Nails for the explosion of online courses: the education bureau does not consider cashing in case of contact exceeding 2700

 Nails for the explosion of online courses: the education bureau does not consider cashing in case of contact exceeding 2700

Reporter Dai Mengxin

The online class brought about by the epidemic has made primary and secondary school students all over the country and the nails originally used for office work know each other. Primary and secondary school students launched a nail campaign. Nail CEO Chen Hang also responded to the open mind to childrens criticism at the new product Conference on the 25th, and made a new song you nail up really good to listen to.

The nail of begging for mercy by performing arts tries to please the primary and secondary school students, not only to reverse the poor evaluation, but also to make education one of the most important growth drivers. Nailing announced that in mid February, more than 50 million student users in more than 30 provinces, of which 67% came from primary and secondary schools.

Fang Yongxin, Alibaba partner and head of nail education line, told interface education that the epidemic brought the nail to the peak of tens of millions of people attending classes at the same time for the first time. We have mobilized all the resources that Alibaba group can mobilize. Fang Yongxin said that in order to support the operation of online courses and nail all the core product managers in place, Alibaba Group has deployed more than 100000 cloud servers through Alibaba cloud, which alone has cost hundreds of millions of yuan.

This sudden online class tide is not the beginning of nailing into education, but an outbreak of nailing in the layout of education market. Two years ago, nail has started the education business, aiming at the schools information management needs.

Fang Yongxin told interface education that nailing began to look for schools to jointly develop and create educational products in June 2018. In March 2019, nail first released the exclusive version of nail future campus for schools, providing education related functions such as curriculum, online lesson preparation, air class, home school communication, etc.

The school information management of nail selection is a market of 100 billion scale. According to the policy requirements and statistical data issued by the State Council and the Ministry of education, the funding for educational informatization has reached 295.9 billion yuan in 2018, and is expected to break the 300 billion yuan mark in 2019. However, the competition in the education information market has also been very fierce, including iFLYTEK, Tuowei information, Jiafa education, online dragon and other enterprises have carved up and seized the market, forming a situation dominated by many local leaders.

In order to break through the encirclement, the later nail first launched Alibaba Groups resources and channels, and started to pave the way for entering the school from local education bureaus.

There are about 2800 education bureaus across the country. We have run more than 2700, almost all of them. Fang Yongxin said. After the local education bureau used nails as management tools, schools also need to nail the upper reporting work. Therefore, once approved by the Education Bureau, nailing into the local schools will obtain strong endorsement and channels.

The main reason why primary and secondary schools are willing to choose nails is that when nails enter the school, there is almost no charge, and they have more price advantage than other companies.

Xu Yanlin told interface education that another reason for choosing nails is openness. Due to the complex needs of school education management, it is often necessary to introduce multiple information service providers, but this causes parents to download multiple apps, which is extremely troublesome to use. The most annoying thing for parents is that they cant remember a lot of apps, so we chose pin as the platform to introduce micro apps. Xu explained that the pin allows schools to access other companies application products, so parents only need one account.

Tian Shuzhi, information director of xiangtanzijing school in Hunan Province, told interface education that at present, the school uses nails and other information products together. School education is very detailed, and it cant be put in place in one step like a company. Tian Shuzhi told interface education that some teachers are more accustomed to using other software to prepare lessons, and schools cannot force teachers to use nails.

Bao Rui, headmaster of Wanling school in Hainan Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County, said that of the 1100 students in the school, only 400 parents download nails, while most teachers still attend classes in wechat groups.

Its a bit late. We still need a process to deal with strange things. Bao Rui told interface education that the shadow of enterprise management on the nail made some rural parents feel too complex. Baorui tries to customize and develop a program that is more suitable for Wanling school, but the cost proposed by pin is about 200000 yuan, almost the whole years budget of the school, this price is not realistic for us.

Although online classes make nail a tool used by many primary and secondary schools, the tide of online classes caused by the epidemic will eventually end. If nails cant be used by students, parents and teachers for a long time by their own strength, tens of millions of users attracted this time are likely to lose a lot.

Our core competencies are instant messaging and network collaboration, but the needs of each school are different. We need to encourage local capable third parties to enter. Fang Yongxin said that all kinds of local suppliers relatively understand the needs of local schools and nail the digital management work in schools.

Alibaba Groups educational resources have become the first batch of applications introduced at present. At present, we have applied the cloud classroom, love learning class and Youkus open class content and Alipays little treasure education. Ant financials school treasure online investment is nailing its product school treasure online. Other education industry partners announced by nailing include new Oriental online, elite education, Honghe, etc., and intend to cooperate with BOE in hardware equipment.

The online course tide makes Alibaba group intend to invest more resources in education. Fang Yongxin said that the scale of nail education line team was about 30 before. Alibaba Group will invest in nail education line in terms of personnel, technology and resources. This time, the scale of (education business) has been expanded, we see new possibilities. It is certain to increase investment, and the position will be continuously optimized and strengthened.

Carrying capital, technology and resources into the nail of education has become a strong competitor of education information industry. But standing on the resources and trying to develop on a platform, we need to retain students, teachers and parents first, which is another problem that must be solved after the epidemic.