It seems that the most unlikely car tires to be connected to the Internet will be connected to the Internet

 It seems that the most unlikely car tires to be connected to the Internet will be connected to the Internet

In fact, the design, production and manufacture of automobile tires have always been a subject with high technology content. With the development of science and technology, the tire manufacturers who have played well in tire technology begin to pay attention to the intelligent Internet connection of tires. For example, Goodyear, a giant.

How to realize tire fast networking? Goodyears current approach is crude: put sensors on tires.

Goodyear smart tire equipped with such sensors can measure the tire wear, load, inflation pressure, temperature and road conditions in real time. The collected information can be matched with other vehicle data and connected to Goodyears cloud based special algorithm.

After receiving the corresponding data, the vehicle will respond and adjust its performance to adapt to the environmental road conditions or tire status.

Chris helsel, Goodyears chief technology officer, said: imagine that in cold weather, when driving on a smooth and winding road, the driver will slow down, apply the brake or avoid sudden turning to adapt to the road conditions. But what if its a driverless car? The tire is the only part of the vehicle that contacts the ground. It can transmit important information to the vehicle, so as to improve safety and vehicle performance.

At present, Goodyear has collected and analyzed the accumulated road test and field test data of 3 million miles. The new and old intelligent network tire of Goodyear can reduce the braking distance by 30%.

In order to obtain more data for analysis and research, Goodyear and envoytechnologies reached a cooperation before smart tires entered the homes of ordinary people. After changing into Goodyear smart tire, the system can intelligently predict and automatically arrange necessary tire maintenance and replacement services;

The team leader can master the status of vehicle tires in the team, the need for regular maintenance and the situation of updating appointments through data, so as to ensure the optimized vehicle operation status and avoid the unexpected suspension of shared vehicles due to unexpected failures.

For operators whose time is money, the biggest goal is to extend the normal operation time of the shared fleet as much as possible.

Goodyears intelligent network tire is the most powerful vehicle or automatic driving vehicle. Once the car is fully automated, besides the radar and camera, the tire directly touching the ground is also an important part of perception. Theoretically, it is easier to perceive the road condition than other sensors.

At present, the function of intelligent tire mainly stays in the monitoring of pressure and temperature, and intelligent Internet connection will become a new outlet of tire evolution. Unfortunately, the technology of vehicle gauge level sensor and chip for tire is basically dominated by foreign manufacturers such as Goodyear, while China has just realized the independent research and development of tire pressure monitoring chip, and there is a huge gap between domestic and foreign technology.

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