Live Trainer: how to create online Red for offline brands

 Live Trainer: how to create online Red for offline brands

Jinlong doesnt think he has enough time every day. Meizun online red school, where he works for three years in the live training industry, is a partner of many e-commerce platforms and live platforms. On February 3, Taobao live launched a special period of online public welfare live course, and Jinlong became the first lecturer of this course.

In addition to Taobao live training, other e-commerce companies, small training companies and various industry communities have invited him. Basically, there will be a sharing in two days, which is quite different from 2019.

Stepping into the threshold

In 2019, Jinlong participated in planning the live broadcast project of mens clothing brand v. sholiday.

But the project stopped soon. On the one hand, the product price of physical stores is much higher than that of e-commerce. The cost of live broadcast stores is very high, but the actual sales volume is not high; on the other hand, the shopping guide of new training is not familiar with live broadcast, and is more inclined to sell goods offline without mandatory requirements.

Sun Laichun, the founder of linqingxuan, said that the pressure of the epidemic made brands learn to save themselves. Linqingxuan has direct stores with heavy assets, 337 stores, online plus offline, and front-line plus logistics for 2000 people. We bear a lot of costs, and we have to spend on going to work or not..

Through online and offline self-help, Lin Qingxuan achieved a 45% year-on-year increase in sales during the epidemic period. Sun Laichun said that the pace of offline stores will not change in the future, and even several offline live stores will be added.

More than 300 stores and more than 470 Lin Qingxuans shopping guides began to learn live broadcast during the epidemic, and Jinlongs course is their basic introductory course.

Jinlong recalled that in addition to Lin Qingxuan, a large number of offline brands swarmed into Taobao live training platform - Taobao University during the epidemic. Besides learning online basic courses, some shopping guides would also find him with questions and seek answers.

The most prominent common problem is that there are different types of brand products that can be introduced in turn, while the number of offline brand products is limited. In the long live broadcast of four hours a day, in addition to explaining the products, what should the shopping guide do to interact with fans? How can fans stay in the studio for a long time?

For many shopping guides in the transformation, this is a threshold, and only when they cross the past can they be regarded as entry-level.

Jinlong said that offline sales are mostly 1-to-1, which is easier to grasp the needs of customers, but online live broadcasting is 1-to-N, which needs to meet the needs of most people, otherwise the audience will leave when they enter the live broadcasting room to watch for a while, and the anchor is prone to frustration.

Jinlong concluded that to build an attractive live studio, basic work must be done well.

First of all, the affinity of words, the speed and language should be comfortable, the mental outlook should be good, and there should be passion inside;

Secondly, we should make full use of the advantages of live video visualization to show the most valuable points of the product, such as eating good food with expression and voice, so as to impress the audience;

Finally, the selling point of store live broadcast is not to rush to buy or kill, but to be professional. It is necessary to output professional content, such as skin care products, introduce products, and output skin care knowledge, so as to obtain the recognition of fans.

Second legs

Jian Rou, the person in charge of Taobao live broadcast, said that during the outbreak, Taobao live launched a series of strategies to help offline enterprises return to work in the cloud, including free trial of live broadcast tools, free of payment channel fees, free of live introductory training courses and so on. At the same time, it also provided full platform traffic and customer support for the active offline brands.

Besides Taobao, Kwai, fast and other live broadcast platforms, as well as Jingdong, tiktok and other electronic business platforms, have developed corresponding incentive measures for offline live broadcast of brands, helping them accumulate fans and traffic in the early stage.

Despite the frustration of the epidemic, for many offline brands, the full liberalization of various platforms and traffic support is a rare opportunity.

The cake shop of lukeyi basically achieved the sales volume of the store in February 2019 by relying on online live broadcast. I was recommended to sell cakes live before, but I havent had that idea. This time, its a last resort. If I dont sell cakes live, I cant afford the rent.

Young Lu Keyi is very photogenic, and the cake shop owner is petty bourgeois. The environment is very suitable for live broadcasting. After watching more than ten live video tutorials on Taobao, she quickly put them into action.

On the first day of the broadcast, lukeyi was pushed to the front page by the government. She quickly attracted dozens of fans. They stayed in the live room all the time, and 17 of them bought products, which encouraged lukeyi. Now, the idea is that after the epidemic, you can also take time to live the daily life of the cake shop. Even if you dont do it with all your heart, you can have one Some of the extra income is also good.

The gap between the online live broadcast channel and the offline store channel is gradually broken. According to Jane Rou, the epidemic only accelerated the trend of online and offline integration. Even if the epidemic passed, the trend will not subside. Some brands will worry that consumers are online. What should we do if they are not offline? In fact, we see that online and offline are well integrated. More consumers prefer online channels, so we should embrace this change. Moreover, online channels can also be diverted to offline channels. .

Taobao live broadcast pushes the live broadcast information of liangpin store to consumers with a radius of three kilometers. Consumers can buy online and choose to pick it up at the same time. It is not only more efficient, but also can get a small gift. In the process of getting a small gift, there may be secondary consumption.

Jinlong believes that the online live channel is the second leg to help the offline store channel. Under the epidemic situation, all brands have experienced the in case produced in an extraordinary period. Brands that have not been exposed to e-commerce before have suffered heavy losses this time. In the future, we will treat the online live channel more rationally and will not put the eggs in a basket.

In Jinlongs opinion, for products with high cost performance and relatively low customer unit price, their brands are more likely to get through the channel path between online and offline, because the main consumers in the live broadcast room are more inclined to the middle and low-end consumers in the second and third tier cities, the more high-end consumers have clear consumption habits, and are more willing to directly use the search function or purchase offline.

Another influencing factor is the price. The price of offline stores of high-end luxury goods is often higher than that of online stores. Due to the influence of shopping guide Commission, offline services are difficult to transplant and so on, there are no well-known high-end luxury brands joining the wave of online cloud back to work.

But the trend is hard to stop.

At present, a large number of brands have completed the entry-level training of online live broadcasting, and initial results have been achieved, said Jane rou. In the follow-up to Taobao live, advanced skills courses will be launched, including customized courses for the personalized needs of brands, live right interaction and so on, to help brands realize online channel help self-help or even Nirvana as soon as possible.