Two confirmed female stars song Huiqiao and IU went to Milan Fashion Week

 Two confirmed female stars song Huiqiao and IU went to Milan Fashion Week

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It is reported that an artists accompanying staff member, a, was diagnosed in Seouls Guangjin district health center on February 27. Then on the 29th, a 32-year-old female with a was diagnosed. It is said that from February 19 to 23, both of them went on a business trip to Italy and accompanied the artists to Milan fashion week.

South Korean media disclosed the course of action of the confirmed patient B after returning to China: at 4:00 p.m. on February 24, after returning to his home via Incheon Airport, B went to the plastic surgery department near the exit 12 of qingtandong beauty salon and Jiangnan station, visited the clothing store near the entrance 6 of luodeo station, and went to the office near yandangdong Hotel, coffee shop; February 26, visited qingtandong beauty salon, on Xian Dong Office and photography place, ruicao District photography place. It is confirmed that Mr. B has been wearing a mask since returning home.

On February 27, after hearing about the confirmed diagnosis of fellow traveler a during his business trip to Italy, Mr. B conducted self isolation and went to Jiangnan District Health Center for examination on the morning of February 28. The next day, the new coronavirus test results showed that he was positive.

South Korean stars are alarmed by the news that the staff close to the artists have confirmed the diagnosis, but so far, no cases of star infection have been found. South Korean quarantine authorities are carrying out an urgent investigation into the participants of Milan fashion week.

It is reported that as one of the four major fashion weeks in the world, Milan fashion week opened on February 18 local time. When it was found that the virus spread rapidly in northern Italy, most of the activities of the fashion week were cancelled, and some brands were changed to live cloud show online. The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Italy increased to 1049 at 6 p.m. local time on February 29th, Xinhua reported. According to moneys, Italy is currently the country with the largest number of confirmed cases among European countries, and there is a large increase of confirmed cases around Milan fashion week.