Who on global epidemic risk to the highest level: not related to absolute number

 Who on global epidemic risk to the highest level: not related to absolute number

In the past few days, the number of confirmed cases has continued to increase, and the number of countries affected has also increased, clearly raising concerns, Tan said at a press conference. Our epidemiologists have been monitoring developments, and we have now adjusted the global spread risk and impact risk assessment of the covid-19 virus to very high.

Data chart: Dr. Tan Desai, director general of who

Very high is also the highest level of whos global epidemic risk assessment. As for the reasons for the increase, who media officials said it was not related to absolute numbers, but based on the risks of communication and impact.

Prior to that, who has repeatedly raised its risk assessment to the highest level, such as the Ebola virus. On February 12 this year, who reduced its risk level at the national and regional levels from very high to high, while the global risk level was low.

According to the update released by the who on the evening of the 29th, the number of confirmed cases of global infection of covid-19 has increased to 85403, while the number of affected countries outside China has increased to 53, including Mexico and San Marino, the first cases occurred on the 29th.

Tan Desai believes that as long as effective measures can be taken to detect infection cases as early as possible, treat and isolate patients, and track those who have been in contact with them in time, there is an opportunity to control the spread of the virus - the key is whether the transmission chain can be interrupted. In addition, Tan Desai also introduced the research progress of vaccines and treatment methods. At present, there are more than 20 kinds of vaccines in the process of research and development around the world, and there are several kinds of treatment methods in clinical trials. It is expected that preliminary results will be obtained in the next few weeks.