public toilet with heating and charging. Its just that its a bit smelly..

Video screenshot of insole drying during rest on the way of Mr. Zhang

When it comes to taste, Mr. Zhang quickly recalls his experience from shangyanwan town to Mizhi County. He said that there was a section of the road along which there had been no shops or residents, but he was thirsty, but in the meantime, he ate the clean snow on the side of the road, its too hard to swallow. In addition, he said that when he set out from Xian, he went to the shop and bought a lot of food, but he forgot to pack the tableware. At last, he could only fold the tree fork on the side of the road to make chopsticks. When I ate with the tree fork for the first time, I accidentally bit the tree fork, which made me miserable. Later, the dishes are thrown in when they are close to the mouth, as long as they are not close to each other.

The 14 day journey is over, and the 14 day isolation is back

On February 11, Mr. Zhangs aimless hike turned around. My friend who has known him for many years invited him to work in a mine in Xunyi County after learning about his situation. Although the salary is not high, I will not choose this situation.

With his destination, Mr. Zhang stopped staying and went all the way to Xian railway station, intending to take the train to Xunyi county. However, when he arrived at Xian railway station, he found that the trains to or through Xunyi were all stopped due to the epidemic situation. The screen in the station square shows that only 10 trains are still running at present, but none is to Xunyi.

Because there was no train and his legs were aching, Mr. Zhang had to stay under a bridge next to Xian railway station. On the day I came, I met a young man who couldnt buy a ticket. Looking at him pitifully, I gave him half of my food. Later, when he left, Mr. Zhang said, he also divided his quilt into a bed for the young man.

Video screenshot of the bridge opening where Mr. Zhang lived in Xian

On February 16, after five days of continuous rest, Mr. Zhang felt his legs were not hurt, so he searched around the city for shops selling bicycles, quilts and tents, either they didnt open or they didnt sell. After a long time of searching for no results, Mr. Zhang swept a shared bicycle beside the road and left Xian.

I was stopped the next day by bike. They said a lot about me and asked me to go back. Mr. Zhang said that on the morning of the 20th, when he rode to the epidemic prevention and control point in a town of Jingyang, he was stopped by the staff and advised to return. Considering that the mine where his friend is is now unable to provide a certificate of resumption of work, or to pick him up at high speed for rework, he chose to take a detour to Xunyi, I still have to go, or even if I return to Xian, there is no place to go.

After a section of mountain road, Mr. Zhang is near Chunhua at last. Because of his physical exhaustion, he was unable to continue riding, so he parked the shared bike in a prominent place on the road and started a new round of hiking. At 11:00 that night, Chunhua traffic police found Mr. Zhang walking on the road while patrolling. After asking about it, they provided him with instant noodles and milk for hunger relief, as well as a pair of medical masks.

The official account of WeChat traffic of Chunhua traffic police has released Mr. Zhangs message on the topic of Chunhua public security police rescue Xunyi coal mine workers.

We have verified that he did come from Yulin a few days ago, and that he was indeed a coal mine worker in Xunyi. Considering his actual situation, we decided to let the person in charge of the coal mine pick him up. Chunhua traffic police told Red Star news that on February 21, they arranged two peoples police to escort Mr. Zhang to Tuqiao checkpoint in Xunyi, and checked the identity of the person in charge of the coal mine before handing over and leaving.

On February 21, Chunhua police escorted Mr. Zhang (second from left) to Tuqiao checkpoint in Xunyi. Photo according to Chunhua traffic police

Although I dont have any symptoms of fever or cough, I decided to quarantine for 14 days after I arrived at my friends place for safety. Mr. Zhang said that since his friend took him back, he had isolated himself in a separate small house in the mine. Although he still didnt start to work to earn money, he somehow solved the problem of his living and accommodation.

On February 28, Mr. Zhang, who didnt know that he had become popular on the Internet, complained to Red Star news that the power system in his place was aging and the power supply was always insufficient, so he couldnt use his mobile phone easily: I havent sent video for a few days, so its estimated that friends on the Internet are worried about it.