Huawei millet takes the lead in the layout of the most authentic concept stocks in wifi6

 Huawei millet takes the lead in the layout of the most authentic concept stocks in wifi6

In 2019, Samsung Galaxy S10 series and iPhone 11 took the lead in the application of WiFi 6 technology; at the recent Xiaomi 10 new product conference, Lei Jun announced the first Xiaomi router to spend on wifi-6 technology; on February 24, Huawei released the router supporting WiFi 6 online. Wifi6 technology, which has been silent for a long time, has attracted attention again, and the network hot search index has been rising rapidly.

In fact, the wifi6 technology standard has been officially released as early as 2019. It is compatible with the previous network standards, including 802.11n/ac, which is now widely used. Compared with 5g, wifi6 technology can be said to make up for the shortcomings of the former. They have similar requirements for application scenarios and are suitable for some scenarios with high speed, low latency and large capacity. Haitong Securities believes that WiFi will complement 5g communication in the future.

Wifi6 has the same download speed as 5g. Theoretically, the maximum download speed of wifi6 is 9.6gb/s, three times faster than wifi5, and the maximum download speed of 5g is 10Gb / s. It is preliminarily estimated that a 10g movie can be downloaded in about 30s.

Wifi6 is ready to take off with great responsibility

With the advent of the Internet era, the value of WiFi has changed from connecting data to connecting business and business intelligence. Under the current epidemic prevention and control task, a large number of enterprise parks have started to use AI mask recognition system, big data access control management system, and service robot equipment. The rapid addition of these new equipment and new technology means that WLAN is facing a large number of new challenges, making WiFi upgrade a key demand.

In the long run, no matter the long-term evolution of intelligent business, concurrent connection of IOT system, or high-definition real-time remote office in the future, wifi6 has become a new era that the parks network application must enter.

The main value of wifi6 industrial chain lies in both ends of equipment and chip

According to relevant data, only about 10% of new products will support wifi6 in 2019 due to technical threshold and price restrictions. However, with the cost reduction, wifi6 will blow out this year, and relevant technologies are expected to become the mainstream applications in 2020. Wifi6 industrial chain is mainly divided into three parts: overall network solution, terminal and module manufacturers, chip manufacturers. The main value of the industrial chain lies in both sides of the device and chip.

According to Intels forecast, by 2022, 56% of the products on the market will support wifi6. It is expected that by 2023, the enterprise network interconnection standard will advance from wifi5 to wifi6. Annual shipments of WiFi devices reached 5 billion, and the popularity of WiFi 6 continued to increase.

Wifi6 is currently limited by internal and external factors, and there are not many related concept stocks. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 33 wifi6 related concept shares in A-share listed companies, with a total market value of 1.25 trillion and 3 stock markets worth over 100 billion, respectively, industrial Fulian, ZTE and 3600. The related products of industrial Fulian and industrial chain include routers, ZTE is the leading equipment supplier, and 3600 is the overall solution supplier. Chip related companies include Lexin technology, Broadcom integration, Haite hi tech, etc., and module and terminal manufacturers include Zhuosheng micro, mobile remote communication, Co., Ltd., etc.

The highest predicted increase of concept stocks is more than 30%

According to statistics of securities times u00b7 databao, 26 of the above-mentioned wifi6 concept stocks have outperformed the market since the Spring Festival, accounting for nearly 80%. Since the Spring Festival, Ziguang shares and Haite hi tech have increased by more than 30%; four shares, including Cambridge Technology, Shenxin and ZTE, have increased by more than 25%.

From the perspective of institutional forecast, among the 26 stocks that outperformed the market, 10 stocks gained more than 0. Broadcom integration has the biggest growth space, close to 32%. The company actively layout the WiFi chip field, and is at the leading level in the research and development and design of the most critical RF chip in WiFi design. Closely followed by modules and terminal manufacturers to share, Pingzhi information, up more than 20% of the space; antenna shares shuobaid and module concept shares in Ying electronic up more than 10% of the space.

Performance of 14 WiFi 6 concept stocks is expected to continue to grow

With the rise of Internet of things, cloud services, intelligent scenes and other new fields, most emerging industries need to rely on WiFi technology as a wireless transmission tool to complete information transmission. The mainstream position of WiFi technology will be further consolidated, and the performance of WiFi 6 is expected to usher in sustained high growth.

According to the statistics of data bank, 14 of the above-mentioned WiFi 6 concept stocks are expected to have good performance in 2019, and the agency forecasts that the performance will continue to grow in 2020. In terms of the predicted results of 2020 institutions, Jesse technology and * ST Ronglian ranked the top two in terms of net profit growth, reaching 527.55% and 363.15% respectively. Jiesai technology is mainly engaged in mobile communication network planning and design, communication / special printed circuit board manufacturing and other businesses; chip stock * ST Ronglians net profit increased by more than 350%, and its performance in 2019 turned around; shuobaid, Lexin technology and guanghetong predicted that its net profit increased by more than 50% this year.

The companies with better performance in 2019 include Zhuosheng micro, ZTE and Jiesai technology. Zhuosheng micro developed 5.8gwifi802.11ax front-end module, and the lower limit of net profit growth in 2019 exceeded 190%; ZTE was the leader of equipment manufacturers, and its performance turned negative in 2019; the lower limit of net profit growth in 2019 of Jiesai technology was 150%. Up to now, ZTE, Sinwei communication and Shenzhen trust have all been rated by more than 20 institutions. Pingzhi information was rated buy by 9 institutions.