Worrying about quarterly payment collection of real estate enterprises: lack of online high cost and offline transformation of Tuoke

 Worrying about quarterly payment collection of real estate enterprises: lack of online high cost and offline transformation of Tuoke

However, the online conversion rate and the authenticity of Tuoke are more concerned by real estate enterprises. If it can reach 10%, it is already a good proportion - this is the approximate transformation level of online marketing measured by a real estate enterprise. Only 30% - 40% of Wang Pengs online customers have real purchase demand.

After February 20, offline sales offices were opened in succession, but the number of visitors was only 23% before the Spring Festival.

In the past month, most of the real estate enterprises sales and receipts have been close to zero, while the pressure of short-term debt repayment and rigid expenditure such as land funds, engineering funds, wages, taxes and fees has become increasingly prominent. Whether it is online Tuoke or offline rush to collect, all the strategies are directly related to life and death.

Conversion rate of 10% is good

The management is in horizontal comparison during this period of time. They will ask why Evergrande can operate in this way? What are the effects of these online actions? Why can hengfangtong be promoted so well? Can we achieve the same effect? Marketing is directly related to the performance of real estate enterprises. A senior executive in charge of marketing in a listed real estate enterprise told the economic observer that at this stage, under the environment of sluggish sales performance, Evergrandes move has brought greater pressure on the real estate marketing line.

On February 13, Evergrande announced the opening of online house sales, with the tentative expiry date of May 10. Customers can reserve the intended house by paying a deposit of 5000 yuan through hengfangtong and signing the commercial house online subscription letter. In the scheme, additional conditions such as the right to buy the house at the lowest price, the difference to be compensated, the deposit to be returned and the house to be checked out without reason are also listed in detail.

After Evergrande, many real estate enterprises copy their lessons, said the above-mentioned senior management of real estate enterprises. On the one hand, there is a reason for following the trend. Although online marketing may not produce substantive benefits, it is certainly not beneficial not to do so. On the other hand, it is forced to close the deal. Before you know what else you can use, all the tools you can use should be laid out so that the sales team can work and move every day.

According to incomplete statistics in the economic observer, including Evergrande, Fuli real estate, Longguang real estate, Yuzhou real estate, yangguangcheng, etc., more than 20 real estate enterprises have made a set of combination fist in online marketing, using the self built purchase app as an online platform, attracting customers with a certain amount of discount and preferential treatment. 999-5000 yuan of small deposit is used to lock in the housing source, and there is no reason to check out , to compensate for price differences within a certain period of time, and to promote the national marketing with the help of commissions and rewards. Every axe offered is linked.

The housing companies in the top official account also use all online tools, including the use of WeChat public numbers, small programs, websites, and other channels to build online sales offices, purchase APP, and also cooperate with online distribution channels.

A general manager of the marketing center of Shenzhen real estate company told the economic observer that the developers scratched their heads to come up with such strategies, but the difficulty was far greater than offline.

Second, it can form social fission and treat all personnel as intended customers. One of the specialities of this round of online marketing is that many real estate enterprises want to achieve marketing fission, so the threshold is set very low, and the conversion rate will be reduced accordingly. The marketing director said.

Lin Yu has been selling houses live online for nearly four weeks. He is a real estate consultant of Tianjin project of one of the top 20 real estate enterprises. The Sales Office of the project was closed on the second day of the first month. He and his colleagues began to test the sale of houses on the water line.

The real estate tiktok Kwai has worked on the online multi pronged approach, which has developed APP for home purchase, online sales office drainage, and also through APP, live broadcast of three party, such as jitter, quick hand, and housing. Lin Yu said that the more effective way is to cooperate with online distribution channels, through the establishment of wechat group to interact with customers, release information such as house purchase benefits and subscription.

Lin Yus project is located in the urban area of Tianjin. Most of his customers are from Beijing. Until the last two weeks, he has continued to record four or five sets of subscriptions, most of which are facilitated through online distribution channels. But in the current node, if the buyers come from Beijing to see the house, they will face many problems such as isolation. For us, these subscribed customers are only interested customers. Lin Yu said.

According to the above calculation by the senior executives in charge of marketing in real estate enterprises, the conversion rate of visiting transaction on the sales site is usually 10% - 20%; while the conversion rate of online marketing is lower, if it can reach 10%, it is a good proportion.

