Financial science and technology paves the way for China UnionPay to boost the epidemic prevention and control, return to work and production

 Financial science and technology paves the way for China UnionPay to boost the epidemic prevention and control, return to work and production

As the builder and operator of the inter-bank transfer and clearing system of bank cards, China UnionPay, at the critical moment of fighting the epidemic prevention and control, organized all production and operation units to refine the production system continuity guarantee and epidemic response plan, and strengthened the guarantee for personnel, places, equipment of important production posts, especially for the network and transaction environment monitoring of Hubei and other epidemic prone areas And guarantee.

During this period, UnionPay bank card inter-bank transfer and clearing system and international business platform operated smoothly, and payment and settlement system operated continuously for 7 * 24 hours, ensuring the rapid clearing and settlement of funds of various individuals, merchants and enterprise users, as well as the smooth implementation of inter-bank transaction clearing after the festival, so as to provide support for the orderly resumption of production of local enterprises.

According to the preferential measures, China UnionPay will exempt UnionPay network service fee and agency service fee of the accepting institution from the inter-bank cash withdrawal business of domestic UnionPay card in Hubei Province; meanwhile, the service fee of issuing bank and UnionPay network service fee will be reduced and exempted for hospitals and charities related to epidemic prevention and control in various regions. For nationwide UnionPay two-dimensional code collection transactions of small and micro businesses, China UnionPay will return service fees to acquirers and service providers in proportion, reduce the cost of service fees of small and micro businesses, and promote acquirers to improve the service level of small and micro businesses. The above measures shall be implemented immediately on February 2 until the end of the epidemic determined by the state.

Online donation channel in batch

Set up special rescue funds

On the night of new years Eve, when the Spring Festival is separated at home, UnionPay people gather warmth for the epidemic area in their own way. The market, products, business, development, operation and other lines of personnel cooperate remotely and develop rapidly. On the morning of January 26, the cloud flash payment app officially launched the Wuhan refueling love donation convenient donation channel. The payment service is provided by China UnionPay, which does not charge any fees to users. It has become the first app to open the donation channel in China. All sectors of the society responded positively and other apps followed up.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was donated to Chinas Charity Association in February 11th. The donation of 15 million yuan was set up by the China Charity Federation. The special relief fund for fighting new crown pneumonia was set up by the Hubei provincial epidemic prevention command center as a special fund for the prevention and control of the epidemic. The special fund is mainly used to purchase protective materials for front-line medical personnel, news media and front-line reporters participating in epidemic prevention and control, provide safety protection for front-line medical personnel and front-line reporters in epidemic area, and provide epidemic period for medical personnel of Hubei medical team, front-line medical personnel in epidemic prevention and control, as well as media and front-line reporters in Hubei Province and all over the country Condolence, pension, etc.

Epidemic prevention and non-contact

Cloud flash payment on-line services with multiple features

UnionPay has been taking action to help fight the epidemic with scientific and technological force.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, cloud flash payment app has given full play to the non-contact advantage of electronic payment. It not only continues to provide various online payment services such as transfer, zero fee credit card repayment, mobile phone recharge, public payment, etc., but also supports 610 commercial banks debit card balance query and nearly 150 commercial banks credit card bill query, as well as a number of epidemic prevention and anti epidemic featured services.

On February 4, cloud flash payment app launched the epidemic prevention and anti epidemic zone, providing real-time dynamic data, relevant news reports and protection science popularization content of new coronary pneumonia nationwide, providing users with online free diagnosis, back to school protection guide, pharmacy store preferential purchase and other intimate services. In the follow-up, the following functions will be successively launched, such as fever outpatient information summary, patients same journey query, family protection supplies, online purchase of special epidemic materials, traditional Chinese medicine consultation and medication consultation, symptom self inspection and self-examination, national supervision and reporting.

At the same time, cloud flash app upgraded the digital community channel, launched four major epidemic prevention products - intelligent access control, health punch, infrared temperature measurement and community online service functions, to help government departments and property management to achieve zero contact management in the community, and effectively respond to epidemic prevention and control. Through the intelligent access control and the infrared thermometer inside the access control, the government departments and the property can independently set the number of times that residents can access the community, timely grasp the health status of the access personnel, and realize the real-time control of personnel access. The owners of the community punch in the cloud flash app for daily health, and the property of the community can collect personal health status by zero contact. Through the community online service function, the community property can publish the community announcement online, and the owner can also report the matter online for repair and contact the property to ensure the normal life of the residents.

In addition to the digital community service, cloud flash app provides the majority of teachers and students in the school with the digital campus service of no suspension of classes such as healthy card punching, digital classroom, online meal ordering, etc. Students can use digital campus channel to punch in daily health, which is convenient for the school to master the health status of students in time. At the same time, cloud flash app Digital Campus Channel also provides 7 * 24-hour online free diagnosis and public psychological counseling and rescue channels in combination with famous online education institutions such as university bond, love course and who to learn from, so as to update the epidemic situation and protection knowledge in real time and provide a protective wall for physical and mental health of teachers and students. While online ordering, online payment, code scanning access control and other life services provide college teachers and students with contactless meal delivery, peak crossing and flow reduction meals, one key payment of water and electricity network, school fees, dormitories, library access control and other life services.

