Trumps report of the first death in the United States

 Trumps report of the first death in the United States

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In February 29th, novel coronavirus pneumonia was the first death case in the United States, and it was a male. Similar to the previous special case No. 15 in the United States, the death case belongs to the same infection path unknown that has been ignored by the U.S. government

Case. A state of emergency was declared in the state of Washington, where the dead were located.

However, when the CDC and the White House released the case earlier, they misrepresented the gender of the dead and mistakenly called them women, so trump said at the press conference, she is a great woman.

According to The Associated Press, novel coronavirus pneumonia died in February 29th. At the meeting, novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed that the first case of newly diagnosed pneumonia confirmed in the United States today is confirmed by President Trump. The victim was a woman in her 50s..

Shes a great woman, trump said.

Trump held a press conference live Sky News network video screenshot

However, after the meeting, Redfield, director of CDC, corrected on social media,

In fact, the deceased was a male, who was wrongly identified as a female when reporting to trump and vice president burns earlier.

A local health official in Washington state also confirmed that the victim was a man.

Later, senior White House officials told CNN anonymously that CDC should be responsible for the Oolong incident.

As for the route of infection, Nancy messonnier, director of national immunology and respiratory diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, points out that it is not yet confirmed.

The victim had no travel history in the relevant area and had no contact with the confirmed patient.

The condition of the dead is the same as that of the first case No. 15 in the United States. The latter, who failed to meet the CDCs screening standards, waited several days before being approved for testing, and turned critical on February 28. It goes further,

The new coronavirus has spread in communities in the United States.

To this end, the CDC website has updated its prevention and control measures, officially changing from the earlier containment stage to the mitigation stage.

Under the new prevention and control requirements, the U.S. government suggests that people with suspected symptoms should be isolated at home; cover their faces with napkins when sneezing, and then throw them into the garbage can; wash their hands frequently, etc.

So far, the United States

69 cases have been confirmed

Among them, 44 were returned from the diamond princess, 3 from China, and 22 from the United States.

It is worth mentioning that two of the new cases yesterday occurred in a sanitarium in Washington state. One case was a medical worker in his 40s and the other was a woman in her 70s who was resident in a sanatorium. So far,

The first case of medical infection and the first outbreak in sanatorium occurred in the United States.

At present, Washington state has declared a state of emergency.

The first case was not related to the sanatorium.

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Two people and 52 people are suspected of symptoms

A novel coronavirus pneumonia death case was declared in Washington state, Washington. The CDC believes the death victim appears to have been spread through the community. A novel coronavirus pneumonia was found in 52 of the 2 nursing institutions in the state.

Trump praised China for its efficient containment of the epidemic and seeking cooperation

On the afternoon of February 29 local time, President trump of the United States held a White House press conference. Trump China novel coronavirus pneumonia at the news conference, actively evaluated the Chinese governments effective containment of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and sought cooperation.