80% reduction in house watching

The conversion rate has been faced with many challenges. What makes the real estate industry peers and intermediaries care about is another set of data. At the same time of launching online sales, Evergrande has introduced an incentive policy for part-time salespeople. Every time a part-time salesperson invites a new user to register for certification, he / she will get a reward of 10 yuan. If the invited friend invites another person to register for certification, he / she will get a reward of 5 yuan.

On February 16, Liu Xuefei, vice president of Evergrande, said that through this policy, more than 3 million new users of hengfangtong have been developed in three days, and now the cumulative number of users is more than 10 million. From 2017 to now, the part-time salesmen of hengfangtong have recommended more than 80 million intended buyers to Evergrande.

In the past, offline marketing has always been the lifeblood of real estate enterprises. In order to obtain customers, developers are increasingly inclined to the offline two-level and three-level linkage mode. With an average channel cost of about 3%, the channel is responsible for developing customers and bringing them to the project site. Evergrande bypassed the channel and directly grabbed a large number of customers online.

For us, the impact must be there. Li Yaozhi, vice president of mainland China and President of South China of Zhongyuan group, told the economic observer that Evergrandes strategy is to lock customers in advance rather than lock up the housing supply. What we are more concerned about now is how many real customers they are targeting, and the key is to wait until May to see how much real conversion has been achieved.

Whether it is to build a self built online purchase platform or use online distribution channels, it is a supplement for offline real estate enterprises to open the online marketing foothold. And the conversion rate just reflects the real needs of Tuoke on the line.

Lin Yus professional role is changing from a real estate consultant to a real estate consultant and broker. In the past, he directly stayed at the Sales Office of the project to receive the customers from the two or three levels of linkage. According to the normal rhythm, each working day can guarantee to receive 1-2 groups of customers, and each month can promote about 10 sets of transactions, without relying on the online.

Now, in addition to the daily live broadcast online, Lin Yu must also spend time on online channels to release housing information and tap customers. Even so, only 1-2 groups of customers can be expanded every two days.

There are many people asking about online marketing, mainly wait-and-see, and 30% - 40% of them have real purchase intention. Wang Peng said that he used to talk to customers face to face, but now he talks to wechat. There are only cold words, two completely different feelings.

It is difficult to find the corresponding customers, and can not carry out a series of precise marketing actions for the target customer group, which is the disadvantage of online marketing Tuoke, resulting in the relatively high cost of online customer acquisition.

Our company has established cooperation with the housing tiktok and Jo, but this part of the cost has been spent, but the effect is not controllable. All kinds of expenses for Tuoke in the early stage will eventually be apportioned to the cost of each set of real sold houses. The above-mentioned executives in charge of marketing of listed real estate enterprises say that they are not alone. They have studied and judged that the cost-effectiveness ratio of online marketing of most real estate enterprises is relatively low, so they did not pay special attention to online marketing before.

When a number of real estate enterprises are still trying to crack the effectiveness of online Tuoke, the offline sales office, which has been stagnated for a month, finally gradually resumed business. Wang Pengs sales office was opened as early as last week. These days, he has been maintaining contact with customers on the front line of the appointment. He has continued to make appointments to some customers and is ready to come to the project for field visits.

In addition to this part of the visit, Wang Peng found that the number of spontaneous visits this week was also 4-5 groups, mainly Zhongshan local tourists. More than a month ago, Hong Kong buyers accounted for 80% of the overall deal.

According to the economic observer, after February 20, some offline sales offices of Evergrande have been reopened, and some online subscriptions are ready to turn to offline contracts. However, these two specific data were not disclosed by Evergrande.

On February 24, Lin Yu officially resumed on-site work. On the first day of returning to work, there was no one group of customers in the sales office; on the second day, there was a group of customers, who had been previously identified online. The customers who are willing to come out to buy a house now are all the more anxious pure and rigid needs. Lin Yucheng.

Even if these offline sales offices continue to open, the door-to-door volume is still at a low level, at least 80% less than the normal time - during the interview, a number of real estate enterprises admitted to the economic observer.