In order to facilitate convenient travel during the epidemic, China UnionPay launched the two checks + local service travel service zone during the epidemic, which covers the query of public transport line adjustment information, the query of public transport patient sharing information and special services around the country. At the same time, actively improve the contactless payment integrated service solution in the field of transportation, and accelerate the application of senseless payment in multiple scenarios. At the gas station, UnionPay provides two services: online gas service and senseless gas service. The car owner can search the nearby preferential gas station in the cloud flash app, navigate to the destination with one key, and select the oil gun number to pay for the gas directly. Or experience senseless fueling. At the fueling station with camera, deduct money from the binding card number by identifying the license plate to realize automatic settlement after fueling. In the parking lot, the car owner users can realize zero contact non parking payment by binding license plate and bank card information to open senseless payment in more than 10000 parking lots across the country. On the expressway, users can apply for etc in 15 provinces in China on the cloud flash app, and enjoy the high-speed non-stop traffic conveniently. In addition, the cloud flash app life selection channel has launched online car hailing and one click taxi driving.

Financial technology advantages pave the way

Help enterprises return to work and production

China UnionPay makes full use of the power of financial science and technology, based on the self-developed mobile collaboration platform u chat, and in-depth combination with the office scene during the epidemic, provides a mobile and intelligent comprehensive solution to help enterprises return to work and production.

In the aspect of epidemic reporting, u chat is connected with online platforms such as health office assistant and epidemic investigation assistant. The company can collect and master the health status and important work progress of employees at the first time, so as to ensure the safe resumption of work and production. In order to strengthen the digital management of the park during the epidemic, u chat provides a pass platform, by which the company strengthens the management of personnel entering the park in a special period, achieving the full process management of pre application, in-process verification and post tracking.

In the aspect of telecommuting, u chat integrates a safe and convenient telecommuting suite, opens the flow of internal management processes such as human resources, administration and finance, and endows enterprises with learning abilities such as training and courses through docking with the live platform of payment college. During the outbreak, the comprehensive application of u chat strongly supported the normal development of the companys business and effectively guaranteed the improvement of the organization and staffs working ability.

While ensuring the remote work and efficient operation of more than 20000 employees of China UnionPay, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Guiyang bank and other peer units also use U chat app to ensure the orderly development of daily work such as information communication, document transfer, mobile process approval, information collection and statistics at any time and anywhere, and contribute to financial technology for epidemic prevention and control, resumption of work and production.

During the epidemic, many enterprises daily operations have been greatly affected. What about purchasing?

China UnionPay relies on its own procurement system and financial technology ability to open the remote procurement mode, and provides an effective solution. It realizes no running in bid opening, no meeting in bid evaluation, no piling up in bidding and at home in business. In this way, the procurement business can be carried out normally during the epidemic period, and the resumption of work and production can be guaranteed to the greatest extent.

At the same time, China UnionPay actively takes on the mission to deploy the system to the domestically produced, safe and controllable UnionPay cloud, and launch the whole procurement process cloud service. The main functions of the cloud service include the preparation and acceptance of procurement demand, the preparation and review of procurement scheme, remote bidding, remote electronic review, remote procurement result review, cloud procurement e-commerce, etc. the procurement demand department, procurement office staff, suppliers and review experts can complete the whole procurement process remotely without going to the unit. During the outbreak, the service was provided free of charge to the financial industry, and was warmly welcomed by the financial industry. Within two days, many large and medium-sized institutions, such as postal savings bank, Bank of Suzhou, Bank of Shanghai, Bank of Jiujiang and so on, were actively launched for trial use, helping and escorting the financial procurement industry to resume production.

In addition, China UnionPay provides a comprehensive solution for online contract signing, approval and signing based on the self-developed e-signing platform, combined with the scene of resumption of work and production during the epidemic, and ensures the compliance of online contract signing process and traceability of key data of contract signing through digital signature, timestamp, blockchain and other technologies. While helping internal contract management, enterprise employment, and enterprise procurement, it can help enterprise business development, explore solutions for scenarios such as online signing of merchants access, LPR contract renewal, and housing rental, provide non face-to-face online signing services, effectively reduce personnel aggregation, and steadily promote resumption of work and production. In addition to the pilot use of UnionPay in China, the United signature has been promoted to Shanghai Housing Rental Association, Shenzhen housing and Construction Bureau and other units for pilot use. It plays an important role in the signing of business contracts and user services during the epidemic prevention period, and contributes to epidemic prevention and control, resumption of work and production.

At the special moment when the financial system fully supports the fight against the epidemic and the recovery of production, China UnionPay practically implements the original mission of payment for the people, makes every effort to ensure the smooth flow of clearing and payment services, gives full play to scientific and technological forces to actively assist in epidemic prevention and control, and works with all parties in the financial service industry to fight the epidemic and win the epidemic prevention and control resistance war.