However, the house itself is a kind of bulk non-standard commodity. In the transaction service, offline channels cannot be replaced by online channels. The recovery of offline sales means that at least this part of the subscription volume accumulated by the former real estate enterprises from online is stepping into the test stage of real transformation. After the epidemic, if we can cultivate the buying habits of customers and the working habits of marketing personnel, it is possible to use online marketing as a means of gaining customers, but it is impossible to rely on customers to complete the whole process from knowing the real estate information to closing a deal only online. The above-mentioned senior executives of real estate enterprises in charge of marketing mentioned that under the condition that offline channels can be operated, the proportion of online channels in the overall sales is relatively limited.

The pressure behind the rush

Whether its online marketing or offline resumption of work, the real estate enterprises, which always take sales as the king, all actions are sacrificed to deal with the epidemic black swan incident. Behind it, the root of the problem is still the hope to seize the suppressed demand.

According to the Convention, after the Spring Festival every year, the real estate market will appear a short period of about one month, and then the sales will slowly decrease until the second quarter.

Lin Yu has no sales revenue for a month. The total price of a single house in his real estate is about 1 million yuan, and the previous monthly sales task is scheduled to be between 50 million yuan and 80 million yuan. However, from the end of January to now, the existing transactions are only subscription or subscription, and the signing amount is 0. Now we can only store customers temporarily, which is our bottleneck period.

Looking at the whole industry, in the list of January 2020 full caliber sales data released by Kerui, nearly 70% of enterprises monthly sales performance dropped year on year.

In the middle of February, China Index Research Institute launched a survey to 500 first-line practical managers in 40 large and medium-sized cities and 200 real estate enterprises. According to the results, 86% of managers surveyed said that the sales volume in the first quarter would drop year on year. Nearly 70% think the decline will be more than 10%, of which 25% think that the sales scale in the first quarter will be cut back compared with the same period last year; 19% think that the year-on-year decline in the first quarter will be in the range of 30% - 50%.

Due to the obstacles of house watching and the worries about the economy, this wave of epidemic really suppresses the demand for house purchasing. The performance target of the first quarter with high probability should not be achieved by the real estate enterprises. Said the general manager of Shenzhen real estate marketing center.

Wang Pengs project has made a bad plan for the sales volume in the first quarter, but it still needs to rush the performance, and there must be pressure. He said.

The survival pressure placed in front of the real estate enterprises is more than this. According to the calculation of Ping An Securities Research Institute, in 2020, the maturity of domestic bonds of real estate enterprises will be 590.2 billion yuan, the maturity of overseas bonds will be 213.6 billion yuan, and the maturity of real estate trust will be 654.4 billion yuan, totaling about 1.46 trillion yuan, 19% higher than the actual maturity in 2019. Among them, the amount due in February was 67.2 billion yuan; the amount due in March increased to 124 billion yuan.

Sales revenue of 0, plus short-term debt to be paid, is left and right attack real estate enterprises.

A top 30 real estate enterprises regional financing director told the economic observer that whether the sales were good or not, the rigid expenditure of real estate enterprises each month included bank principal and interest, investment due amount, wages, taxes, debts, etc. If the real estate enterprises have no sales revenue in this period, they can only arrange funds according to the cash on the account and the financing receipts, and at the same time try to reduce the non rigid expenditure.

At present, most of the real estate enterprises adopt the strategy of applying for extension to the non rigid loan financing. In general, loans such as bank loans can be extended or extended, while funds raised by trusts need to be converted. Objectively speaking, in this extraordinary period, the major developers have strict control over capital expenditure, and it is the king to keep healthy cash flow. The head of financing said.

Recently, Li Yaozhi has been chatting with some real estate enterprises. He found that most developers have made preparations. The annual sales target is basically unchanged, but they will fine tune the plans of each quarter and each month. From January to March, real estate companies will give up some sales and transfer this part to the next month.

The above marketing executives of listed real estate enterprises also mentioned that the sales volume in this period is quite different from the estimated value. At present, it is still carried out according to the established sales target, but in the future, it will be made up by adjusting the supply rhythm and other ways. The probability of achievement of performance targets will be reassessed in the middle of the year. Said the general manager of Shenzhen real estate marketing center.

(Wang Peng and Lin Yu are pseudonyms)